Pratigya 24th August 2012 Written Update

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Pratigya 24th August 2012 Written Update by The_Dark_Knight

Episode Started From Yesterday Pratigya-Sajjan Singh Confrontation Scene…

Street Fight:

Pratigya Told Sajjan Singh That She Knows His Real Face.She Promised Him That He’ll Be Unmasked Soon…In Front Of Krishna And The Whole Society.
Sajjan Acted Innocently And Told Pratigya To Shut Her Mouth.But Later He Accepted All The Cruelty.He Told That He Will Cross All The Limits To Get His Goal.Even He Can Do The Same With Pratigya What He Has Done With Arushi.Even More…
Pratigya Accepted His Challenge And Left The Place.

Green House:

Everyone Got Ready For Court.Dadi Blessed Pratigya And Wished Her All The Best.
Arushi Was Scared.But Professor Consoled Her,Assured Her That Pratigya Will Save Her At Last.Then They Left…

Thakur Niwas:

Sajjan Singh Was Having Conversation With The Party Leader.The Politician Advised Sajjan Singh To Introduce Himself As Active Politician Outside The Court.Because Arushi Is Going To Punished.Then Sajjan Singh Will Become God For Lower Caste.
Shakti Assured That He’ll Arrange Everything Outside Court.

Court Room:

Pratigya Requested Judge To Call Victim’s Brother In Witness Box.Then She Asked Him That Why Did He And Sarju Call Her In Their Place…When There Was No Land Issue Between Brothers?The Man Got Confuse And Couldn’t Utter A Single Word.Pratigya Successfully Proved That Sarju And His Brother Tried To Harm Her.
Then She Called Restaurant Waiter.He Told That Some People Were Spying Pratigya.Then The Rickshaw Puller Came And Confessed That He Had Helped The Sisters.
ASY Sensed His Defeat.He Got Up And Tried To Manipulate The Court By Mentioning The Police Warning Against Arushi.Started Jabbering That Arushi Is A Prostitute…
Krishna Entered In Court With Pankaj Singh.Pankaj Singh Was Called In Witness Box.Pratigya Asked Her About The Incident.He Confessed That ASY Bribed Him To Call Arushi In His House,To Prove Her Prostitute.
Judge Verdict Was…Arushi Is Innocent,ASY And His License Is Banned All Over India.
Professor’s Family Reunion…Emotional Scene.

Court Premises:

Everyone Came Out Of Court Room Including Sajjan Singh.Shakti Told The Band Party To Start Music.Sajjan Singh Slapped Him And Told Him Stop All This Stupidity…
Shakti Asked The Reason Of Slap.Sajjan Singh Was Silent.Sarju’s Came And Told That They Have Lost The Case.This Is The Reason.
Sarju’s Caste Started Cursing Sajjan.Because He Has Used Them For Own Good.And Announced That They’ll Not Support Him In Upcoming Election.
Krishna Was Confused After Hearing All These…He Couldn’t Believe That His Father Is Such A Low Life!

Precap: K is all wet somehow and is telling a blase SS that he has seen many types of men but never seen such a lowlife like Sajjan Singh…A man who would go to any lengths to get what he wants and insult his own DIL..K words have no impact on SS who just smirks at K..

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