Pratigya 25th July 2012 Written Update

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Pratigya 25th July 2012 Written Update by starlight123

The Takurs along with the DIL are eating dinner and K brings up the subject of P becoming a lawyer much to KN and Kesar disappointment…K tells P that now that she has qualified as a lawyer she can now fight cases and go to court and wear the uniform, lawyers wear..GD wonders what kind of jacket they wear and is glad that the uniform is decent as it does not show any flesh…P corrects Dadi and tells her that the overall is called a coat..KN wonders that these coats a figure fitted and not fit for DIL to wear..K objects to KN seductive suggestions and tells KN not to think too hard as P is more than capable to look after herself..

K wonders where P will start to build her clientele and start operating from home…KN again objects that no criminals will come to TN..Kesar also voices her disapproval by telling that seeing such characters will have a negative influence over Samar..P tries to stop K from saying anything further but K is adamant to sort out where P can open her office and tells KN that SS has the final say on the matter..K asks SS, the judge on his verdict and he sides with K saying that they will allow P to practice law from one of the rooms on the first floor..K is pleased and tells P that he will get LLB nameplate with P name on her door…Both Kesar and KN are unhappy but accept SS verdict

KN n Kesar Room

Kesar is spilling her frustration out to KN about how differently both DIL are treated..She tells KN that whatever P wants she gets and P has already started to behave like a princess and in future all the house work will be left for Kesar to do..KN is listening to Kesar in amusement by reminding Kesar that when he told Kesar about P, she refused to believe him and now is finding P at fault..Kesar defends herself that before she stood by P because she felt she was right but currently she finds P behaviour and favourtism unacceptable and does not want to be treated like a servant in her own house, especially since she is the elder DIL..

KriYa Room

P is coming her hair..K notices it and starts to be a prosecuting lawyer and tells an imaginary judge that P is guilty of not showing any affection and love to her husband and that she always finds an excuse not to romance..P too plays along with K and tells the imaginary judge that she objects to K argument that K only wants the same kind of affection that he got when they were married and that her love for him has not diminished and says I love u to K three times..She further says that K should understand that as a wife she has other responsibilities apart from K..

K refuses to get defeated and tells P that she should be glad that her husband loves her the same way he did like he first laid eyes on her and only a few wives are that lucky to have a loving husband…P objects to K argument by saying that K only knows how to embarrass on occasions and does not realise how it affects others when he shows open love..K objects to P assertion and tells that P should be glad that K gives her open affection and that if others become jealous its their problem…P says that K should know how to love maturely but K tells that his love story will be remembered and followed..K gives the verdict on the Judges behalf and declares himself the winner..P tries to object but K refuses to let her speak by saying that the judge has passed judgement and that P should stop her talks and concentrate on some romance..KP romance commences…

Sajjan Niwas

The following morning, GD is screeching as usual as no one has brought her morning tea..Kesar brings it to her and tells GD that Pisiya has not turned up for work…KP come to the courtyard..K tells P that he is going to get the bike out and will drop P to the courts…K leaves…P wonders if Kesar needs any help but Kesar sarcastically tells P to concentrate on her new earned degree and she herself will look after the house..P tells Kesar that she will go to the court later and help Kesar out but Kesar refuses to take P help…

Pisiya comes to TN and P notices that Pisaya has been beaten by her husband..She blames everyone for allowing Pisaya to go with her husband the day before and berates them for not supporting her..She tells that she knew something like this would happen…She tells Pisaya to report her husband to the police but Pisaya is hesitant…Kesar and GD object for police to be involved by saying that its just a small fight and can be solved within the house…KN refuses to allow police to come to house…P says that she will go with Pisaya to the police station and file a complaint…Pisaya refuses to go and P tries to encourage her to report it…Kesar berates P for forcing Pisaya against her wishes…K tells P that as Pisaya herself is refusing to report the case, there is nothing much one can do..P is resigned to her fate..K tells P to help Pisaya with ointment..P and Pisaya both leave..

Later Pisaya explains to P what happened and what led her husband to hit her..She tells P that her husband was demanding money and when Pisaya refused to give he started to hit her..She further tells P that her husband still in a relationship with the other woman and tells P that she made a mistake by going back to him..She tells P as everyone was telling to give her husband another chance, she did but now she does not want to return to him…P tells Pisyaya to defend herself..Pisiaya seeks P help…


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