Pratigya 27th October 2012 Written Update *Last* Episode

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Pratigya 27th October 2012 Written Update *Last* Episode by The_Dark_Knight

Krishna (K) and Pratigya (P) sleeping on bed. But find unable to sleep as worried individually. K seems more worried. P consoles him. Tells him not to worry. Then K changes the topic to baby. They both discuss on baby’s name.

Amma goes to SS room. Amma stares at a sleeping SS. She talks to herself about leaving the house forever. She takes only one sindoor box along with her and blessings from a sleeping husband.

Next day morning. Kesar, Sakthi and Chinki getting ready for dashera mela.

Meanwhile, Komal, Karthik and Chinki are in a market purchasing dress for Chinky. Prof Shyam too joins them. Later, Komal sees Amma passing them. When Amma is asked where is she going, she says going for a purchase. Amma also talks little bit odd and leaves the place. Komal is left thinking.

P, Kesar arranging things for Dashera Pooja. But Amma is missing. In between, K informs P that he is leaving for his restaurant. But he too finds Amma is missing. SS who arrives there, seems least interested about Amma. GD curses SS for this. Everyone gives lectures to SS individually. Then K and Sakthi leave for searching a lost Amma.

K and Sakthi search in a market. But no where they able to find Amma. So they return home empty handed.

A worried P calls at Pandit’s number, and gets to know pandit is out of station. Later she calls Komal for inquiry. Komal is shocked and narrates the morning market scene. P tells Komal if she finds Amma, to inform them immediately. Meanwhile, Chinky saw Amma. Karthik goes in search of Amma, but no use. P is informed about this.

Everyone from TN reach the mela. We see, Amma wanted to end her life on this auspicious day.

They all search Amma. P finally finds her. Calls K to that place. When K was about to stop Amma from ending her life, SS shouts at Amma for this.

SS gets emotional and finally makes Amma to realize the mistake of ending a life.

SS – Amma union happens.

A Devi Maa pooja happens at TN.

Later, a 7-month leap is shown.

TN and GH’s are gathered at a hospital. A baby is born. K arrives shouting that a baby girl is born. Everyone is happy and excited to see the small Pratigya.

K gets emotional after having his baby in his hands. He kisses his baby’s forehead. P and others watching all this. K says, he was sure he will have a small Pratigya. Amma says she is looking like K. But P’s sister says she is looking P. K wont agree, says she is looking like K only.

Sakthi suggests to have a family group photo. They all pose for a photo.


KriYa Baby…


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  1. ash
    November 14, 08:44 Reply

    i miss u pratigya

  2. ash
    November 14, 08:43 Reply

    sriously this serial sooo amazing n pratigya is so smart i miss u pratigya(pooja)

  3. Anonymous
    November 08, 19:15 Reply

    Pritgya is most different show i ever see in my life supar show please come back with same cast

    November 02, 00:32 Reply

    The programe was awesome…..should not have ended……i will miss the programe….(PARTIGYA,bring all charcters again in different series……jai hoo

  5. aliya
    October 31, 00:16 Reply

    Great job by all characters.
    Gud bye.waiting for another serial wth same cast.

  6. Sonya
    October 30, 15:29 Reply

    I am missing this serial so very much.
    Please come back soon with the same cast.

  7. Sonya
    October 29, 13:27 Reply

    What a lovely serial I am really gonna miss it much. I am in Canada and have never missed a single episode. All the star have done a great job. May there be a Pratiga in every home.

    superb show. Can’t wait for it to come back.

  8. sri
    October 28, 04:04 Reply

    good bye kriya i am eager for ur new serial……

    • Aishu
      October 29, 11:07


  9. KSG!!
    October 27, 17:12 Reply

    Aww i’m going to miss this show!!:)

  10. miss u kriya
    October 27, 15:56 Reply

    So finally the great show pratigya has cum to a happy ending the last scenes was awesome with krishna’s shouts familys joy and the cute dialogues delivered by evry1…finally it has cum to an end with a family photo:-)….hats off to the entire team u hav left a great mark in r mind and v ll miss u for sure…

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