Pratigya 4th July 2012 Written Update

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Pratigya 4th July 2012 Written Update by starlight123

GD wondering how SS allowed ASY and his mother to stay and wants to know whether he has any plans to throw them out…SS says that he still thinking but GD wonders what reason made SS agree for them to stay..KriYa and KN/Samar also come to the courtyard and question SS as to why he allowed ASY and her mother to stay..SS tells them he does not want any discussion on this topic but K does not let the matter go and tells what reason he does not want any discussions.. KN tells them that they should pay them off and give them what we owe them…K tells that if ASY has issues then he can use the courts to settle them and not come her to settle scores…SS gets irritated and tells them to stop being his father and reminds them that he is their father and that this is his house and therefore, he is the decision maker..

SS leaves and K is confused with SS current behaviour and tells that their is something about ASY that SS is hiding from them..P starts to think..

Green House

Prof is thinking about Komal and Chinky’s future…He shares his concerns with his mother and tells her that Komal has her entire life ahead of her and that they should get Komal remarried..He tells his mother that he made this decision after seeing Chinky playing with a stranger thinking that he can be her father..Dadi is against the idea and discourages Prof from perusing it further..She puts the blame on what society may think and say and she tells Prof that there is no guarantee that the stepfather would love the child like his own…Arushi overhears the conversation and agrees with the Prof and tells them that Komal should remarry and that Dadi should agree to the idea…Arushi wants to know whether the Prof will tell Komal about the remarriage talk but Prof says that before any decisions can be made, he will need to speak the SS first..

Komal’s room

Komal looking at Adarsh’s shirt and getting upset over it..Chinky comes and tells her mother that she has found a solution to their problems..She tells that she knows that her father wont be returning and she will get a new papa for herself..Komal gets angry at such a suggestion and tells Chinky to concentrate on her studies and bans her from going out to play…Chinky has made up her minds and tells Komal that she will find herself a new father…Komal is saddened

TN Kitchen

Shakutala asks Pisyaya for some water but Pisyaya refuses to serve her from where the Takur’s drink…ASY comes out and sees what has happened and decides to take action and tells his mother that he will get water for her..GD stops him from entering the kitchen and tells him that servants and owners dont mix and their food and water are served separately…ASY says that SS eats from his mother’s hand when he comes to the village haveli, but at that time no difference is noticed..GD is adamant and ASY is also adamant in their stances…Shakutala tries to reason with her son but he goes and pours water..GD is furious and claims the water is now impure..ASY starts to tell her that humans are the same no matter where they are born..All humans have one nose, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 lips and so forth..He tells GD that God has not made them different but humans have created the differences..

TN Courtyard

P tries to calm GD down and tells that nothing is spoiled and all is fine but GD is not convinced..K and KN enter and K asks GD what is troubling her..P lies and changes the subject..She asks whether K got Samar books..K says no as he was busy with other work..P is not happy and tells K how could he forget..

ASY comes with a newspaper and sits in the middle of the room and starts to read..All stare at him..Prof comes and ASY goes to greet the Prof..He starts to lord over the mansion and tells Prof to sit and for them to converse..Prof wonders how ASY is here..P then goes to her father and greets him..

SS comes and Prof tells SS that he wants to get Komal remarried and wants to know his opinion on the matter..He tells that Komal has the rest of her life ahead and should not live as a widow…SS tells Prof that they should discuss the matter in private but Prof says that it affects all of them, so all should decide..Before SS can speak, ASY agrees with the Prof to remarriage..All are shocked at ASY antics


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