Pratigya 6th August 2012 Written Update

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Pratigya 6th August 2012 Written Update by starlight123

SS Niwas

Its the following morning, all TN resident are having breakfast..P has the flu..K orders Pisaya to get P haldi wala milk as a remedy for her cold..Komal takes this opportunity to taunts K that instead of milk, K should arrange a fire place and warm P there..She says to K that to make it worthwhile K should get P to set on K lap and take advantage of the situation…K gets irritated at Komal and tells her to keep her acid tongue to herself…Komal explains what KP where doing especially P who follows the righteous path but has no shame to expose herself in rain…Komal continues to say K was getting intimate with P in the rain…K counterattacks that if Komal had an issue with seeing KP romance then she could have closed her eyes and tells Komal to shut up…Komal refuses to keep quiet and says to K that how many eyes will K close…K ignores Komal and tells P to drink the milk…KN too starts to taunt K about his concern for P over drinking milk…K continues to ignore their insults and tells P to drink…

Komal and Chinky at School

Chinky refuses to go to school unless Kartik comes to pick her up…Komal gets angry at Chinky and slaps her for her Kartik mantra and tells Chinky that no Kartik will come and that she will have to attend school..Chinky is saddened…

SS Niwas

Komal is missing amma and tells Dadi that without amma the family is becoming dysfunctional..GD too agrees…Komal sees Prof bring Chinky to TN…Komal gets worried and asks why Chinky is home early..Prof explains to Komal that the school called and told him that Chinky is running high temperature…Prof tells Komal that Chinky was muttering Kartik name continuously…Komal is adamant not to encourage Chinky to be dependent on Kartik and tells Prof not to invite Kartik to Green House…Prof is worried and saddened…

Chinky’s fever is not going down and Komal is worried as Chinky continuously mutters Kartik name…GD wonders who Kartik is and Komal explains that Kartik and the Prof are involved in some project together and is always at Green House…Komal continues to say that Chinky has become fond of Kartik and considers Kartik as a friend..Pisaya says that Kartik can bring a change in Chinky’s health..KN agrees with Pisaya saying that he will send the car to Kartik place…Komal not convinced but agrees to bring Kartik to TN..

Court Chambers

The Goons come to P in the pretense for P to help them in some property dispute…P agrees to help the goons..The goons give her the address to come where she can come to collect the papers and see the property herself

The Goon Hideout

The Leader tells his sidekicks not to kill P but to injure her and teach P a lesson for disrespecting Guruma..P comes as expected…The goons are about to attack her when she gets a phonecall from K who is trying to locate her…P rushes outside and spots K…K too spots P and comes to P..K introduces a friend to P and the friend congratulates P on becoming a lawyer…The goons backtrack from making a complaint and tell P that its better to sort the family dispute among themselves…

K tells the goon that even though he wants P to become a successful lawyer and win many cases but the more cases that can be settled without court interference the better..P too agrees..The Goons are disappointed that they missed another opportunity to harm P and are getting irritated with K continuous presence over P…

SS Niwas

KP return home and K tells P that he wants to buy P a car..P is not convinced but K thinks that with a car, P does not have to travel in rickshaws and will be a more convenient and safe conveyance for her. SS overhear them speaking and scolds them for not being concerned about family welfare and more interested in buying a car…K wonders who is sick..Kartik arrives and SS wonders who he is?

Kartik arrives at TN and GD takes him to Chinky…KP follow…There Kartik presence makes Chinky feel better..P offers him tea but Kartik refuses to drink and tells them that he wants to spend time with Chinky…Kartik tells Chinky are fairy tale which makes P smile and the rest relieved that Chinky is feeling better…Chinky sleeps to everyone relief…Kartik looks at Komal and P gets an idea about marriage between them…



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