Punar Vivah 18th February 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 18th February 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 18th February 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: At the Peer Baba’s mazaar
Arti pleads her to tell the truth. Radha says that sinc eshe is sworn by her son, she says that she cant say no and admits that yash is her and suraj’s son. She tells arti the entire truth as that would involve going way into the past

radha says that she was born in a poor family, but her parents were very keen on her education. In her university, radha met suraj, who was a trustee then, and that she was inspired by him and his personality, and that eventually changed into friendship and then love. she says that she crossed all limits of decency in love, but she got to know that suraj was married and had a son too. She says that she had forgotten everything, and was willing to move on with her life, by leaving from there. But then, she got to know that she was pregnant and that changed everything. She says that she couldnt devoid her child from the rights of his life and the love of his father. she says that she met suraj and pleaded him to accept his son. But that he insulted her by cxalling her a DHANDHEWAALI and giving her money, he asked her to get an abortion, as that would have tainted the image that he had in the society. But she says that she couldnt kill him, as she was his mother after all. It was very difficult for her to live, as an unwed mother, with the taunts and ill words, but never thought bad for her child. She had only one complaint from the god, for denying his child a fatherly love. But then things changed, and she got to know that gayatri is pregnant with her second child. She says that Yash was born on 1st October and gayatri gave birth to Akash on 2nd october. She remembers how she had gone to gayatri’s ward and switched the children. She says that when suraj went to meet gayarti, he said that suraj had said that this child would be Yash Suraj Pratap scindia.

Arti says that she might have succeeded in getting yash, her son, his rightful place, but in its wake he snatched gayatri’s son, akash’s rights on the family. Radha is speechless. she admits her mistake saying, that she couldnt think anything other than her child’s benefit. She says that she never ket akash feel any lacking, except for fatherly love and that keeps her in guilt all the time. And when suraj was insulting akash, she felt for the first time, that he should get his rightful place in the society. And after seeing that akash gets that, she would leave

Arti asks why did she then try to murder him. She says that she never tried. she tells the truth that the knife was to keep him away from bad and ill omen, and also about the chhole, that she made for him out of motherly love, but she didnt know about the lizard in it. She says that she got her punishemtn, that yash hates his own mother, but she is very thankful to arti that she saved yash from the poison that day. She asks arti to promise that she shouldnt ever tell yash or anyone else about this, since that would change all kinds of equations of the existing relations. Despite arti’s pleadings, radha takes a swear from her that she wont ever say anything about this to anyone, and leaves as she finds yash waking back up again.

As yash wakes up, he tells arti that he felt somebody of his own, like a mother, who had come here and saved him. Arti says that someone from the other village came. yash asks why did that lady not stay. Before artio can answer, pankaj arrives with a doctor, who starts checking him up. The doctor says that pulse rate is normal, and gives him an injection, just in case for safety. Yash again asks about the lady. arti says maa. Yash asks if gayatri came. Arti says that she must have been a mother who saved yash’s life. the doctor gives some medicines for yash, just in case. Pankaj asks

Pankaj is told on the phone, that the DNA test results would come out in the evening only. yash is alos happy that now they owuld know what they want and who are they. He says that in the Shivratri celebrations, they should be called too, where they would tell radha and akash their true worth.

Arti thinks that she wont let this happen, as its his mother after all, and that she would have to bring out the truth on Maha shivratri.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Radha seriously reprimands akash for trying to kill yash and becoming a murderer, and stooping down so low. But akash tries to justify his action, by saying that yashand suraj have stooped to lower levels, by insulting them. akash asks why is she suddenly showing so much sympathy for them. radha says that its for humainty’s sake, and that he wshould never again try to hurt the scindia family and yash especially, and if he tried, then she would kill herself. Akash immediately falls on her feet saying that he would never try anyhting like that veer again, if that is what she wants and that he would never go against her wish. radha tries hard to control her tears. Ishita sees all this.

Ishita wonders as to why is radha suddenly so involved and affectionate for the family, that she should be hated by them. she is determined to find out.

yash asks gayatri not to worry and not cry for him anymore. Suraj says that the mother can cry all she wants, but the father being unable to do so, is lways thought of as not feeling anything when the kids are in problems. yash says that love and concern are not a thing, that need words. After exchanging some family chit chats, gayatri asks yash to rest as tomorrow is very exciting, as pankaj points that tomorrow suraj would be released from all the accusations and the mother son duo would be shown the way to the door. after they leave, yash seeing arti in tension, asks her whats the matter.

Arti asks hesitatingly what if radha is true and if akash is in fact suraj’s son. Yash is shocked to hear this. Yash says that radha is lying as suraj cant be lying about this, and that his father cant do something like this. Arti tries to say, that a lady would not insult herself like this, for insulting suraj too. Yash says that even if god came to tell him the same, that he wont believe it. Yash decides not to talk about this further and goes to sleep, with arti thinking that

The whole scindia family is prepared for shivratri preparation. Yash is involved with the kids, in showing them the idol. Yash sees akash, and there’s hatred in both their eyes’. The kids take the blessings from gayatri maa, and also hear the story about how shiv’s throat is blue due to drinking the poison, that he drank for saving the whole world. Thats why he’s also called NEELKANTH. The kids commenst that SHIVJI is very brave.

Arti tells Lord Shiva, that he might have saved the world by drinking venom, but today similar venom has come to destroy the scindia family today, and that she, being the family’s daughter in law, would have to drink this toady, for the well being of her family and would havwe to bring out the truth in front of the entire family today. The screen freezes on Arti’s tensed face.

Precap: Ishita’s father comes in, bringing with him the DNA reports, saying that he would today do the tilak of his son in law. the whole family is waiting in anticipationas he takes out the report from the envelope.


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  1. ummi nagarta
    December 03, 05:31 Reply

    yash I like u, u and arti and all ur family in married again.bye I’m from Nigeria

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  3. Miss Kris
    February 19, 11:23 Reply

    Wow Suni Afreesh, had a good read
    Just wanted to add previously Arti had Shobha as a confidant and now Shobha is not there anymore, maybe Radha is there to fill that gap. Arti talked to Shobha about her good a d bad times. Shobha adviced Arti all along. Now that’s not there anymore, she no longer has the comfort of another woman there.

    That’s what Vidhi got so upset with Arti in the first place. Vidhi accepted her whole heartedly as a sister, she should at least learn from her past mistake of not conversing with Vidhi and start from now. It will be a great opportunity also to make amends with Vidhi and once again gain her love a d affection.

    Also this nancy drew detective side of Arti is not appealing to the character she is supposed to portray.
    She is supposed to be a second wife with a second husband, a mother to his children, and her own of course and struggle with the everyday activities of being a mother and an expecting mother. Some bonding with the females around her, not asking about Radha and Ishita,

    The writers are doing injustice at this time to the serial. Don’t understand their logic maybe they have something up their sleeves that can redeem them in the long run.

    But at this rate, they gonna loose popularity very soon. I don’t think they should always make the same mistake again and again, Arti keeping secret from hubby and family members.
    Ok, so she swore not to tell Yash but at least she could now start confiding in Vidhi, and maybe Pari and the three dils together can now overcome whatever is thrown at the family.
    The writers are just messing up the characters. We need to see the ladies more also.
    Where is Pari, Vidhi in all this.

    • Suni
      February 19, 11:39

      Very good points Miis Kris . Aarti has no reason to do anything alone . She has people to support her . I have a feeling that she liked the big bed in the attic !! She want to go back there . But , I doubt that Yash will go with her this time .

    • Afreesh
      February 19, 11:49

      Lol…..Suni….I think, Yash will send her this time to that attic

    • Afreesh
      February 19, 11:56

      Guys…I’m watching madubala right now…..wanted to know why it is at first place….

    • Suni
      February 19, 12:08

      Great work Afreesh … I love that . Spying in the competition !! LOL

  4. Suni
    February 19, 09:28 Reply

    Aarti will always be limited as our heroine , in terms of what we see fit for her to do as a wife and mother . She isn’t an unmarried woman or without kids , like the heroines on most soaps . She has a husband and 3 almost 4 children . The writers are trying to portray her as unattached . Some of the things she does are downright ridiculous , given the fact that she is very much pregnant and has young children emulating her .
    That was a great point Afreesh , what will Payal and Palak learn from her as their mother ?? She sneaks into other people’s houses when they are not there and snoops around . That is breaking the law . She climbs and jumps and stresses despite initially having a high risk pregnancy . Why did she rush after Radha alone ? Why didn’t she call one of the many Schindia family members ? No , not Aarti , she is invincible ….. she doesnt need anyone’s help , but she wants to help everyone . And now the writers want her to again withhold the truth from her husband !!!

    • ammara
      February 19, 09:48

      qubool hai

    • Miss Unbelievable
      February 19, 09:52

      I can see why PV rates are dropping.

      Understandable they not only want traditional women and housewives to watch this but also the younger and more modern generation.

      But when you cross the limits of motherhood and marraige thats a serious slap to the face.. Yes justice needs to be dont but she is foregtting that she is a mother first and wife second

      Baby Arya is in so much danger becase of the stupid decisions that Arti makes. Her marraige once again is on teh rocks because of her decision again.

      She didnt beleive it was Dubey because thats family but you would beleive a woman who popped up claimed Suraj is ex lover and baby daddy then states that yash is her baby and like a blind woman who to me losts all senses beleived her? She trust blindly

      Im beginning to wonder who is Arti Scicindia? A nancy drew detective (single unattached adventurous) or Goddess Sita (married content with husband has duties and rigghteous to her Krishna) or woman who is wife mother companion and daughter in -law or some other type of woman out there

      Arti is having an identity crisis due to teh CVS. And her sparks with Yash is dead. What type of woman is she emulating and displaying to her viwers?

    • Afreesh
      February 19, 09:59

      I agree with you MU….that’s the main reason for their failure….they are doing utter nonsense with Arthi character….but the bitter truth is there are females are available in the society almost like Arthi….
      I’m thinking, is that the creator motive is to convey us not to behave like Arthi in our life????….

    • Miss Unbelievable
      February 19, 10:13

      There are some qualities of Arti we love and admire and there is some we dont

      For eg. Arti reminds me of a child. She has been ireesponsible she makes the same excuses and repeats the same mistake and expects to be forgiven because thats the expectation. A child does these things because they are still learning and we must be mature to handle them and guide them. Arti is a woman not a girl. Her action has reactions its like she;s saying she cant help herself being like that and she has to do it. Yash and the others dont have time to parent her, ansh payal and palak are the children and its expected to be forgiven and reprimanded and rewarded for their deeds.

      Are there arti’s in society. Yes but are they all foolish like this one? No. Wisdom must be spoken. She’s foregtting she’s married and a mother. I can gurantee these arti’s in society are either single and unattached or married and woth children. I expect this behaviour from Pari. She’s still young liek Prateik and have a long way to go. They are a young married couple.

      Vidhi knows her role. She has adolescent children and a baby of a husband. if she wants to be adventurous when her children are legal she and her hsuabnd can be all adventurous as they are and can be.

      Arti has young impressionable children. She’s the middle bahu one step into vidhi and the next foot into pari’s life. Is that what the CVS are trying to tell us that she still havent matured yet?

    • Suni
      February 19, 10:14

      Yes ammara , I get your point . They want her to be like Zoya . But these writers don’t know how to keep up with the story at hand , they made Aarti pregnant , but don’t want her body nor her actions to reflect this . Why is Aarti the only female character being sent in harms way ? They have so many underutilized characters . Is Aarti the only DIL ?

    • Suni
      February 19, 10:15

      Again I agree totally MU . That is exactly how I feel.

    • Suni
      February 19, 10:20

      Afreesh , to be quite honest , I don’t think that there is any woman out there who behaves the way Aarti does . The writers have really messed her up . She seems to be failing on all sides . She is neglecting the kids and her husband . They are her number one priority . When Yash had to choose between her and his relatives , he chose her . I understand that she wants to help Yash, but why is she keeping this from him?
      Ok , maybe the writers will let us off easily this time and Aarti will tell Yash what is going on . She will not execute her own plans without him 🙂 .

    • Suni
      February 19, 10:25

      I think Miss Unbelievable , that by the time a woman becomes a mother , that should give her enough maturity to understand the world . I wonder what Shobha would have told her ? Aarti still isn’t going to Yash first . She should seek his advice the way he seeks hers . He didn’t leave her out of his plan to find Ansh’s kidnapper . He involved and informed her of his actions . Like they say by us MU … Aarti head hard like big stone .

    • Miss Unbelievable
      February 19, 10:42


      a rock is hard and immobile until shattered

      arti will shatter on her route to so call hero-kingdom

      she will loose what she’s been fighting hard to keep: Yash will turn cold, teh Scicindia will once again distrust her. Even though Maya learnt her lesson, Maya may end up being her bitter self again and what about her children? Arti once again ignores the consequences

      this battle isnt hers to direct it lies within Papa S and the elders and the sons of the house. The original scicinida family

      i swear she enjoys throwing herself in battles that is not needed. Like a good wife she should support pray and have faith. She’s too damn impatient and rush to act. Thats how soldiers get killed on a battlefield. Irrational decisions

      Arti needs to be arti not zoya, maybe be more of a mona from Maliya Jodi, or Radika from Choti Bahu or Abha (my fave actress)

    • Afreesh
      February 19, 10:58

      MU…..Arthi is not an unmatured or idiot lady. She listen to her mind nonetheless of situations & people.
      Once, Prashand reminded her “you can’t have your own ways always”…..that’s the reason behind their divorce ( I think strongly Arthi pushed him indirectly to take such decision, later she supported him indirectly to go beyond control )
      There are some females who can’t listen to other’s advice no matter they are good or bad. They can’t change themselves. She has everything (good attributes) but has over dose

      You guys are talking about revealing the truth to yash, but I’m worried how could she convey it?
      As you said, it’s not her problem….she can inform what she learned from Radha, but she is not supposed to deal or argue with yash or SP either. Scindhiya has to decide what to do not Arthi….she should know who is she?

    • Suni
      February 19, 11:04

      Lol , Miss Unbelievable , you made me laugh for that stone idea 🙂 and secondly for getting me to think of Aarti like Radica . They are polar opposites !! Radica had so much faith , I wanted to shake her sometimes though , when everything bad happened to her . I think Aarti could be a little bit like Radica , but she would implode if she tried to be completely like her . Lol .

  5. Miss Unbelievable
    February 19, 09:19 Reply

    PV rocks

    but Arti is getting a second chance. Dont screw up a good thing

    Arti is starting to annoy me. You can lie to your husband but dont tell him the truth. You can keep a promise for a total starnger but what about those sacred promises and vows you made to your husband on your wedding day?

    Arti astounds me with her loyalty. It was understandable with Shobha and Dubey but for Radaha this is ridiculous! Arti is returning Yash to his old self with the amount of pushes and decisions she makes

    • Suni
      February 19, 09:29

      I agree 100 % Miss Unbelievable .

    • Miss Kris
      February 19, 11:27

      I agree MU, let hope that Arti is not going to give Radha Shobha place in her life now, seeing that Shobha is now out of the pic.
      That girl just won’t learn from her mistakes,
      Yes Suni as we say here, “she head hard like rock” lol
      Looks like she still thinks she’s Laxhmi Bai lol

  6. Suni
    February 19, 09:06 Reply

    Afreesh , if I use Pari as an example of the way he modern girl thinks and feels , then I can’t blame her completely for being impatient with Pratheik yaar , I must blame her for getting married too soon . Pratheik chose his bride . He knew what to expect . He should have had more courage , but Pari also , should have resolved such matters before she got married . The problem I see here , is lack of proper communication before the nuptials were taken . They were both engrossed in the giddy rush called loved. They couldn’t think beyond getting married . They were not advised properly by neither the Schindia’s , nor Pari’s parents , about the realities of marriage .
    Gayatri and Papa S saw the difference in lifestyle between themselves and Pari’s parents . Why didn’t they try to counsel him ? Were they that confident that they could change this free spirited girl ? Pari’s parents knew that Pratheik’s parents were very traditional . Why did nothing make them aware that their daughter might have difficulty adjusting to this way of thinking ? Especially , given her upbringing .

    • Afreesh
      February 19, 09:53

      Suni…..scindhiya family didn’t accepted Paridhi immediately yaar….Prateik was struggling to get permission almost 2 years. (It has been stated in the earlier episode where they were sitting at the train & discussing about previous visit) Vidhi was the one supported Prateik & got permission from them.
      Yes….both the family knew it very well, but they accepted for the sake of their love….where she became wrong???…the second day of her married life, she wanted to escape from the households. You are right…she didn’t care about the responsibility after marriage and also Prateik didn’t inform her the system of scindhiya parivar before they get married.
      Not only Paridhi & Prateik, every young lovers are doing the same mistakes. They don’t have any clarity about life & responsibility & even love , they just start like a game, once they feel boring they wanted to quit the game.
      Sj stated with simple words, we lost patience, compromise…..we are not ready for compromise which was the major aspect of our previous generation. They solved huge problem with their enduring nature, but we relate that word compromise with our freedom & equality hence converting a nonsense into a big problem. We compare the word patience with our independence & financial security. Therefore, we just ignored those precious qualities, that’s the root cause of every problem.
      I don’t think men changed much, they are doing the same thing whatever their ancestor were doing, only the methods has been changed.
      I will continue….

    • Afreesh
      February 19, 10:31

      Suni….I told you to read Amaica statement respect to men nature. They are following the same nature all these years yaar, nothing changed much, before they didn’t afraid to their partners & society but now they should consider them, so doing it secretly.
      You pointed out pankaj flirted nature as well you narrated the elders should teach the younger males. Where or when SP failed to teach moral for his sons???….nothing can be achieved only by teaching or preaching dear….we can’t change the nature ,only can be controlled or maintained…
      Amaica said it wisely…..they can be trapped easily, that’s why yash became mad at Arthi for their bhang night…. yes, some have self discipline, but where are they???

    • Suni
      February 19, 10:38

      Oh Afreesh … Men have changed much . Many of them have become emasculated . They have lost their placement within society because of the emergence of the new ” macho woman ” lol . These females think that they can do any and everything alone , they don’t need a man to tell them what to do, where to go , how to spend their money. They males in society are pretty much under threat , because women don’t need them as providers anymore . Women now use men in a similar manner that men once used women , for companionship and sex . Women don’t need men for their “bread and butter ” anymore , they can get their own.
      But , I think that years of taking crap from the opposite sex led to women adopting this mindset .Young girls are quick to run at the first sign of trouble . Who can blame them though ? They saw what there mothers had to go through . Better no man than an abusive type of man .
      By us Afreesh , there was this very funny song stating that if the man is telling you what to wear ,where to go , what time to return ,who to talk to ., then you don’t have a man ,instead you have a manager .

    • Afreesh
      February 19, 10:43

      Oh really…..but I’m talking about Asian culture yaar….yes, you are absolutely correct women became threat to men worldwide…

    • Suni
      February 19, 10:51

      Men have had there way like this for many decades yaar . The new independent women can’t deal with what Gayatri has to face . I myself will not accept any man not listening to my opinion . I have to wonder what place does marriage even have in modern society ? Given the high rate of divorce ? People fall in and out of love in a flash . Even couples who stayed together for long years , sometimes separate after the kids have grown . Divorce upsets the children . Just don’t marry and save the money for the kids college fund , lol .
      I understand Amaica’s point clearly .It is a well used terminology ” why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free ” . But the tables have turned yaar . The men are the ones being left behind . The only thing that allows them to maintain their reigns of control , is their physical strength and their ability to maintain the glass ceiling at a lot of institutions .
      Have you noticed how many of the contemporary male dresses yaar . They look rather effeminate. There are so many factors that led to moral decline yaar .

    • Suni
      February 19, 10:58

      That is the thing yaar . You all are still very traditional . We are in the West and that doesn’t mean that our culture and society is the best . I understand what you are saying . But with India advancing as quickly as it is , I have a feeling that you guys might also experience some changes soon . India is the fastest growing amongst the BRIC countries .
      In the West our culture is very different because we came from somewhere else . So that is why I said history and education has a great deal of influence upon people’s mindset .

    • Suni
      February 19, 11:12

      Afreesh , our cultures are different , but have you noticed an increase in the amount of educated women around you ? That is how it starts off yaar . Gayatri and Vidhi are not well educated . The type of education being given at schools do not teach patience for the opposite sex . It encourages a woman to compete in a still male dominated world . Women are generally earning more than men by us , because women do not want to depend on men like their mothers used to .
      If Pankraj gets a mistress and doesn’t want Vidhi anymore , what will she do ? She is not be equip to stand on her own two feet . She will have to become like Maya and hope that someone takes her in . Why didn’t Maya get a job , or a life of her own ?

    • Afreesh
      February 19, 11:20

      Yes Suni…..it’s changing already….the media & the inspirational writers are screaming about the changes & demolition of our culture. Women becoming more addicted to western culture, I told you already nowadays divorce originated from females. That’s why I’m insisting the point the women should learn the valuable lessons from their ancestors….otherwise we will destroy now, later the future generation will destroy more & more….then finally ancient period will start once again….after all the world is round….
      Change should begin from us, I should change myself for betterment of mine & my family. Then I can create my daughter with high values. I shouldn’t be like Arthi nor Paridhi not Vidhi….This is what I learned from PV yaar…..ha….ha…ha…

    • Suni
      February 19, 11:22

      Afreesh , Zoya is very much a representative of the Western girl. Do you see the problems Asad had in understanding her ?? She is not accustomed to a man being in control , she had to learn a bit of discipline in order to adjust to his thinking , but he has also changed , lol .

    • Suni
      February 19, 11:33

      I understand Afreesh … I feel that way also . The change has to begin with us . But , if we have children in today’s world yaar , Misd Kris has kids , how are we supposed to accept this type of society for them . We have to try a little to change a few and hope that they also change a few 🙂 . I know I keep insisting on Government’s role . But , there is dire need for intervention at a social level . If the family is falling apart , society and eventually a nation falls apart .
      A case study should be done to address why are things the way they are now , why the prevalence of divorce ? If two people cannot live together , who wanted to love each other until death , then how will other ordinary people get along with each other ? There are too few examples of a good working relationships ; PV hasn’t even show us one . The children are growing up seeing hate and conflict and it isn’t nice yaar …

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