Punar Vivah 19th October 2012 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 19th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Aarti requesting Yash to go to hospital with her. She then says, I will be back in a while. Yash asks where are you going? Aarti says, I am going to bhabhi.. actually I am having lots of pain and my hand doesn’t reach there. Yash says, wait a minute.. I told you right that I am taking all responsibility of your health.. so now if you don’t mind then.. Aarti passes him something with which you do massage. Yash asks her to sit down. Aarti turns around and smiles. Yash asks her to sit down. She finally sits down. Yash asks where are you having pain? Aarti points to her back. Yash starts massaging, but he is not comfortable. Aarti tells him to do properly as she is not having any effect of it. Yash is still uncomfortable. Aarti says, you leave it.. I will go to bhabhi. Yash says, noo tell me where is the pain exactly and now he moves her hair and finally massages properly.

Aarti thanks him and says am feeling better, stress-free now.. Yash says, not just stress.. it’s clearly written in your report that you have got very weak.. blood pressure is also not normal.. and I think you should…….. do the abortion. We can’t ignore the facts and it’s clearly written in the reports that it’s impossible to do a normal delivery. Aarti says, nothing in this world is impossible.. you just need to think positive. Yash asks how can anyone be positive in such situation? Aarti says, just like how I am trying.. I am telling you.. I will take proper care of myself.. I will eat and sleep properly and don’t keep any stress. I will only think positive and keeps bad thoughts away then see how all complications will go away like that. And then we will fulfill maa-bauji’s dream by brining this child to the world. Yash says, why are you not listening to me? Look you started again. Aarti says, it was you who started. Yash says, whatever I am telling is for your good.. it’s not like you can’t be pregnant again… and then he shuts himself up. They look at each other.

Pari is in her room and she watches police saying they are trying best to find murder of Karan Mehta (her show producer). Police say, this time they have found a solid proof.. they are sure that the murderer is a woman and they found necklace where he was killed. She says, thank God this necklace is not mine. What did I do.. now what will happen? From the back Vidhi says, you will get punishment. Pari is very worried.

Vidhi then says, I told you to do some kitchen work right? and you forgot. Vidhi laughs and says, you got scared like you killed someone. She then says, I know you’re from a big family and you never worked in kitchen.. but here at least you’re trying so that’s enough. Vidhi’s eyes go on TV and Pari turns off TV right away. Vidhi says, why did you turn off.. by watching news you get to know what’s going on in the world. Pari says, actually I get scared watching such news. Vidhi then says, I actually need to my necklace back which you wore other day when going for shoot. Pari says, I will find it and give it to you. Vidhi says, not a problem and leaves. Pari says, police has bhabhi’s necklace.. now from where I will bring it?

Aarti is sitting alone and thinking something. Yash gives her medicine and says, it’s time to take medicine. She takes it. Yash says, I have talked with doctor and he gave tomorrow’s appointment. Aarti gets happy and says ,that means you accepted everything is normal right and there will be no complication in my delivery. Yash says, first let’s meet doctor and know their opinion. If there’s any solution for this problem, then we will do what you want. I will be with you. But if doctor says, there is no hope, then you will have to be with me in my decision. He puts his hands on her shoulder and says, In either case we have to support each other. Aarti holds his hand and says, I am always with you.. and if your support is always with me like this then everything will be fine. Yash says, I hope everything happens the way you want. He expands his hands (and asking Aarti to hug him indirectly) and Aarti hugs him.

Break 1..

It’s morning now. Yash is getting ready and Aarti is looking at the reports. Yash is watching Aarti. Ansh comes there and closes Aarti’s eyes. Aarti quickly recognizes him. Ansh asks her, how do you recognize me so easily? Aarti says, this is mumma’s magic. Ansh says, I also have a magic. He then asks Aarti to choose one of his hands. He says, in one hand.. it’s happiness. and in other.. sadness. After taking lots of time.. Aarti chooses one. Ansh is disappointed and says, you chose wrong hand. This hand had sadness.

Break 2..

Aarti is sad. Ansh then says, you chose happiness hand.. I was just kidding. How can I give you sadness? He says this magic’s trick was that both had happiness. Wasn’t it good magic? Aarti has tears in her eyes. He says, I showed you such a good magic and still tears in your eyes? Yash is looking at them and smiling. Ansh says, now you got happiness… so smile. Aarti doesn’t smile.. Ansh then shows to her how to smile big. Aarti finally smiles. She kisses his hands. Ansh says, when you smile.. you look so cute. And he hugs her.

Yash and Aarti at hospital now. Doctor tells Yash, as you might have seen in the reports.. your wife has lots of complications in her pregnancy.. on top of that.. high BP.. and other issues. It is very risky to continue pregnancy in such condition and I have told her and her mother already. Yash says, what would you suggest in this condition? Doctor says, I had suggested Aarti to do the abortion. Yash asks, is there any other way? Doctor says, if you two promise me that you will always have such coordination, then I have a solution. Aarti and Yash look at each other.

Episode ends.


Precap: Doctor asks Shobha ji and her husband if there is anyone genetically related to Prashant which will help them in Prashant’s case… any child of him and his wife? Doctor says, only Prashant’s Ansh can give him life. Can you bring Ansh here?


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  1. Okosi blessing
    April 28, 14:40 Reply

    I love this show so much i feel like scattering myself,but to tell you all the truth yash looks handsome in beards.

    • Okosi blessing
      April 28, 14:53

      Aarti is so pretty and cute,it’s as if am there,as if am aarti who is in love with yash.Anytime there’s trouble between aarti and yash,i get sacred it’s like saying that am in aarti’s shoe

  2. Dora
    October 22, 01:51 Reply

    Wow what a romantic episode………. Thank u fr d detailed updates and cute pics……….

  3. afreesh
    October 21, 11:43 Reply

    Hi @SJ, @JOW , @Hauwa …..

    We want you to share your views on this psycho analysis of YASH …

    • SJ
      October 21, 14:35

      Dear afresh,sunny, joe, it feels so nice , seems we build up our own connection through PV. when you and sunny comment on my views
      It feels even we do not see each other , but some way we communicate each other. I am in USA. Where ar you guys.

      1. Yash as conflict in his feelling. arthi is very clear.
      Even when he saw her first time , flowers showered on Arthi instead
      Of bride, he was keep looking, he keep looking at her all the time
      Snikingly, either she s laughing, or she is getting wet in rain
      Or doing anything, infect by any chance if they all and hold each oter
      You can see in their eyes, If some one look at me like this , I will feel
      Person like me and starting to fall in lve.
      Hecan ave boyh way, Arpita and arthi both, he still not clear in his feelling, in one interview in tele Tara he said yes there is. Love from Arthi side but yash is not in love with Arthi yet, he becoming more caring towards her.
      Like h ame on to her, made love to her and started to blame her hitting her and pushing her. How much she had suffer, and got humiliated front of every one, sometime any thing are private between husband and wife should be kept private, but I think in Synthya parivar everything is very open, if one of their three sons made love in night will be open to he whole house next day. N my opinion , written and directer have to change lay out to the story little bit so sequence can communicate with other.

    • afreesh
      October 21, 15:46

      Me too feel very connected with you guys…I’m in UAE dear…..

      you are right…everytime when they endup with touch & closeness Arthi is d first one come out of d situations not yash …( why? We just don’t know)

      I too think yash not yet realised his love for Arthi … I make out d percentage for his hidden love only which even he doesn’t know because just now he came out of darkness to light. So it will take time for him to understand his own feelings. Coming episodes will give us answers…..

      Thanks for sharing your views….

    • Suni
      October 21, 21:39

      Hi SJ . I am from the Caribbean . I agree that there is no privacy in the Schindia’s family . There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of family unit . I am also very happy to communicate with you all in this way . I know you all through your words and personalities do shine through at times .

  4. afreesh
    October 21, 11:17 Reply

    Hey Suni…now let us do a psycho analyzes of yash feelings towards Arthi . We should start from episode 2 (yash entry) to understand how he retrieved gradually from his psycho stage

    1. When he saw Arthi 1st time through their unaware collide ….what made him to give her such a deep look ??? …it was answered in d 2nd scene through prateek by asking yash ” you liked her at first sight?..” and yash silent staring at him was d reply…. “yes” (Here I’m not trying to say “first sight love” or anything… but I felt like he disturbed slightly somewhere)

    2. Once he thrust by family towards marriage for d sake of kids and all until d engagement he was blank. When he tried to inform his intention as well as his pure helping attempt towards Arthi endup with misunderstanding…(what was his internal effect ?… he created soft corner for Arthi but he doesn’t blame her)

    3. All d awkward moments & chain of incidents happened before and after marriage upto the month of May didn’t make any changes to yash. (But he relieved from his kids ‘s duty and impressed by Arthi’s motherhood quality).

    4.When he changed Ansh’s school which endup with kidnap tragedy he shaked by Arthi & Ansh emotions. That led him towards taking riskful actions neverthless of money & father & life ( why he did all??? Just humanity? Or sympathy? Or tried to be a responsible father? Or for innocent Ansh’s love? or mixer of all these things???…but we knew very well that not for love.)

    5. When they get separated why he missed them very badly & not ready to sign on divorce papers easily? And why he accepted Arthi’s request even without knowing his family drama? ( here I feel…Arthi removed his loneliness during her presence…he doesn’t want to be lonely anymore & doesn’t like to loose a good mother….here we can make out 30% of love
    towards Arthi??????)

    6. Birthday party conflict is an another psychological task which eliminated his love with ghost & realised Arpita can’t come back

    7. Arthi’s assistance at his work and Neelam’s marriage & rescued him from car stuck…..(what is d impact??? he admired by her smartness & skill & bravery….finally his trust and respect on her increased…we can make out here 40% of love????)

    8. Mumbai trip is d major psychological task. He struggled between his wandering & stuckness on equal basis . ( he got rid off his griefs….and his resistance against Arthi weakened due to magical environment….we can make out here 50%????)

    9.when they endup up with intimacy ….his stuckness & obsession severely attacked….and his guilty feeling towards Arpita death vanished by other guilt that is freak of promise. Which was rushed away by fighting with WC( here we need to think whether really ARPITA came & told him to win & prove d trust of Arthi ??….not at all…his psycho mind told him to do that….)

    10. When they become together….d distance treatment of Arthi increased his wandering…that’s why he started adoring her without resistance .( here we can make out 60% of love????)

    11. When he lost her and even without any hope of getting her back…..he realised his mistake and came to reality without any stubbornness ( we can make out here 80%????)

    Once he relieved from loneliness, reluctance to reality, griefs, guilt,
    Stuckness & obsession , stubbornness…..the fun loving Yash came back. And trying his best to erase his mistake by his lovely attitude and care. He started realising his love for Arthi consciously…but it will take time to confess it

    • Suni
      October 21, 21:30

      Hi Afreesh 🙂 . So sorry that I did not reply sooner . It is allmost 5 a:m by you so I know that you would read this later in the morning . Brilliant analysis , I loved it …..here is mine . What if the writer is working with the theory that you start loving the person you were meant to be with ,from the first encounter ? . However , being with that person may involve the eternal battle between brain and heart . Especially as you said , in more mature love . The universe abhors a vacumn . Life and love struggle to exist in the most desolate and bare places . Here are two lonely hearts , longing for love , but scared of it’s potential to hurt . Was it faith that led Peateik to Aarti ‘s door ? He could have met Mr Dubey , but he didn’t . I believe that the Universe is made up of binary forces…Good and bad ; positive and negative ; the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang . Ansh , Payal ,Palak , were in need of paternal and maternal love respectively . Yash and Aarti agreed on giving this type of love . Hence when Yash risked his life to save Ansh , he did so because he had accepted his role as Ansh’s father ,and he did what any loving father would do . Aarti supported Palak in the speech competition because, as a good mother , she saw that Palak lacked confidence and needed her help . Yash and Aarti are in sync where it pertains to the children . So that love is balanced where it regards the children , the Yin and Yang in harmony . Yash’s heart longed for love , he would observe Aarti at a safe distance ….his brain advised that he remain with his memories where it is familiar . He had grown accustomed to the sadness within . From the Mumbai scenes we see the heart longing for warmth not coldness , happiness not sadness . For a short while he was free to be happy . I believe that the fist visual battle between brain and heart was his absolute obsession with saving Neelam’s love . Was he fighting to save Neelam’s heart or his own ? How can a man risk his life for a total stranger like that ? His brain would strongly advise against it . Yash had not given up hope for love in this life . He claimed that he did it because he knew what it felt like to lose a loved one . But I believe that at this point he fought for his own right to move forward . Young love new love must emerge the champion over anyone who tries to oppress it . Yash losing Arpita had not made him bitter or unaware that love exists . … .. Was his saving Neelam from suicide his point of redemption ? Was he allowed to save her to to balance or counteract the part he played in Arpita’s demise ? Positive energy to replace the negative …………………………………. The fact that he defended Arti against accusations of her being with Aman proves that he had already assessed Aarti’s character . He knew that he could trust her as mother of his kids and to also be a faithful wife . He had to have been , subliminally maybe , assessing her . …………………………………………………………………………………………………..The battle against WC symbolized the epic battle between emotion and logic . To me this battle represented his internal struggle . He was faced with a formidable opponent , but the inner battle was stronger than the outer battle . He was confused and consumed by guilt over his lack of loyalty to a dead woman . Maybe he also fought against the feelings that he felt himself developing towards Aarti . The brain reasoned that he was wrong and would always be wrong . The heart wanted to move forward and bask in Aarti’s love . I believe that they began to compromise at this point . Yash’s life was at risk . Yash freed himself of that guilty feeling , his mind collaborated with his heart and he imagined Arpita telling him to move on . He moved forward but vowed to never make the same mistake again . He was content to accept Aarti’s love , as his heart demanded in the compromise , but , move ahead in denial that any relationship could exist between them , beyond their parental responsibilities . ………… But , Aarti turned the tables on him . She had had enough of his nonsense . The old stroger Aarti was reemerging . If he did not appreciate her love then why should she display it ? Yash’s brain began to listen to his heart . He missed her affection . ..When Aarti ran away , there was a moment of deliberation before he ran after her . The brain allowed the heart to take charge at this point . It echoed the heart’s reasonings . How can you let her go ? You cannot return to that lonely broken life without companionship ! She is your future now . The very fact that he said that he would try to be a good ” husband” ,indicates that his thinking had changed . Previously he would not have even acknowledged that this aspect of their relationship even existed . He is not perfect yet , but at least his world view has changed .

    • afreesh
      October 22, 04:26

      well done suni…as usual you added clarity to our discussion…

      I tried to state “Battle is between his wandering & stuckness”(wandering-hiden love on Arthi, Stuckness – Arpita& related emotions). Now his wandering almost conquered his stuckness….

      SJ tried to state he liked Arthi from first sight but denied to give up Arpita and end up with confussion…still he is not relieved fully….

      You stated “The battle is between his wandering heart and culprit mind” finally heart succeded his mind almost….

      The conclusion is “Yash’s wandering heart(Arthi) conquered his culprit mind (Arpita)almost not completely… Fine????———–

      Suni…It’s true Yash never denies d existance of love as like as Arthi…
      I thought he took Neelam attemt due to his compassionate personality (he couldn’t let his tragedy to happen for other humen).But I understood your view

      It’s true Yash tried himself to conquer his culprit mind through physical attempt as he was far away from accepting people’s advice where Arthi was lucky to have Shoba,Vidhi & prateik, who made her to realise and settledown quickly.

      You brightly noted “After WC fight somehow he convinced for accepting her love”….which I failed to understand that’s why I confused when he teased Arthi for her adorable look (wall collide).

      I think we have discussed enough about Yash more than d Pv writters. whether Pv team deserve it????

    • Suni
      October 22, 06:15

      LOL. you are right , I don’t know if they deserve all this in depth analysis . I must thank you though 🙂 . By you questioning things , I myself have learnt to appreciate this show even more. Within PV , there are some great themes and I am happy to discuss them with you .

    • afreesh
      October 22, 06:52

      Suni….if you are in Arthi place ( just 4 bad imagin) …. will u take such long time 4 recovering him??? Could you consider it as easy task???

    • Suni
      October 22, 10:59

      Well …let me give you the silly response first . Of course I would , look at Yash 🙂 ! Most women won’t care what he says or does , they would never give up on him ! However , on a more serious note , I think that a marriage is always worth fighting for . You get married for better or worse . At times it may be required from the husband or wife in a relationship to understand the other’s needs and to be patient . With Yash and Aarti ,there was no courtship period , it went directly to marriage . It takes time for two strangers to get to know each other . Especially given that they both had a past life . It would not be an easy task ….but , a task worth undertaking nonetheless , for a man with such a good heart as Yash , who deserves a chance to change .

    • afreesh
      October 22, 12:18

      I think u misunderstand d question…. I know very well none of a smart female can give up yash ….I asked ” will u require such a long period of time to recover him”

      Because, I felt a huge time taken by yash to recover due to lack of smart moves from Arthi side….honestly I should admit that I’m not much impressed by her attitudes from beginning. She tried everything extremely without recognizing d reality. She ignored him much when she misunderstood and started behaving like a mosquito & door mat once she loved. I can’t appreciate her approach most of d time…..

    • Suni
      October 22, 12:48

      I did misunderstand the question , sorry 🙁 . Maybe , just like Yash , she does not have much experience with members of the opposite sex , apart from the person they married . She seemed to be subservient towards Prashant and I get the sense that she felt that that is how a good wife should behave . In Mumbai , we saw her experimenting with a new approach when she adopted the female caretaker’s approach of being very demanding and bossy . She was an orphan and did not grow up in the ideal environment ….she had no first hand observation of the husband wife relationship until she got married to Prashant . We saw the real Aarti many time, confident and optimistic we know what she is capable of . She had so much to deal with , getting accustomed to a new family and there way of life . I wouldn’t blame her too much for not being able to figure out Yash easily . He was one TOUGH NUT to crack .

    • Suni
      October 22, 12:59

      Afreesh , Arpita died and Yash remained alone . Aarti was abandoned by Prashant . Yash never felt the same hurt and rejection that Aarti did . I would give her tremendous praise for moving on in life and being willing to even trust another man .

    • afreesh
      October 22, 13:09

      Well said. I agree with you… yash & his family took advantage of her weakness & she endured all rubbish

    • afreesh
      October 22, 13:26

      Here I differ….she moved on & trusted other man (ofcourse he deserve it b’cos he endangered his life to get it) ok…

      but we know “toomuch of anything is good for nothing” she loved a wrong person deeply and again how can she do d same mistake again. She didn’t learn her lesson? Actually her abundant love energy made him to behave like Maharaja and he took her as granted (it’s a human psychology we can’t blame him). I liked her argument at Mumbai (while shopping )

    • Suni
      October 22, 15:34

      Sometimes you have to kiss more than one frog before you find the Prince 😉 .

  5. mkkbp fan
    October 20, 09:21 Reply

    nice episode . and romantic to between arya hahahaa.. in my language we say zo romantisch that means so romantic too . but sometime people disliked me because they thaught i was abusing them . i cant abuse because i am a girl and every girls has manner right hahah :p and i stil love this serial <3<3 (l)

  6. Anonymous
    October 20, 06:08 Reply

    did paridhi really kill the director or it was someone else? i am really scared bcos this can shatter her family. murder is a very strong case. but she can say he tried to force himself on her( which is actually true) and that she only tried to injure him in self defence

    • Suni
      October 20, 07:20

      Well all fingers point to Pari at this time , but who knows what the writers may concoct . She does have a legitimate case of self-defense . However there is the issue of a possible tape that the producer had alluded to . If that exists , it would give Pari a motive for murder . I previously thought it ridiculous to implicate Vidhi . But , maybe they could suggest that she was trying to protect the family’s name after the producer threatened to reveal his relationship with Pari . They can create a storyline for Vidhi in this way . I hope not though . What if someone else also killed the witness and then killed the producer ……who wasn’t actually dead at the time , when Pari ran away . He did seem like a shady character ….They could be hoping to frame someone Pari . OH NO !!! My days of reading too many Nancy Drew mystery stories are all coming back to me !!!

    • afreesh
      October 20, 09:25

      Suni, you know we are really lucky to catch creator’s point of view regarding d storyline… many people is confused about yash characters… even our cute PV fan SJ too….in Facebook front page I have seen question like what happened to yash suddenly to fall in love with Arthi?

      I think we need to discuss about d stages of his love feelings elaborately . Before that , honestly I should admit that your feelings about ARPITA is breaching me silently. So, let me open to you regarding my views about yash & Arpita’s relationship…..(I’m sorry yaar)

      Basically, Gayathri ‘s all 3 sons are not well matured guys and their world is very narrow and not easy for them to understand other’s feelings. (This is happening wherever there is no female child in the family). Once they get married their wife became everything for them and they started their life with full of excitement & decency & ofcourse romance.

      When Arpita meet that 24 years old yash at first time she asked him what is there in her picture to say immediate yes to their marriage? ( even I want to ask that question …..except beauty what else he can see from a photo? Unless lust what it can be? I have no blame about Arpita obviously she was an admirable housewife and she provided complete love and care to her hubby and kids and family members.) As like as his brother yash too might have became a loyal & loving & caring & supporting hubby . Everything was perfectly going with them without any struggle & pain. When he suddenly lost her that too with his own car accident alternatively it might have scattered that young guy violently . The feeling of loss, guilty, self pity, loneliness carried him towards the cluster of thoughts and memories and cemented him with full of reluctance. Finally, he became a stuck & stubborn little arrogant man or psycho man…..

      So, what I exactly try to focus is “it’s not only loss of Arpita ‘s love progressed him to such psycho state. I feel like he had not been warmthed by love & proper care immediately through his family members ofcourse there is no smart person in their family …

      So, there is nothing impressed me on Arpita & yash love story or relationship. I am looking them as a normal loving couple …that’s it

      Suni, I need your open comment on this issue…..

    • Suni
      October 20, 15:38

      Hey Afreesh , sorry for the long wait 🙁 . Please forgive me yaar if I gave the impression that Yash’s love for Arpita cannot equal his love for Aarti . I was just trying to say that back then Yash was allowed to display the kind of affection we want to see now . Arpita always struck me as being too serious towards Yash’s mischief and antics . She was the perfect affectionate mother and perfect bahoo , but to me , not perfect for Yash . She did not openly entertain Yash’s romantic side , she seemed to not match his jolly spontaneous nature . She was almost a clone of Vidhi and Yash may have ended up like Pankraj . He loved her from a picture …. I can understand that . Your face is your identity and Yash saw something that he connected with . With Aarti , Prateik did the match making . Prateik knows Yash , he wants to have his fun loving brother back . He thought that Aarti was perfect for the job . He saw in Aartii a character strong enough to bring Yash back to reality . Aarti is smart , brave, beautiful,delightful , lively and full of charm and probably just as stubborn as Yash . Ram Milaye Jodi . Unfortunately , Aarti also brought her bag of troubles to the Punar Vivah , and needed to do a lot of adjusting before she finally settled in . Not the perfect arrival that Arpita must have had . I am looking forward to the reemergence of the old Yash 🙂 …..you might think that to be immature……but love is silly and fun at all ages . Aarti is Yash’s equal, he has admired her bravery on more tha one occasion . Remember , the gun scene and the goondar who stole Yash’s wallet ?….. Arpita was shy about going clubbing when Yash wanted to go ,.Aarti wanted to go but ,grumpy Yash said no. You made a very good point that Yash’s guilt over Arpita’s death kept him even more trapped in the past . I think that Yash being the middle child is connected to the balance the writers hope to show us in his and Aarti’s marriage . With Pankraj and Vidhi, the love is there but Pankraj feels neglected because of Vidhi being the perfect bahoo , she never says no to anyone in the family except Pankraj . Aarti is always concerned about Yash . Pari and Prateik were the young , headstrong lovers who thought that love alone , without proper communicationand understanding of each other , could conquer the world . There has always been attraction between Yash and Aarti .I see balance emerging in Yash and Aarti’s relationship . They are listening to each other and understanding the other’s perspective . I believe that there is chemistry between these two and it will grow stronger daily .

    • Suni
      October 20, 15:55

      Sorry Afreesh , I accidentally , pressed the dislike 🙁 🙁 🙁 . I like your comment , so sorry ……

    • afreesh
      October 20, 16:07

      Exactly Suni…..you said well….This is what I felt. Sorry for d misunderstanding yaar. So we are in right track that ARYA are made for each other but destiny made them to strugle for finding their soulmate. We have already discussed Prashand is not her perfect lover or partner. Fine….

      Actually love can’t exist easily for d matured people (above 25 years) like it happens with immature but once it bloomed there is nothing in d world can freak it. This is what made me to value Arya love better than others.

      Suni, in my place d time is 12am…what about you? you want to discuss now itself ? Or 2morrow

    • Suni
      October 20, 16:16

      It is 4:15 in the afternoon by me 🙂 .

    • afreesh
      October 20, 16:34

      So….8 hours back of my place….no problem I will manage according to
      Your time and discuss d second matter tomorrow…good night (in advance)

    • Suni
      October 20, 16:38

      I am a hopeless romantic Afreesh . I believe in soul mates and love at first sight . I believe that love is blind to colour , class or religion . Between the battle of brain and heart , I would support heart . I know that the heart is not very smart at times ….. but many are fools for love . How many love songs have you heard about the brain ??? 🙂 i must let you rest yaar ,it is very late by you .

    • afreesh
      October 20, 16:58

      Thanks for your concern I will go now…I shouldn’t believe about your personality yaar….I thought you might be a logical as well fun loving person . A sort of combo meal….I don’t think I’m wrong…..your analyzation speak louder about you than you said….

  7. namratha
    October 20, 01:47 Reply

    oh no i dont want this prashanth in between our lovely arya<3

  8. I agree with seema. The romantic scenes betw yash n aarti need to improve. can’t see the love betw the two, there s no real chemistry betw aarti n yash. The directing is very very poor. I think the director need to be changed, really. Gurmeet is very stiff, his expression is almost the same in different situations, sorry gurmeet, you really need to improve on your acting n ability to emote different emotions and not just use anger n stuttering to portray different emotions! Kritikar is good but she needs a good co actot, like ansh. Ansh acting bohot bohot better than yash acting. Romantic scenes were very very stiff, previous episode that showed aarti n yash on the bed n dancing – very poorly choreogrphed, looks stiff n un-natural n not romantic at all. Directing extremely poor. Good storyline but poor directing.

    • SJ
      October 19, 23:40

      arthi need to improve, when she hug him, she keep so much distance
      Whey ou other shoe like pavitra rishta Manave and archnathey hug each other so naturally

    • jow
      October 20, 03:25

      yeah SJ u r rite…..in pavitra rishta Manav nd archna hugs naturally bcs dey luv each oder evn aftr d gap f 18yrs……bt in case of PV its yash’s nd aarti’s 2nd mrg nd dey do not feel comfortable wid each oder yet…..as dis is a daily soap so it wl tak another couple f episodes to show natural luv b/w arya…..

    • Suni
      October 20, 07:01

      I agree rishi indira …..the romantic scenes need to be improved . But , I don’t think that it’s right to blame Gourmeet though 🙂 . I think that he is acting the way he is being told to act . I get the feeling that this is the way Yash needs to behave at this time . The writers have not yet written the truly romantic moments that would bring out the best romantic Gourmeet . Yash is a very responsible character with a one track mind . Look how long it took him to get over Arpita ! When he searched for Aarti in Laliput , he did so feverishly without even eating or changing his clothes . Now , he is focused on caring for Aarti ; and he honestly said that he would try to be a good husband . From the start of PV , Yash has been obsessed with Arpita . It is only recently ( when he found out about the baby ) that he truly started moving forward . How believable would it be for him to fall immediately in love with Aarti ? Before he clearly stated that they should live, only for the 3 children . He has only just begun to see Aarti as his wife and not just mother of his children . But , now that he has started to do so , I believe that his love for her will increase daily . Aarti has loved him from long before , her character will display more emotions . Gourmeet is a remarkable actor . He made me believe his love for Aarpita . I trust that when the script is right , he would be just as astounding in displaying his love for Aarti .

    • Its not so much about the hugs yet, but moe about Gurmeet’s lack of range in expressions, his lack of ability to show the character’s (yash) range of feelings. No offence meant to gurmeet but he really need to work on his range of expressing the different feelings to make the scenes believable. Perhaps its also the weak creative writing n poor directing. Hope the team takes note n make PV really REAL n we can really feel what the two chaacters are feeling and going through. Try watch Hitler didi- sumit n rati are superb. Kritikar is good, ansh seperb, papaji great, G3 missing her, shes a fantastic actor.

    • jow
      October 20, 10:49

      i agree wid suni…..gurmeet is acting d way he is being told 2 act……nd just nw yash has accepted aarti as his wife b4 dis he is consedring her just as mother of his kids nd daughter-in-law of his parents…..so it wl tk tym to fall in luv wid her….nd once yash fall for aarti…..dere wl b natural romantic scenes from yash’s side nd from aarti’s side as well….

  9. miss unbeleivable
    October 19, 19:14 Reply

    TEAM ARYA!!!

    Loving these scenes

    and OMG

    please do not let ansh suffer! I cant stand this precious child suffering! Its like the writers have some sick twisted thoughts of child abuse when it comes to ansh its never payal or palak!

    its sad that he has cancer but lets see happy moments before shobha begs arti for ansh genetics.

    I dont wanna see Ansh suffer really i dont. Plus Pari better not frame Vidhi but know this girl/..shell wait until it get fires up and then the world will see what foolishness Pari has done.

    Poor prateik….

    Poor ansh

    Poor unborn baby

    There is too much underline suffering here

    I hope to see more love happiness and unity before shit hits the fan

    • Suni
      October 19, 21:56

      I am amazed by the ineptitude of the police . It reminds me of the police from old Indian movies , who were never present during any fighting or murdering , but , always arrived at the very end when the criminals were literally handed to them . By now they should have questioned everyone on set . How come not Pari ? There was a witness , the chai wallah ….did he go on vacation or is scared to talk ?? If I were in Pari’s place I would be going stark raving mad ! I think the writers are trying come up with a plan for this story . Maybe someone else killed the producer … Why are they doing this to such a sweet and lovable character as Pratheik ? He would be devastated to hear the truth . It would be rediculous for them to blame Vidhi , she has no ties to that producer . If only they could find a way to pin this one on Buaji …I can only wish 🙂 .

  10. SJ
    October 19, 18:20 Reply

    I wish both of them go Mumbai again, love does not have to be sexy
    Or velgure, like some moment,when both of hem running on beach,
    Eating buhtta, drink coconut water, making pots. Dha handi, little little hug time to time, will add excitement to the show.
    Like Bhang dancing, off course she can not dance, she is pragnent
    But some cute moment can add, beautiy to the show. arthi should wear simple plain and dark cloth with different air style.
    this is about time , producer should change Arthi’s look

    • nisha1
      October 20, 04:00

      Yes Sj… I agree with you

      Is that pv team costum desighners run away?

      Please PV team guys try different hair style,colourful night dress and beautiful sarees to Arthi atleast now. As well give more T-shirt to gurmeet please…

      When their sight changed to stiffness to adorable there should be some magical appearance on both of them is needed.Without costume changes even the cast couldn’t bring chemistry between them.

      We hope you do best in coming episodes…

  11. rk madhubala fan
    October 19, 18:00 Reply

    After a long time I really enjoyed watching PV. Today’s epi was very good.
    To be honest I wouldn’t care less if Prashant died. His parents are just being selfish. How on earth do they plan to make Ansh undergo a operation without the Scindia family knowing about it? And putting Ansh his life at stake for someone that does not deserve it? Come on!!!
    And I hope Paridhi does not put the blame on Vidhi bhabie, she is a nice person and doesn’t wish any ill 4 anyone.
    Other than that I’m enjoying PV and I hope 2 see some more ArYa moments before the drama unfolds.

  12. Punar Vivah
    October 19, 16:05 Reply

    It was soooo sweet, he pulled her into a hug. Also, if Yash is saying she can get pregnant again, that means he accepted her! Today’ s episode was great, but a bit slow, speed up the story please and hike up the romance. Other than that, fantastic job Punar Vivah writers, keep it up!

  13. ArVi Lover
    October 19, 15:28 Reply

    Aaaw! Loved the hug scene. Guru finally shaved. He looks soo hot clean shaved.

    Everytime I see ArYa together I start blushing. They’re pitch perfect. Yash is in love, all he has to do is say it!

  14. seema
    October 19, 15:05 Reply

    also, ansh is way too young to give bone marrow! are they crazy?! why can’t prashant’s parents give him bone marrow?! it is a very painful procedure and ansh is just a small child!

  15. seema
    October 19, 15:04 Reply

    i wish yash would hug aarti properly! holding her shoulders is not the right way, i want him to hug her all the way around like a big bear hug! 🙂

    • I agree. There s no real chemistry betw aarti n yash. The directing is very very poor. I think the director need to be changed, really. Gurmeet is very stiff, his expression is almost the same in different situations, sorry gurmeet, you really need to improve on your acting n ability to emote different emotions and not just use anger n stuttering to portray different emotions! Kritikar is good but she needs a good co actot, like ansh. Ansh acting bohot bohot better than yash acting. Romantic scenes were very very stiff, previous episode that showed aarti n yash on the bed n dancing – very poorly choreogrphed, looks stiff n un-natural n not romantic at all. Directing extremely poor. Good storyline but poor directing.

    • seema
      October 19, 21:18

      ya the chemistry is pretty weak. there is too much extra long staring and weird touching here and there. the staring makes me a bit uncomfortable actually. and i don’t understand what yash’s character is doing…one minute he hates her and hits her and the next minute he sort of awkwardly hugs her or randomly smiles at her. AND he never fully apologized to her or anything.

  16. Anonymous
    October 19, 14:51 Reply

    Wow finally yash ask 4 a hug so niceeeeeeeeeee

    • SJ
      October 19, 18:01

      You are so funny, and cute ,yes he looks nice. As cleane shaved

  17. jow
    October 19, 14:41 Reply

    @suni nd afreesh…..i lyk ur discussions abt PV…..

    i just wana ask one thing dat if ansh gives his bonemero to parshant den wl it effect ansh’s health..?? im scared whether PV team gog 2 mak cutie ansh die nd destroy aarti’s lyf wid dis turn as she can’t live widout ansh…??

    • SJ
      October 19, 14:47

      Yes it can, this s a very painfully procedure, he can get nfected
      Sometime , dr replace bonemerow from cancer patient
      It patient can survive.

    • afreesh
      October 19, 16:13

      Thank you jow …. sorry for d late reply just now I have seen your comment…..
      I think even prashand never allow this process once he comes to know about it as we know he started loving his son very badly… but this situation has been created by d writers to disturb Arthi life nicely through Prashand’s parents. Let’s wait & watch

    • Suni
      October 19, 21:27

      Thanks Jow 🙂 . You are correct SJ , the donor runs the risk of infection and also bleeding . Afreesh , I agree that Prashant may not allow Ansh to go through such a procedure , But if Ansh finds out , let’s say Mr Dubey tells him , Ansh would insist that he wants to do the transplant . Ansh knows that Prashant saved Aarti . He is a very precocious and intelligent child and he owes his mother’s life to Prashant . The final say rests on Aarti . Would she be able to say no to Shoba ?? I do not like these storylines . I never like when children’s lives are in danger , even on tv . Now Aarti’s unborn baby and her only son’s lives are in jeopardy . Are these writers even thinking like this ??

    • jow
      October 20, 03:05

      thnks SJ…afreesh nd suni 2 mak me clr abt dis procedure…..lts wt nd watch hw storyline wl move…..

  18. jow
    October 19, 14:27 Reply

    so many twists r on d way…..pari’s murder case…..aarti’s pregnency complications nd parshant’s cancer…..it wl b quite interesting….bt including al dis dey should show some chemistry b/w arya side by side…..lyk 2dy’s epi……

    also aarti luks vry beautiful in light nd sovar sarees……shiny nd heavy sarees doesn’t suit her personality……pls cv’s work on dis…..

    • SJ
      October 19, 23:49

      sunny you are so right why written putting child in middle like that
      Why dr can not tet parasant parents o can advertise if someone
      Can donate ,I gave my bone marrow sample to world bank
      If it is match.

    • Suni
      October 20, 00:08

      That is a brilliant solution ! Wow , you donated bone marrow ! You are a true altruist . I am a big coward when It comes to needles .

  19. Anonymous
    October 19, 14:23 Reply

    Wat a turn n twist wil cum in dis shw..one side dr. wants cordinatn nd anthr side dr. wants ansh…:i cnt gues hw cm stry further.:..,:nyways 2days epi bcme one of mah fav…arti n yash talk is gud..n our ansh also rcks…..yash ewxpndng hand scene is so cute..n our pari trak is hrble..wat haqn wn pari ka parda fash hoga:xjrrp7

    • SJ
      October 19, 14:35

      ansh was so cute, he act so natural, like he born with it.
      I hope paradi do not dump murder allegation on Vidhi, since paradi left Vidhi nacklace on murder scene.
      Vidhi Is so nice take care of family , try to help put together family, she s so grace full

  20. just a fan
    October 19, 14:22 Reply

    Its such good good day’s witch r going on in punarvivah bt wats d story cooking on wid pari its jst hr side role. vell watevr happens hope it does nt affect arya

  21. laksh
    October 19, 14:18 Reply

    Finally yash arthi romance track is gonna be shown.pls keep prashant away for some time. Love today’s episode. Waitin for arya moments.

  22. mubs
    October 19, 14:06 Reply

    Now yash wants 2 accept arti,so happy

    • SJ
      October 19, 14:37

      He wants to acept Arthi for the sake of baby and humanity
      He still does not love her

    • afreesh
      October 19, 16:38

      No SJ …. it’s wrong understanding from your side. It was the words came out from his heart …Eventhough his reaction seems like words slipped out of his tongue obviously his eye sight & shyness clearly informed his intention.

      More over he completely doesn’t like to see Arthi’s life into risk through complicated pregnancy still he accepted it just b’cos he respect her feelings and motherly emotions towards d unborn baby

      So, we have seen his love evidently …..but I agree he has to show his love louder without any hesitations. Hopefully It will happen very soon

    • SJ
      October 19, 18:10

      Yash acept arthi as hunamly, he does not love her, the way he takeind care of her des not look natural, I think it will ake some time
      To be normal and natural because both were uncomerabe. Even to hold each other hand.. Ths will be so funny they will take the pillow
      Out from between them, ta is cute

  23. Arya 4 lyf
    October 19, 14:02 Reply

    Now the only isue is Prashant, he will realy influence Arya rishta.

  24. nisha
    October 19, 14:00 Reply

    so cute episode today….i love the way yashu caring for arthi and his love towards arthi too….wow so damn cute when he shows his hand and asking her to comfort herself on his hugs… no words to say…hope the story goes like this….well written.

    • nisha
      October 19, 14:21

      nisha!!! do you know from yesterday you are giving comments about pv with my nick name. May be you might have not noticed my name in earlier updates.However,one of us need to change our name let it happen from my side. I will change my name as nisha1

    • Anonymous
      October 22, 21:21

      Im sorry dear… Im too excited until im not aware of im using my own name nishalinie… Normally i chat u kohi as a nick name, don worry after dis i’ll use as kohi to write a comment u can use as nisha as u wish… Thanks ya!

  25. Anonymous
    October 19, 13:57 Reply

    first aarti and her abortion and now pari and murder. well its just a soap and all soaps end well. i wish ArYa the best in overcoming all their troubles and have time to take care of themselves and their children. 🙂

    • SJ
      October 19, 14:43

      It won’t happen , because Prsant s in picture, when Arthi get to know about Prsant and his illness, and SHOBHA ask bonemerow from Ansh
      ( by the ay this is a very painful procedure). Arthi will be so disturb, SHOBHA is in love with her son, wants to save Prsant.
      yash will know about it , Prsant will not die, when he gets better he will wants his son back, Yash and Arthi and his family will nt give.
      Ths is upsetting, when Ansh kidnapped, his father called he denied to save Ansh

  26. Arya 4 lyf
    October 19, 13:31 Reply

    Ok did yash really say that as if she cant get pregnant again that clearly means that he has accepted her as his wife.
    Now atleast we can say the storyline rocks.

    • suki
      October 19, 13:47

      hope for d same u said:) yash gonna shower his love for arti…

    • SJ
      October 19, 14:45

      Well he said that when Arthi looked at him he stopped
      He is showing a care , not really a love. He knows how Arthi have done fr him and hs family too

    • SJ
      October 21, 14:46

      Yes yah said that, but all of a sudden h look at her and stopped
      Arthi was keep looking at him, he s very confused bout his feeling,
      He might b becoming caring bu dd no come out and said
      arthi jee I love you, so Arthi will know how to react when he shows hs feelling, Arthi gets confused how to react on hs feelling , is t just love or just re

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