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Episode starts with Yash entering bathroom. As lock is not working properly.. he thinks whether he should lock it or no and Ansh comes there. Ansh tells him that he wants to go to toilet and asks him to go outside. Yash says if he goes outside then he might get locked inside as lock is not working properly. Ansh asks him to stand outside. Ansh comes outside now. Yash tells him it’s your duty now, I am going to take shower and he tells him don’t let anyone come inside.

Aarti comes back from shopping. Vidhi sees her saare and there is some stain. She tells her to change her clothes. Aarti tells Vidhi she has brought something for kids so put that bag aside. Ansh hears that and he runs there. Aarti goes to her room. She doesn’t see Yash so she says may be he went to work. Aarti then says bathroom’s lock is not working and she has to change so she will lock room’s door. She then goes in to bathroom. Yash is inside bathtub and he sees her and says YOU? She turns back and sees Yash and says YOU? Yash then tries to hide in water and Aarti tries to run outside. But door is locked and she can’t go outside. read full updates with pictures only at . Aarti looks at Yash and says she didn’t lock it.. it got locked itself. Yash says why are you looking here.. look on the other side. Aarti looks on the other side now and asks what to do now? She says don’t you manners that you should take shower after closing door? Yash says, I have manners but you only told me door’s lock is not working properly and you were going to call carpenter. Aarti says she went but he wasn’t there. Yash says he will try. He tells her to look on the other side and he is coming out of bathtub now.

Yash then quickly grabs his towel and comes out. He is about to slip and Aarti turns back and catches him. Aarti is holding his arm and he looks at his arm. Aarti then leaves his arm. Yash then tries to open the door. Aarti tells him try a bit harder and whole handle comes out now. Yash says he thinks door will open only from outside and he starts shouting everyone. Aarti tells him that no one will hear his voice. Yash asks why. She says she locked bedroom door as well from inside. Yash says sure.. Aarti says how would she know Yash is in the bathroom. Yash tells her that he told Ansh to stand outside bathroom and don’t let anyone come in but don’t know where did he go. He says once I get outside.. I will bring carpenter and make him fix this door. He says he doesn’t want to depend on someone else. Title song plays in background.. He is talking more.. but Aarti is just looking at him and smiling.

Outside in living room. Pari gives Gayatri’s favorite tea to her. Buaji comes there and asks what happened about Yash and Aarti’s trip to Mumbai. Gayatri says first if Yash says yes then something can happen. Buaji says what can be done.. if Yash is not ready to go then how Aarti and kids would go. Buaji then tells if they don’t want to go then they can send Prateik and Pari instead as they are newly married. Gayatri says you’re right. Vidhi comes there and asks if anyone saw Yash. Ansh, who is eating there, says Yash is taking shower and says lock is not working properly for his bathroom. Vidhi says Aarti also went to change her saaree. It’s been long time and she hasn’t came back either and she wonders if Yash and Aarti got stuck inside bathroom and Vidhi is smiling. Gayatri says what is to smile about in this? She tells her to go and find out what’s happened.

Inside bathroom, Aarti is doing something with her hand. Yash asks what are you doing? Aarti says for time pass, she will have to do something na and says she was counting tiles and says there are 99 tiles. Yash says it’s not 99.. it’s 110 tiles. Yash then explains her how it’s 110. Aarti then asks her.. you also count tiles for timepass? Yash says him and Arpita used to do such craziness. In Mumbai too, they used to count stars, trees, etc.. He says really Arpita was crazy and was making Yash crazy as well.

Aarti says when you get this much happiness just by thinking about Mumbai and your moments with Arpita there then imagine how happy you will be by going there. And kids also feel like spending their vacation to their favorite place. She tells him to think about kids and asks him to go to Mumbai.

Vidhi opens Yash’s room door and everyone goes inside. Gayatri asks if Yash and Aarti both are inside bathroom. Yash puts his bath-suit on. Aarti says door is locked and asks her to open door from outside. They open door and kids get shocked seeing them both inside. Vidhi is smiling. Gayatri asks how you two got locked inside. Both say this door together.. Gayatri says ok and tell them to come for breakfast. Gayatri, Buaji, Kids leave. Vidhi is still there and asks what were you two doing inside huh? Aarti tries to explain.. Vidhi laughs and says she was just asking like that and says you two got scared like we caught you for something? Aarti and Vidhi leave now.

Break 1..

Buaji in ears of Pari, you have packed your stuff right? Gayatri will give you permission soon. Yash and Aarti comes there. Gayatri tells Aarti that kids’ Nani called kids there and Yash will also go there with them. Yash says kids won’t go anywhere.. they will go with us to Mumbai. Aarti looks at Yash and smiles. Everyone gets happy, Pari gets sad. Gayatri says finally.. it’s very good news. Aarti thanks Yash for thinking about kids happiness. Yash leaves from there. Aarti follows him.

Buaji on side tells Pari see… she spent 5 minutes with Yash and made him agree but tells her not to worry, she is with Pari. Buaji says what if yash agreed, she has solution for that as well and then tells Pari something in her ears.

Aarti is making a list and she thinks about what happened in bathroom and smiles. She gets a call from Shobha ji. Shobha ji how’s your mood now? Aarti asks what do you think listening my voice? Aarti says Yash agreed to go to Mumbai and she is making list right now. Shobha ji asks how did this happen? Aarti laughs and says don’t ask how it happened.. it just happened.

Shobha ji asks her what are you going to do in Mumbai beside shopping? Aarti says lots of things.. lots.. and she says she wants to give all happiness and smiles back to Yash. She asks her to pray that when they return.. Yash is like how he used to be before. Call ends then… and as usual Aarti is smiling.

Break 2..

It’s night now. Pari suddenly wakes up and says this can’t happen. Prateik asks what can’t happen? She says Yash bhaiya .. Aarti bhabhi and runs outside. Everyone comes out. Pari hugs Gayatri .. Aarti and asks Aarti if everything is fine. Everyone asks what happened. Pari says she saw a very bad dream.. she says she saw Yash and Aarti are going to Mumbai with kids and suddenly plane crashed. Gayatri now says Yash and Aarti won’t go anywhere. She won’t let them go outside home. Prateik says what are you saying? Packing, booking everything is done. And this is just a dream.. and you’re stopping them for that? Gayatri says it’s a mother’s heart.. she won’t let them go. She says she is scared just by thinking about Pari’s dream. She says it’s final they won’t go anywhere.

Episode ends..

Precap: Buaji says, Pari even you wanted to go to Mumbai right? Then go and visit Mumbai with Prateik. Buaji then asks Gayatri how about that?


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  1. Devi
    August 02, 17:39 Reply

    wowww yash n arrti so sweett in da bathroom way to gO

  2. me me me
    August 02, 07:51 Reply

    this is not right pari is becoming evil just because of buaji man get a life buaji cause if you dont soon you going to be at loss

  3. mano
    August 02, 06:02 Reply

    Its very interesting episode.I like that very much.Its very nice to see love in aarti face and also i am very eager to see this same love in yash face.Made for each other.

  4. katheeja
    August 02, 04:15 Reply


  5. Anonymous
    August 01, 19:43 Reply

    Really hate buaji…..old wicked lady….spoiling the juicy romance of Arti and Yash…damn!!!!! 🙁

  6. esmeralda
    August 01, 14:56 Reply

    i just hope pari doesn’t become buaji mini me(evil)….

  7. unknown 23
    August 01, 14:43 Reply

    loooll i wishh her saas says noo for pari outing as well…nw that she spoilt yash n aarti plan..she shudnt njoy either!

  8. unknown 23
    August 01, 14:41 Reply

    serusllyyy buaji should die!!shes corrupting pari nw!

  9. unknown 23
    August 01, 14:37 Reply

    omg!!yash is jus tooo cutee!!!!n yash n arti make a beautifull couple!!

  10. Anonymous
    August 01, 14:12 Reply

    Pari is becoming very evil now that I’m starting to hate her guts!!

  11. Shivani
    August 01, 13:42 Reply

    I have slowly become addicted to your updates. Thank you :))

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