Punar Vivah 2 07th August 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 2 07th August 2013 Written Update

Punar Vivah 2 07th August 2013 Written Episode

Rimjhim was unable to do update today.. here’s brief update

It begins with Raj trying to make Sarita learn to eat with chopstick. Sarita thinks that she will not learn since if she won’t then no one will like her and Raj will be forced to live with her,

Sarita goes to tailor with Sheila and but in way she sees a poster of talent hunt competition in Bhopal for Director.

Sarita goes to that place to get Raj’s name entered there. Sarita is informed that registration is closed yesterday due to too many applications.

Sarita convinces the person to take Raj’s name as well.

Raj gets a suit for Sarita as a surprise and tells her to wear it. Sarita also wants to give a surprise to Raj but he doesn’t listens.

Precap of Punar Vivah 2 for 8th August 2013:
Sarita wears suit brought by Raj and Raj admires her.

Detailed update will be added later, if possible.

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  1. cutestar
    August 08, 12:48 Reply

    A lover’s love never stands infront of a wife’s love.Hence proved by sarita.Please Vikrant find anyone suitable and who will love you.But for sure sari is not going to love anyone else than Raj.

      August 08, 19:51

      well that was what raj thought that he’ll never fall in love again and that too what happened with aarya they never thought of it but now they will be wondering “what if they never accepted the marriage then they wouldn’t have met each other?”
      si there is no wrong in letting sarita. to try again maybe this would turn to be her true love who she has to Meet through raj(unable to forget divya )
      AND THIS would be the punar vivaah (sarita and vickrant )

    August 07, 17:55 Reply

    i fell income with vikrant fringe his first entry. hr was so damn hot in that suit and his acting was breath-taking. raja can’t find any fitting match for her . he kinds of remind me of arnav so much beleived that money is everything
    sorry raja but i want sarita and vic together

  3. Maya
    August 07, 15:51 Reply

    Love the precap. Go SaRa!!!

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