Punar Vivah 22nd January 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 22nd January 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 22nd January 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: On the highway
Yash and arti reach on the hoghway where the dubeys are waiting for them with the kids. Shobha too emphatically tells arti to get her son back and take her revenge from prashant. Yash takes palak’s watch and asks arti to go fearless, adn be assured that he would be following her.

She takes the taxi waiting for her, as prashant had directed and yash follows her in his car. Arti is tensed all the while, and her hands keep touching the watch to ensure its presence. After a while, the taxi driver tells arti to get into an auto waiting for her. She complies and the auto driver takes her off. yash is following all the while. Then she is asked by the auto driver to gte into a car and drive off. She complies again. The travel continues. Arti is visibly frustrated. She calls up prashant and finds the phone ringing in the car only. She is shocked to find prashant as the driver. Meanwhile, yash is upset that the connection to the watch is broken off.

Scene 2:
Location: In a hospital
Prashant forcibly gets arti to the hospital saying that he wants arti to have an operation, while arti is protesting all the while. When the doctor finds this commotion, she hesitates, but prashant threatens her for life, if she doesnt agree to abort arti’s baby. Seeing no other option, she agrees to it, much to arti’s scare, and decides to give her and anaesthesia. As she keeps calling out to yash, prashant finds out about the GPS device and breaks off the watch. As the doctor is about to inject it in arti, much to her protests, yash comes in and gets into a fight with prashant, thereby saving arti from the abortion. Prashant and yash continue fighting, one getting victorious over the other, at different times. They both are wounded but still continue to fight. Both start feeling dizzy but do not give up. Finally yash gives him a kick, that makes him land directly chest forward into iron rails. with great difficulty, he retracts himself from there. Meanwhile, yash too is very hurt and is unconsciousness.

arti regains her conscious in the hospital and seeing yash, out of his senses, is berserk and starts screaming out at him. He finally wakes up and finds prashant lying on the ground. He goes over to prashant and tries to ask him where’s he hidden ansh. But he, with an evil look on his face, keeps saying that he wont tell them and would keep them being tortured for their son. Saying so, he takes his last breath and dies. Arti and yash are shocked to see this. while yash gets up in a daze, arti screams at him to wake up and tell about ansh. The dubeys too arrive and are shocked to see their son dead. Yash apologizes to shobha for the same, while she goes over to her son. She asks him not to apologize saying he died due to his deeds and not due to yash. Suraj and prashant too arrive at the scene. Pankaj talks to someone on the phone, and comes back to tell suraj that he has talked to the superintendent and they wont accuse yash of murder since he did it for ansh’s and arti’s defense. suraj says that he didnt do it for arti but for his son, yash who would be branded a murderer today, had they not saved yash by talking to the suprintendent. suraj blames arti for all this and also puts the responsibility of yash’s deeds on her.

Meanwhile, the police arrives and assures pankaj that they wont accuse yash of murder. Shobha asks about ansh stoically, showing no expression on her face after seeing her own son’s dead body. Yash says that prashant died without saying anything. The dubeys tell them to go look for ansh and not lament on somebody who’s dead. Yash and arti leave for finding ansh. Duebyji says that prashant was after all their son, howsoever bad he was, lamenting over his death.

The inspector tells pankaj that they would have to take the body for postmortem and they would issue a death certificate by tomorrow. Meanwhile, someone sees what looks like a keychain hanging out of prashant’s pocket and he discreetly and surreptitiously, with a handkerchief so as not to get fingerprints on it, takes it out of prashaant’s pockets.

Scene 3:
Location: Prashant’s house
The duebys, teary eyed perform the final rites of prashant with the priest. As the priest calls out for the parents, dubey goes to shobha to tell her that the priest is calling for them. Shobha says that he had died long back, when he had tried to get arti back, when he had forgotten arti’s favours and tries to separate yash from arti, his soul had died right then, it was only the breaths that left him today. Dubeyji tells her to do it, if only to save face in the society, or else people would say that they didnt morun the death of their only son. She retorts saying that even raavan’s death isnt mourned over, rather its celebrated for the victory of the truth over lies. She says that she too would celebrate when yash returns with ansh. Dubeyji again tries to convince her, but in vain as she says that ist better to be without a child than to have a child like prashant, as he knows the pain that she went through, for being a mother to a son liek prashant. The screen freezes on her sad face.

Precap: Yash and arti reach upto the hotel and find from the receptionist, that prashant had checked into a hotel with ansh and tells them the room no. Meanwhile ansh is scared when he sees some unknown people barging into his room and approaching him.


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  1. Apple
    January 23, 15:02 Reply

    Hai suni didi,raji,janu,prsv, sj,afresh, all my dears. Didi i just got my brothers system coz he is sleeping didi. My lines are

    Life isn’t simple, but the beauty of it is …., you can always start over. It’ll get easier. Raji its realy awesome for me to hear from u. Hope u must hear more n more lovely news like my name nd renu dear hope u also wil defnytly hear a fruitful news regarding ur interviews

  2. Raji.trs
    January 23, 09:25 Reply

    Wht s this all guys r say one matter .
    Prasanth death s super,
    prasanth death so yash and aarti get happy. Prasanth death was do by yash, how yash and aarti gets happy life? Anybady do bad activity means final result death yena?
    I m not accept this. . Because prasanth s not good man but he s not totally bad man. Taaiji and suraj was change prasanth’s mind. Now where going to taaiji. Now suraj change bad character so he will go to death list.
    Yesterday episode prasanth death scene i m nt accept and totally hate.

    • Anonymous
      January 23, 11:08

      taiji and suraj DID NOT change prashant darling! He was bad on his own! No one forced him to do anything! He was just enforced by tai ji and suraj with his wicked deeds.

  3. Veer
    January 23, 08:41 Reply

    Finally no more prashant.its good to c him dying.kamina marte marte bhi kaminepanti kar gaya.but no worries prashant is past now.
    Shobhaji hats of to you.every mother should follow your principles.it helps to survive the modern society.
    Dubeyji i can uderstand your feelings.its really an awkward situation for you.its never easy for the father to do own sons finale rituals.feel sorry for father in you.
    Papa syndia whats wrong with you.i never saw you like this before.why are you doing this to your own lovable son.please try to understand its not the aarti who is responsible for yash situation.
    Precap is bit scary.but i am sure yash will deal with this issue.

  4. Anusha
    January 23, 04:05 Reply

    todays episode is awesome.finally prashant is death.hope so yash will find ansh soon make a happy life with aarti.there is no more problems in aarti’s life bcs of prashant.

    • PV true fan
      January 23, 05:14

      You are absolutely right. Today’s episode was awesome compared to previous few and finally PV team corrected their mistakes. Some in this forum complained that today’s episode was a mess and questioned how this will encourage the remarriage?. I am not sure what they are talking about.

      In fact what PV writers did in earlier episode by bringing the monster Prashant in Yash and Aarti’s life was totally disastrous. Trying to break Arya’s remarriage was actually horrifying. PV team was really doing a disservice to the cause they started to address in the society with this serial. Thank god PV writers finally came to senses and killed the monster and started to get back to move in right direction.

    • Suni
      January 23, 06:14

      Ok PV true fan , according to your logic , anyone who gives us problems in our lives should be killed off . There is absolutely no other solution . Remarriage is perfect as long as we ignore that a past exists and that problems will arise that demand our understanding instead of brute force . Violence is the one and only obvious answer , never mind if you get blood on your hands , the ex should be dead . Fine , you keep your logic and I will keep mine .

    • kelly
      January 23, 08:59

      suni i agree with u babe

    • PV true fan
      January 23, 10:34

      Lady,we are just discussing the storyline in this serial. Why are you twisting things to life putting your imagination into words here. Very strange in jumping from changing storyline discussion to violence lady.

    • Suni
      January 23, 12:02

      PV true fan , you see things the way you want to see it and I will see things as they are . If you didn’t see violence , then maybe you didn’t see many other things as well . I accept your position , it is your opinion ; it doesn’t matter to me in any way if you accept mine .

  5. Swapna
    January 23, 03:17 Reply

    Never a mother is wrong ,shobha Maa told good only to his son ,she reprimands is nothing but tyr to know the urself and decide whether ur upto the mark to want Ansh and Aarti back

    Mother can guide their children in good way only -What baout Delhi Gang Rape case ,whether their parents teach them to rape other girls and beat others hardly to death,never, these guys learned themselves because of their cruel nature,in thesame way its not Shobha maa wrong instead Prashant is wrong coming up in life like that

    can see suraj case ,he asked to Yash to do what he is feeling to do,why Yash objected that is bcoz he knows it not right and wont help his children or him or his family either -it is an Individual character who whether chooses a right or Wrong way –
    may be Aarti had suffered bcoz of yash -he rejected her,but he is loving his own wife arpita to that level ,where he cant tolerate anyone to take thatt place -which very good to a human to see such a love towards one, where Aarti broken her bonds with prashant is bceause of lacking this and at the same time lastly he accepted her love ,because it took somuch time for him to realise donnommo ek dusera keliye bane hai

    Yash ne kya kahaa-bachhe ki bina humara life addura hai-they are thinking aboou their children happiness rather than theirs –
    Seriously i like the part of Yash what he is doing -very caring and loving to their children -3 of them as same
    Even Aarti first time when ansh Kidnapped -she never think of Palak Payal,but Yash notlike that he think Of ansh as his own son and done all for him -after seeing that much love by Yash,she even decided to give same love towards Girls and till that time she is having only respect for Him ,that slowly turned into deep love because of his very good nature ,it dragged her towards him
    Yash action is superab -all the time and i appreciate the way it is going

    suraj papa will surely learn a lesson from Yash and will be forgiven by Aarti-then only yash will forgive him

    can show some deep scenes between palak and payal relation with aarti-how they are showing for Ansh and Yash
    Yash and Arati ,Ansh rocks -Yash Simply superab in his role and His eyes is very expressive

    • Anonymous
      January 23, 03:36

      I agree that they should show and probably will show the deep relation between payal & palak and Aarti. I have noticed Payal always calls for Mama when she needs from her parents.

    • Suni
      January 23, 05:13

      Swapna , criminals aren’t born the way they end up , they are created by home and society . If Yash had just accepted Ansh’s mischievous tendencies instead of trying to change them with love and guidance , then what would Ansh have done at the playground , when faced with the choice of giving an apology or being arrogant ? Those rapists you speak about , were created by their environment . We take the easy way out when we say that they were born that way . No one wants to accept blame , so just blame evil powers . If their parents did not fail them then society failed them, if society failed them then that means the government had some inefficiencies , because the government should guide and maintain a society through positive interventions whether through laws or proper and necessary education for children and adults alike .If parenting skills are lacking , then teach parenting skills . Address gender issues upfront , do not hide it below the proverbial rug . If we see it as the devils work then we doom ourselves , we accept only war and carnage as a solution and believe that only death , instead of understanding can bring change . But even if we kill all rapists and those we perceive as devils , society will produce more of them . Only when we address the root cause off such matters , will we begin to see changes .

  6. Anonymous
    January 23, 02:22 Reply

    Suraj Pratap is unbelievable. He corrupted Prashant first and advised Prashant to take away Ansh from Yash & Aarti which led to the Prashant death and now stupid guy blames Aarti for what happened. He needs to go to jail for all the abuse he caused to poor Ansh.

  7. Swapna
    January 23, 00:21 Reply

    Prashant deserves that and Shobha told to go to Hotel that time ,he obeyed her words once ,but she told some many good words to him -he never obeyed her words which is helpful to him to change his way

    He did is because he want 3rd BMT that time now he dont want to expect anything from them inturn suraj is supporting him with money also

    Ansh is also Yash and prashant side so he thought easy way of getting them back again into their lifes ,actually he doesnt want aarti to be happy with Yash

  8. Anonymous
    January 22, 23:26 Reply

    yash plz find out ansh soon …
    we are not intersted to see yash and arth sufferng

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