Punar Vivah 24th April 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 24th April 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 24th April 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Yash’s residence
Pari thinks that there must be some way out, in a world where science has developed so much. Prateik tells her that sopon everything would be alright and find a way out. He asks her not to talk about this, as anyone might hear it, and get sad in this time of happiness. She says that he has always preferred his family over her, and has he ever wondered how she feels seeing others become mothers. He asks her not think like that, and enjoy the occassion right now. Buaji hears all this.

All are getting busy for the celebration and its arrangements. Arti asks her not to waste, and instead spend this money to the poor and the orphans. Radha says that they would do the both, as they want to celebrate this happy moment too. Vedika asks where is ayu. Arti says that he’s in her room. radha asks her to be with ayu, as he’s very small, and needs constant care. Arti leaves.

Meanwhile ishita approaches the bay, in arti’s room. Looking at the child, ishita thinks that due to him, yash couldnt be hers last night, and he would forever be a barrier in her plans. She says that arti already has completely won over yash. she thinks that hence, he would have to get out of her way. She takes the baby in her arms, and tunrs around to leave, but is surprised to find her face to face with arti, and she becomes speechless. she remembers arti’s slap. Arti again looks at him suspiciously. She asks ishita to stay away from Ishita tries to make an excuse, but arti says that she doesnt want to listen to her lies, as she doesnt know what her intentions are with the baby.

Radha asks her not to get angry like this, and asks her to compose herself. She tells ishita that its good that she came to look out for the baby, but it would have been better if she had told arti. She asks ishita to come along, telling arti that she should rest, while they make arrangements. As she turns around, ishita thinks that when, in the evening, when everyone’s busy with the preparations, she would fulfill her plan. She thinks that she cant see arti in her yash’s arms anymore. she is about to slip, when she is caught by yash, seeing which arti is at discomfort and she smiles in jest. ishita composes herself and leaves.

In her room, ishita is frustrated, thinking about arti’s smirk and decides to take her revenge on her. she feels where yash touched her to catch her. She desperately waits for the evening, when her plan would succeed.

All are hurrying through preparations, looking around to radha for help. While the band lady asks for an advance, for the show in the evening, ishita sees her, and radha going to get the money for her. Ishita thinks that such a business woman can be put to her use. she approaches her, and says that what radha is giving her, she would give way more than that, if she agrees to do her job, neglecting everyone else’s. This tempts her and she says yes. Ishita tells her the plan.

Yash is ready, and checks on arti, who’s getting ready. He comes to her, and looks at her. Arti asks if she isnt looking alright. Yash replies in negative. Arti asks him what is it. Yash tells her that she’s perfect, and looking very beautiful like a fairy. Arti smiles up, as he starts teasing her. He asks her to look in the mirror, and see that she looks like a college girl. she proudly says that she’s a happy wife and mother to 4 of his children. They get into nonsensical banter, while yash reminds that she should also say that she cant live without her husband, just like she said that she cant live with the children. Aryi says that she would have to think about it before having said it. As radha calls out to them, yash says that he was to call her only, but forgot it in her beauty. Finally arti releases herself from yash’s grip, and goes down when she hears herself being called for.

The ritual begins with the priest enchanting, and making the family perform the needful. the family come sone by one to bless the child. yash, pankaj, vidhi, prateik come one by one to bless ayu. As pari goes to bless the child, she is stopped by buaji. pari asks why is she stopping her. Buaji says that she cant participate in the ritual, as she doesnt think that her blessings would be fruitful to the baby in any way, as she doesnt want yash’s son to be cursed instead of being blessed. Vidhi too asks what is she talking about. Yash sends the kids to play. Arti says that she doesnt know what problem buaji has, but she wants everyone to bless her child. Buaji asks her not to argue unnecessarily and understand that if she is saying anything, then there must be a reason behind it. yash too asks why cant pari participate in this ritual, buaji blurts out that pari is infertile, shocking pari and everyone else in the family. pari looks helplessly at a helpless prateik. Radha disbelieves her, but buaji asks them to ask pari and prateik. she says that they dont even need to ask, as their faces tell everything.

Arti asks prateik and pari, but when they dont answer, she says that their silence speaks for itself, conforming buaji’s statement. she refues to believe it. Vidhi asks pari why did she hide such a big truth from them. she asks why couldnt she confide in them. Buaji says that pari doesnt deserve to be talked like this, when she cant respect relations, being modern, and hiding things from the family. Buaji reprimands pari for being ultra modern, and not wanting to sire a child, under the influence of western culture. Pari looks at buaji with hurt in her eyes. The screen freezes on arti’s tensed face.

Precap: Celebration is on at full swing, when yash and arti and everyone in the family, is dancing. The banjara lady, picks the child from the cradle, when noone is watching, and takes him away. ishita smirks at her plan succeeding. while ishita looks on happily, yash and arti obliviouly dance, unknown to ayu’s disappearance.


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  1. MK
    April 24, 18:28 Reply

    Hey dev, after our comments, I heard the interview with Mittal, PV is staying but the entire cast will be changed and the story will continue along the PV title.

    • dev
      April 24, 18:50

      ya i also heard the interview they just replace the intire cast

    • Amaica
      April 24, 22:36


      I do not understand how the ratings can affect the show.
      Also it is unfair to the fans to change an entire caste.
      I look at the show only because of GC and KS…
      It is very difficult and painful to accept this news.
      The people at fault here are the writers and the production department…The actors do what they are directed to do as per their script.
      It’s Punar Vivah Second marriage.
      Directors you have a great cast working for you.. please reconsider your decisions.

    • MK
      April 24, 22:45

      Hey Amaica, I’m still awake tonight, I’m usually in bed by now, but could not sleep, so got to reply to you.

      Well firstly there are rumors that GC isn’t giving hundred percent to the show. I’m sure you’ve noticed, he doesn’t seem to do the romantic scenes with his heart but looks very stiff and indifferent. Since fans in all forums are complaining, we saw some changes these days but still not at intimate As we would wish.
      It is also stated that Arti is not pleased with some things, not sure if its the storyline or what.

      This track with Ishita only added to the downfall of the show because no PV fans want PV to be like other serials, turn from a ideal story into a scandalous and promiscuous show like PR RSSI and others.

      It’s really sad yes. But that’s what’s going to happen.

      I see so much more that can be done without a vamp, snake witch in the show. But I guess these writers have ran out of creative ideas.

      Wish they’d ask for suggestions from the viewers. I’ve read some very interesting alternatives in India forum site.

    • Amaica
      April 24, 23:20

      MK…I usually go to bed after 12.00…I am a late sleeper.
      Yes MK…this is shocking news …but why the entire theme.
      The show began sliding downhill with the entrance of Akash and Ishta…So why are they finding fault with GC…and KS
      They are the ones who send away Shobha Ma to bring Ishta…
      Why should anyone look at PV with new actors…
      No one can replace Yash and Artie…and the cute children.
      in fact the entire household including Maya.Want to cry…pass some tissues please.

    • Amaica
      April 24, 23:22

      MK ..I just missed you..I went lower down to reply Afreesh.
      Sorry about that my dear.

    • Sj
      April 25, 00:24

      Well PV team are considering 2 acter ,who were in ram milay d
      Jodi Ido not think, they will match GC and KS standard. Another facter is ,I heard GC wanted to.be Out because he has sime other project , he was not taking much intrestb that us why PV team changed the whole theam of PV. So they can end the show in june .
      This s very sad, I start watching ths show cause of GC .
      GC is a acter in acting h have to do at is required , if you put ,the price can not do romantic scene tan how can you justice the character,
      Yah I heard cast will. Change. I don’t knw why TRP is so low comar of other show
      Anyway. I wsh show coud stay
      Noe can understand sinthia family. There is such a big function, new baby welcome
      Where s surajpartap and Akash
      Same thing in karwachouth celebration , no children were around.Strange

    • Amaica
      April 25, 00:45

      Kris…You are perhaps in dreamland now I will soon be there however, I just wanted to say…that had you posted this profile picture before…the fans would not have shouted for more romance they would have seen it every time they turn their heads….and the show would not have ended.
      So nothing happens by accident or coincidence …everything happens for a reason….It also brought out Suni…Bye.

  2. MK
    April 24, 18:26 Reply

    Hey Amaica saw your comment below. Nicely put.

    • Amaica
      April 24, 22:42


      I said before that I like this new profile picture.
      It is having a strange effect on me.
      Each time I look at it…I see romance and it is as though I am disturbing you…don’t know if anyone is affected.

    • MK
      April 24, 22:47

      Oh yes Amaica, someone asked how I got it she wanted it too. I saved the image from desitvbox facebook site when they posted pics of tonight’s episode.
      Arti looked stunning. And beautiful scenes with they both.

    • Amaica
      April 24, 23:32

      MK…Thanks…but it is true that the inheritance generation will not give preference to marriage and children..they will explore the world and enjoy life.
      Hope when I die I reincarnate into that generation…
      but I will make a difference…Serve the less fortunate in the world….the homeless children…battered women…and other unfortunate one in need….I am doing a bit of this now… So I’m sure to continue in my next life.

  3. MK
    April 24, 18:24 Reply

    That old geezer made Pari cry, so felt it for her. I like her red color lipstick, why can’t I get colors like that? I don’t even know where to start when purchasing and what color to ask for hehehe, I know I’m pathetic.

    • Sj
      April 25, 00:27

      The colour of lipstick s strawberry red, ask me the tip I will tell you

  4. MK
    April 24, 18:22 Reply

    Oh Bindhi but I’m sure you will make time to come chat with us naa.?

  5. MK
    April 24, 18:17 Reply

    Hey folks, want to agree with Trinity, we have you tube where we can look at Kratz and GC a uptime we want we can even download all PV episodes and keep watching them till we get fed up, or not hehehe

    I doubt that this new track would be as good ad the old PV. We have fallen in love with this cast and have become habituated to seeing them day after day. They have become a household name and are part of our family now. Of course they will be sadly missed.

    So folks lets enjoy to the fullest the remaining time left for our wonderful PV family.

    • Sj
      April 25, 00:29

      I agree, human nature t compare, be cast wont be that effective lke GC or KS unless
      I is ASAD And ZOYA from qubool hai

  6. trinity
    April 24, 17:37 Reply

    Sally I can’t wrap my mind round their logic!
    Kratz and guru r d reason so many people luv PV.
    Truly sad to hear dis.
    Will miss aarti and yash!

    • sallyy
      April 24, 17:43

      same here yaar….is it that they think their acting is not good enough or what?
      by the way does anyone watch QH? is it recommendable, i watch it once in a while and it seems interesting…..

    • trinity
      April 24, 17:57

      Try sometimes but I doesn’t really get my engine running.
      I watch pr to watch onir scenes only.But I doesn’t hav anything else dat intrest me.

    • sallyy
      April 24, 18:13

      haha well i vowed myself never to watch any ekta show after kzk, though i still did but as usual i always ended up getting disappointed…..i cant even the last time i watched pr
      but yh but i’ve noticed there are a lot of onir fans here…lol tough competition girls…
      i liked his old show actually, sanskaar laxmi

    • MK
      April 24, 18:21

      Hey, I do look at QH. Love the leads, PR, like Trinity I look for Onir, I do comment sometimes, but since AK doesn’t come often I don’t stay there.
      But sapne suhane is a wonderful show. I am on that forum a lot commenting etc.

      Yes Sally, I had sworn never to look at an Ekta serial ever again, but PR started up so damn good and was dreading the day it will become what is is today. I love shakti role in Sanskaar Lakshmi too.

    • trinity
      April 24, 18:28

      Yeah sally,shakti aka onir, is my future husband!he jus doesn’t know it yet!Lol
      I record pr on my dvr and ff to his scenes!
      Now dats a show dats has run out of ideas!
      Dey could have cancel pr instead,move onir to PV and make PV a hour long! Oh boy I would be in heaven!LOl
      Tryin to keep everyone laughing after dis news.

    • MK
      April 24, 18:30

      Now Trinity, I would be so happy if that happens, I just love onir lips, and he looks so cute in those specks and his voice is super sexyyyyy

    • trinity
      April 24, 18:46

      Yeah mk his lips are so SINFUL! And his voice is super sexy!

  7. Anu xD
    April 24, 17:20 Reply

    Trinity, MK, Sally, Afreesh All others I doubt you are as sad as I am! I am emotionally attached to PV and especially the Jodi of Guru and Kratz and as a young person this is the first soap I have ever followed and I live it and all the CURRENT cast and guys after I saw the post about the change of cast I bring myself to stop the tears I fell as if I lost something near and dear to me! I feel as if a part of me will be missing after it’s gone I feel restless and I want to scream I feel like no one feels this pain and I think I’m crazy because it’s a fictional show but I can’t stop the tears I have to study for a chemisty test but I can’t think right I am crying and I feel helpless which I am and ugh I hate this feeling!

    I always knew PV would end but I always dreamt of the end to be far from now and to sew Gurmeet and Kratika bidding the final good byes as their rein as Yash and Aarti and none other ugh I feel….I can no longer describe the feeling!

    Just thought I should share my pain with the hopes of feeling better…., ;( it didn’t work, please does any one feel the same or worse or what ?!!!

    • MK
      April 24, 17:23

      Ooohhh Anu dear, don’t be heartbroken, we will all be here for you, no one in this forum will go anywhere. I am more sad to miss the friends I’ve made on this forum than the fact that PV is going off air. Mind you I am sad and totally disappointed because I think there are a lot more that could have been made out of this story. Minus the snake of,course.

    • trinity
      April 24, 17:31

      Anu don’t be sad, we all will miss kratz and guru,but we are a family!
      I”m still stunned!

    • sallyy
      April 24, 17:37

      anu i understand how you are feeling…….i’ve been so depressed since you won’t even understand, but i guess we really cant do anything about this :(((((((

    • trinity
      April 24, 16:46

      Wat!?? Not get on link!

    • MK
      April 24, 16:55

      Ok, so PV is not going off air per se. They are going ahead with the same storyline, but is changing the cast.
      I hope they bring in some great actors.
      There’s another show in the past I think it was called Meri Doli Tere Angand, correct me if I’m wrong people, that with the same name but the entire cast changed and they continued with a new storyline along the same title track.

    • Anu xD
      April 24, 16:59


    • sallyy
      April 24, 17:02

      i think it is most likely to be sara and angad!!!!
      well grummet and kratika and the rest of the cast have lets say only a month left before the new casts come….everyone has turned mad! i don’t think i can sleep today…i find it so stupid but i will still watch pv though

    • trinity
      April 24, 17:04

      No kratz and guru??!
      Think I gonna cry!

    • trinity
      April 24, 17:10

      Well if so I DEMAND overload on aarti and yash romance! Dis gonna be so weird!

    • MK
      April 24, 17:14

      The entire PV cast, everyone

    • trinity
      April 24, 17:24

      Mk,anu,sals,let’s look on d bright side we still have a show! And wen we need our aayra fix we’ve youtube!

    • sallyy
      April 24, 17:28

      it makes no sense atall. they can still restart it without changing the cast, i’m still confused as to why they are changing them!

    • sallyy
      April 24, 17:33

      yh trinity totally agree…though it would be awkward without them but there is still time, and yh i thank god to those that ,make vms and post all aarya scene! hope the new storyline is good…well guys i will still watch the show but deffs i will start looking for new ones to follow……any ideas?

    • sallyy
      April 24, 17:34

      yh trinity totally agree… i thank god to those that make vms and post all aarya scenes!! hope the new storyline is good…well guys i will still watch the show but deffs i will start looking for new ones to follow……any ideas?

    • bindhi
      April 24, 17:41

      i would never watch it again if this happens!!! pv is nothing without gurmeet and kratika

  8. Anu xD
    April 24, 16:36 Reply

    True about the distance MK but there is huge improvement just by the way guru talks to Kratz well I mean Yash talks to Aarti the way he looks at her now their hugs and ways of sitting and take yesterday’s epi the way he hugged her it is actually very believable and all in all I crave for Arya moments even more now because of the newly found chemistry

    • Anu xD
      April 24, 16:49

      Oh and where did you get your profile picture it is really cute? YOU MIND SHARING THE LINK PLEASE!

      And now some logic; what is the pint in taking another shows’ concept it would not be any different it would be been there seen that and Yash ad Aarti did it better in most of the feedback I am sure! ONE MAJOR REASON THAT I FOR ONE STRONGLY BELEICE IS OTHER THAN THE GREAT STORY LINE AND CONCEPT PUNAR VIVAH GOT MOST OF THERE HIGH RATES BEACUSE OF THERE LEAD ACTORS AND THERE LEAD ACTORS ARE THE MAIN REASON I WATCH IT BEACUSE I LOVE THE ROLES THEY ESSAY ! am I wrong?

    • MK
      April 24, 16:57

      Hey Anu dear, do you have facebook. I saved the image from the PV page pics and used I in my gravatar. You can go to the gravatar site, create you gravatar.
      You can download pics to your device or PC from PV sites and use the image.
      That’s what I did.

    • MK
      April 24, 16:59

      You are not wrong dear, read my comments above. And it will not be comparable to this PV.
      But lets wait and see before we bash Mittals.

      Who knows, they do know that the fans loved PV but are now totally upset, I guess that’s why the change.

  9. dev
    April 24, 16:18 Reply

    if yash start believing to that bitch i swear mai pv dehkna chod dungi

    • dev
      April 24, 16:30

      hey guys pv leap lene ja raha hai jisme bache bade ho jainge

    • MK
      April 24, 16:36

      Really, how long of a leap, how old is the child after leap?

    • dev
      April 24, 17:22

      i dont know but ye news conform hai and ek aur news shayad pv june ke end tk off air ho jaiga aur uski jagah mittals koi aur series la rahe hai jisme gc aur ks nahi rahenge

  10. sallyy
    April 24, 16:15 Reply

    nice episode….
    what i’m confused about though is why everyone kept quite while bua kept taunting par????
    how come no one stood up for her….i was quite surprised actually….
    hope they show that tomorrow

    • MK
      April 24, 16:21

      Hey Sally, I think everyone was in shock at first and will take some time to digest this shocking revelation. I’m sure Arti would put Buaji in her place. All in good time dear.

  11. Afreesh
    April 24, 16:14 Reply

    Hey Sj…. when I was crying & knocking your door for asking chill pills, you were sleeping with GC dreams….and then later you commented no one is there to love you…. no Sj…don’t say that. I’m very upset & felt unloved by you….

    SJ….today, KS was looking perfect yaar. I liked her hairstyle & dressing, What about you?….They didn’t provide new one to Yash yaar,he was wearing that old engagement outfit. And one more thing the camera man didn’t give much attention to yash. In fact, KS was focussed by CM (usually he hates her but this time what happened???…)
    I think GC read fan’s frustrated comments… there is improvement in the romance scenes…Everywhere I found many annoyed comments about his wife. I understood through S&S why people hates Debina…

    • MK
      April 24, 16:19

      Hey Afreesh, not to butt in, but yeah, these directors heard our frustration on bad acting and unromantic scenes, the TRPs have dropped to an all time low because in other forums alike people are complaint about same.
      This non romantic emotions by our leading couple added to that witchita scene has sent PV way down the TRP charts.
      Everyone is hating on Debina because of it yes, me included. Even GC for being so unprofessional.
      Thank you for you time dear.

    • Anu xD
      April 24, 16:31

      GC is vain I can tell after all takes a vain to know a vain but KS was so beautiful that they had to focus on her

    • Afreesh
      April 24, 16:49

      MK….the rumours adversely affected GC yaar… we are just fine compared with other forums…. they are criticising him & his wife very badly. I didn’t know, why such annoyance against him????…, because GC has crazy fans, they love him…they wish him to achieve…

      I don’t think he refuse to do romance scenes due to the respect towards his wife. Sj always mentioned he afraid to his wife. I think it’s true….everywhere people says the same thing.

    • MK
      April 24, 17:18

      Of course Afreesh, so we are not crazy people here, we have people on all the different forums annoyed because of his unprofessional attitude towards PV because of his wife.
      She is very insecure. But that is so wron in their profession all types of scenes must be give hundred percent regardless the what the scene calls for.

    • Amaica
      April 24, 23:05

      Afreesh….I read your previous comments and really Ishta represents that woman Sukhnakhia…Ram was always compassionate towards her…Poor Yash…I feel so guilty for making any negative statements about his role with Artie in the hospital. Afreesh we are bad.I always admired GC as a man with great ethical values…and really no one should bring his wife into this forum for discussion…that can cause great damage to a marriage.They are not Robots they have feelings…Yes, behind every successful man is a woman but who are we to suggest otherwise.They know their business best.Lessons in life.You can never please people.I am really feeling awful about this entire situation.

    • Sj
      April 25, 01:00

      My Affresh , I look ths forum case of ou and Suni, our idiot team.
      When was gone Suni and you took the in lead when Suni wha absent from this forum, you took the lead, I was no where to be found, I cou not locate this desi tv box, nd was so frustrated
      That I why I missed all Suni sad news, which. Feel very guilty
      Yah arthi was looking very very pretty, perfec makeup, perfect hair, only thing I felt litte heavy
      Because she has a muscular body, so when she was sitting looking very pretty
      But arthi shoud say yash jee anaj tho aap BHEE baday handsome ag rahay hai
      Because yash was looking very handsome, no be comment him arthi shoud give him a hug and comment him, other thing is the outfit yash had was not engagement outfit engagement outfit was dark green and was tight front and was open up to his chest.
      Today’s outfit was black with litte Nehru neck and open litte front.
      Yash was looking very handsome, arthi shoud have Said something to him with romantically.
      Now a days yash is showing and tring to show his romantic mood and arthi is showing him attitude.
      It was a nce and colorful epic,only thing mere Bhagwan kee kasam, I hate Bua’s part
      There are lot of option, yash and arthi should shut up bua and arthi shoud say, buajee hum we do not believe in Hesse thngs, pari have t bless th child
      Where we’re surajpartap and Akash. Such a big function in house either children are missing , or Paradhi s missing or G3 was missing, thes are family function.
      Anyway Affresh and Suni you loved by all forum people this is me unloved hum hum…
      Peopl are asking why they Ra changing the cast GC wanted to be out long ago
      ANkita lokhenday is leaving PR and new person is coming.


  12. trinity
    April 24, 16:00 Reply

    Hi everyone,just took ah read.
    This is gettin really stupid now!
    This backward thinkin ole hag!jus dumb
    I hav a feelin DODO bird yash will start beliving dat *itch over aarti!
    Its way past stupid,it’s over d mountain and round the corner to total rubbish!
    Why is it d moronic homewecker still on my flippin tv!
    I”m gettin so fed up now!
    Hey writers! let me give a story line.
    Pissed off fan took a plane flew half way round d world with a cricket bat,and beat some damn scense into all yuh kiss meh ass tail!
    Fed up wit dis ishita and dis dam obession wit harming a baby!

    • MK
      April 24, 16:13

      Calm down yaar, hehehe, she go get it soon enough, Arti already alert that she up to something.

    • Miss Unbelievable
      April 24, 16:17


      (rolls on the ground) i love you Trinity

      but im still in shock why are they being so freakin evil???

      (starts giving up on PV)

    • trinity
      April 24, 16:23

      So hold off on the cut ass wit d bat for dem writers?
      How are u mk,have a lil free time,havin a really nice time in tobago,back home saturday.
      Tobago curry aint all dat!HAHA
      Is it really tru d show is goin off air in june and bein replaced wit a show wit d same concept?
      No more kratz and Guru!?

    • Afreesh
      April 24, 16:35

      Trini & MK…. atleast today she was really falling and they didn’t show yash’s compassionate face. This is the first-time I didn’t get annoyed much for the catch. (Only the position he touched irritated me).
      You guys should notice something….Arthi was laughing at her disability but Yash didn’t say anything about it. First-ever the evil lady insulted for her disability by a good soul, that too by whom she think as her direct opponent. She really doesn’t know who is she???…she forgot about her physical challenge…that was reminded by Arthi’s laugh.

      Secondly, her husband was catching that lady but she never felt bad for that… because Arthi doesn’t have insecurity issues. That was the power of their love. Ishita might be glad if Arthi felt bad for Yash’s catch

      Ishita left with huge insult just because of Arthi’s unsaid words.

    • MK
      April 24, 16:45

      Hey Trinity, nothing is confirmed yet about PV ending or the new show. It’s all seems like speculation just yet. But I’m sure there’s something to it for it to be just speculation. Do enjoy Tobago, is it raining there also. We have lots of rain here. So could do with a relaxation in Tobago right now. Can’t wait for July August, vacation.

      Afreesh, yes, this time was a genuine fall, see, the witch don’t have to even put any effort to be wicked, she just have to be her clumsy,disabled self and I’m sure shed get a little attention from Yash, even if it is only pity.

      I noticed when I saw the spoiler pics before today, and wanted to mention, yea, what the hell, how did Yash hand reached around her on the tummy, to hold her from falling, ?.

      Seems Arti has realized something fishy about the snake, or should I say slimy.

      I’m glad finally someone going to see her for who she really is.

  13. Anu xD
    April 24, 15:39 Reply

    I’m shocked I must admit! The romance and Chemistry between Kratz and Guru was never actually a lot but I have noted a huge improvement! They are a truly believable couple, love the way Yash looks at Aarti

    • MK
      April 24, 15:52

      I think the directors have listened to thee fans criticism and the trps so low, so they trying hard to bring it back up. But still thes some physical distance, but still enjoying every minute of it though.

  14. raxia
    April 24, 14:41 Reply

    Hate to c ishita succeed this time but i believe the band lady wil expose her. She was succeed hiding herself in many evil plans before but i really confident this time she wil b trapped. Good tht arti started to hv syak towards ishita. I really hope yash wil realise this soon. But . . . I think the writers are not smart enuff . . Everytime ishita was abt to slip or fall, why only yash who can catch her? Why not others? Why not akash? And why cant akash sense sumthing bout his wife? Ooooo

    • raxia
      April 24, 14:45

      I wud say, repetitive i.cidents of yash catches ishita when shes bout to slip or fall makes the plot is unmaturedly made, not a coincident or happened by chance. Its getting more boring. Pls writers, be creative to create such incidents

    • MK
      April 24, 15:10

      Yes raxia, and have you ever noticed the way he looks at that snake is much more intimate and emotional than with Arti.
      Don’t know if anyone else. Otices this, just my observation.

    • Amaica
      April 24, 15:33

      Raxia …It’s not nice to say this but I will take my chance…..She should fall hard to the ground with no one to save her…She also be laid up for a while so she can reflect and choose to correct herself.I think her end is near..

  15. deep
    April 24, 14:34 Reply

    Hi all,oh bua!oh bua! Why? do u have the constant habit of ruining a joyful event with your nasty bitter new,you should have spare aayu some happy moment before you turned the milk sour…thank goodness everything was okay at the end…well we love to hate u sometimes…..
    And as for u derange ishita,am personal coming to get u out,if the CV term refuse to listen to our plea…get the hell out of yash and arti’s life…you will lose big time…take that from ♍ε…anϑ all PV’s fan..

    • MK
      April 24, 15:11

      Ohhh deep I sure do hope you have a mental room in the mental ward for that mentally deranged Ishita.

    • deep
      April 24, 16:46

      Am with u my darling on the cricket bat,am just tired of ishita evil .

  16. sowmiya
    April 24, 14:12 Reply

    wife is not about fertile or sterile but its about the care she gives to her husband and to her family. when will people understand this? women are born to give love and affection to the family and the surroundings.. its not only about giving fruit or as a step to give a next generation. i hope people will understand 🙂

    • Amaica
      April 24, 18:24


      Your statement is absolutely true.,I totally agree.
      Women are not human manufacturing machines…they are
      much more… A greater contributor to society and the world at large.Children are great and wonderful to have around but the world don’t end if a woman is not capable.
      The future generation will be the inheritance generation and they will surely enjoy their life….Marriage and children will be a thing of the past and on the back burners for many……It’s already happening with most professionals.

  17. Apple
    April 24, 14:06 Reply

    Suni didi plz check my comment in previous page

  18. ammara
    April 24, 14:03 Reply

    i don’t know how many times agai to say this


    • Sj
      April 24, 14:49

      Now. Am getting annoyed with bua, shut you mouth bua jee before you loose our voice
      I hate the way she is talking to Paradhi

    • MK
      April 24, 15:13

      Heyphehe, I would like to see the day Buaji looses her voice.

  19. swapna
    April 24, 14:01 Reply

    nice episode

    love u aarya -ur simply superab

  20. Apple
    April 24, 14:00 Reply

    I commented on the pic u can catch me mk

    • MK
      April 24, 14:01

      Ok dear, got to step out for an hour so so. Will check when I get back.

    • Apple
      April 24, 14:05

      Bye mk . Off to bed

  21. Lovely bones
    April 24, 13:54 Reply

    I hope that the scindia Family would use their CCTV footage to spot the lady who is taking poor ayu as an evidence

  22. geetha
    April 24, 13:49 Reply

    enna achi pv gangoda cmd kanam

  23. Anonymous
    April 24, 13:46 Reply

    Why do people treat infertility in a woman with such disdain? The woman is made to feel like an outcast, inferior, unworthy, etc.
    These woman yearn to have kids of their own, unfortunately by some quirk of nature they are unable to. On the otherhand their are those that can have as many kids as they want but choose not to and some have them and abandon them.
    Shame on society for treating infertility as a sin/curse etc. We should rather pray for these woman that they may bear children of their own or be able to adopt one an live a happy life.

    • MK
      April 24, 13:49

      Exactly, I do agree with you so.
      I mean someone, well lets take Pari for that matter, is infertile, but she is so sweet and good to people. Whereas, Buaji only spits venom. And even Buaji doesn’t have any children so she should be the last one to open her mouth.
      People are ppblessed with different fate.

  24. MK
    April 24, 13:40 Reply

    Hi apple dear.

    • Apple
      April 24, 13:45

      Mk Upto now i waited for u on the previous forum. Ok i failed to check u in fb please u try for Apple JA

    • MK
      April 24, 13:46

      I did not see you on fb dear, only Apple Jack the cutie pony, apple jailbreak, and apple jam lol

    • Apple
      April 24, 13:48

      Oh now wat shall we do

    • Apple
      April 24, 13:50

      Mk follow like this i mean u post a pic from fb here then i wil comment on it . Then u can catch me

    • MK
      April 24, 13:50

      Where there’s a will there’s a way don’t give up we can chat here until they kick us out lol.
      I was having lunch dear, was so hungry.

    • MK
      April 24, 13:53

      Ok apple I’ve even made a comment to you in the pic in the link.

    • Apple
      April 24, 13:59

      Kris i commented on the pic u can catch me

    • Apple
      April 24, 14:02

      Bye mk off to bed

  25. MK
    April 24, 13:39 Reply

    Yes, according to the picture yesterday, we were all wondering what Buaji was telling to Pari. I kne the old hag would have said what she said today. That’s so damn mean thing to tell to someone, ep who is all reading suffering mentally due to that.
    How can people brand women as infertile and cannot give blessing because of that. How can that hurt a child in anyway especially when the persons intentions are pure and noble. Buaji has a very twisted and evil mind, so that’s what she would think of others as well.

  26. Nathi
    April 24, 13:38 Reply

    Hi everyone,
    As usual yash & aarti s superb today.
    Buaji shouldn’t ve to do this to pari.so bad.
    I wish someone could ve been noticed that band lady has taken ayu.
    She will get catch by someone and she will reveal that isitha ask her to do this.
    Waiting for thst to happen!!!

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