Punar Vivah 25th April 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 25th April 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 25th April 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence
As paridhi leaves, arti stops her saying that she shouldnt go anywhere as it isnt her fault, and asks her not to lose heart, as there would be some solution in medical sciences for this. She says that she wants paridhi to give ayu her blessings. She tages her along, when paridhi tells about her fear. arti says that she was the one who said that she’s above all this, and that she shouldnt lose hope like this. And when they love kids so much, their blessings can never be a curse on the child. Buaji is not happy with thiss. Arti goes and explains that they should change their thinking along with time, and tells her that she shouldnt have said what she did, and that she would be shameful one day, when pari becomes a mother one day, as she has trust in god and medical advancements.

Radha too favours her. Buaji asks her to be noble if she wants to be, but she reminds her that she has placed yash’s son in a big trouble today. Radha asks her not to talk like this. When buaji tries to clarify, yash says that even stopping someone’s blessings is a curse, and he doesnt want that. Arti takes pari along, and pari gives blessings to ayu. Pankaj asks for the celebration to begin. Ishita thinks that now the situiation has been much simplified, as now whatever happenes to ayu, would be blamed on pari, and she, though having an apt answer always, would be speechles this time. She says that finally the time has come when yash would be hers.

Celebration is on at full swing, after the bajara lady along with her team kickstarts the dance and celebration, when yash and everyone in the family, are also dancing. Ishita is frustrated to see their incrasing proximity. The dancers also get arti to dance, and yash and arti get into romancing. The banjara lady, picks the child from the cradle, when noone is watching, and takes him away. ishita smirks at her plan succeeding. while ishita looks on happily, yash and arti obliviouly dance, unknown to ayu’s disappearance. while all are dancing, arti is surprised to find ayu, not in his crib. She tells yash, who’s tensed too, and they start searching for him, calling out for him frantically. Arti goes berserk, while yash tries to compose her. But she is beyond salvation. The whole family is shocked to find ayu gone. She goes to everyone to find out about ayu. Buaji instantly brings up pari’s name, but arti reprimands her for pointing her finger yet again at pari. Arti says that she knows who has done this, pointing out to ishita, when ishita says thatv she was in front of her all this while. Pankaj says that the watchman didnt see ayu going out. Arti breaks down, while all try to console her. Soon, ayu’s cry shocks everyone. they run in that direction, while ishita wonders why didnt the lady leave with ayu in the meanwhile.

Arti gets into the bedroom along with others, and finds the banjara lady with ayu. Arti asks how dare she get him here, without telling anyone. The banjara lady says that she’s doing it for her own benefit, as there’s someone in the house who is a danger, but seeing ishita come in, she modifies her statement, saying that there is smoke in the house, and the child was coughing up and suffocating, hence she got him here. Arti says that she could have told anyone else, and shouldnt have brought her here alone. The banjara lady tries to plead her innocence. yash finally asks her to go. As she is about to leave, she crosses a tensed ishita, but doesnt say anything. Yash says that the lady was right, but arti refuses to believe her, saying that it felt like she was about to say something, but then stopped saying anything. Ishita too butts in saying that she hd bothered everyone unnecessarily, and that they should go down to attend the guests.

In the drawing room, pankaj relieves th guest saying that ayu has been found. Buaji gives arti the locket that yash had been placed with by gayatri, and she wanted this for yash’s son too. She places it around ayu’s neck, saying that now he would be away from all troubles and arti is happy at that. Vidhi asks everyone to chill and enjoy the couple- Yash and arti’s performance thats to follow. Arti says that she wont be able to do this, as she still hasnt gotten out of the shock. But the family tells her that they would take good care of ayu, while she performs with yash.

Ishita slaps the banjara lady, for not doing things according to her plan. The lady says that she cant do this, as she has some morales too. ishita asks her not to lecture her, as her happiness lies, in getting ris of the baby. Ishita tells her to leave this town, as if she’s ever seen again, she would be killed. The lady is very scared, and leaves.

Arti and yash give a romantic perormance, while the guests and family look on appreciatively. They get ayu too along with them in the dance. Arti rests her head on yash, while he carries ayu in his arms. The family too joins them in this family moment. The screen freezes on yash and arti’s happy face.

Precap: Yash asks arti to give the towel, and drags her inside, on that pretext, and arti is surprised to find that he already has one. they geet into omancing, as arti lovingly reprimands him for lying, and behaving like this, being the father to 4 kids. yash says that he hasnt grown any less romantic, after fathering 4 children. They enjoy each other’s company.

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  1. raxia
    April 26, 00:25 Reply

    Ive been attached to pv since day 1. It sumhow catched my mind in many things, unlike other zee operas which bothered me too much, to name some, PR. I quitted watching it when the storyline went asyray and stupid. However, PV brought values with it, enjoy and fun. However, the entrance of ishita made me start to hate pv. When i think they have entries to revealed her evilness, but they didn’t. For examplr, the writer can make the banjara lady to at least warns aarti and yash about the culprit behind the incident, but the writer and the director threw her out of the show with evidence hidden. I wonder if they can simplify the story given only 3 weeks to accomplish. I stay back late everynite to just follow the updates. Living in malaysia, the update reached us at about 2.45 a.m. N i stayed. Now, am gonna missed my sleepy nite. I bow my respect, bon voyage to the whole casts n love u all n pv. I wont watch the new pv anymore, i dont want to keep compare the new casts with the current as i believe that the current casts really did their job very well. My millions thumbsup. . .

  2. Amaica
    April 25, 23:40 Reply

    Hello Suni. Afreesh,Sj,Kris,MU Raji,

    Really amazing performance by the Scindia family.
    I love the dancing…and the outfits worn by the
    ladies were really beautiful.
    Yash and Artie really connected today.
    I have absolutely nothing negative to say….I
    just looked at GC and KS and reminded myself.
    that I will never see this again so enjoy.


    • Sj
      April 25, 23:51

      Very very nice performance , yash and arthi were looking stunning ad very connected
      Yash acting was very well done, I jst got mesmorize by toads performance
      Th dance yash and arthi did in z rishtay award, c very beautiful,classy performances

    • MK
      April 26, 07:24

      Morning SJ Amaica, yes dear, we have you tube 🙂 lol

  3. miss unbelievable
    April 25, 23:37 Reply

    So I just watched the episode. At first I was so damn tense I was like Oh Lawd don’t mek di dutty red eye jezebel gyal succeed. I couldn’t handle if she won this round. Arti and Yash were so beleievable for the first time in a long while. That’s the chemistry I’ve been looking for. The dance and happy moments were priceless it was like a “I’m sorry” quote for allowing arti while pregnantto go though all that stress due to the sour matta eye gyal interference.

    I just loved how everyone was together having a good time except where was PapaS and Akash? Hmmm could it be that Akash is getting evidence against his wife cuz he personally knows how evil she can be. Probably if Akash laid the “good up proppa proppa pipe” on Ishta hs emay start singing the tune : sexual healing. Anyways just loved how the bitter old hag was forced to swallow some bitter medicine in return. Isn’t she embarassed that among the wealthy whom I’m sure get belly tuck-ins nose jobs lazer eye surgery and others her thinking is backwards? I mean if she can sit and watch a soap on tv she must know that the fertility field has advanced where re mayals age group are popping out babies like teenybops popping gum.

    I felt it for arti I don’t bame her for geting hysteric. If my baby bro went missing or my cild went missing…I’m going to war. I’m glad she ointed on that snake I just wish the dancer had more guts and point pon da gyal deh, call out her name talk up di tings dem and seh; a she a she tell me fi tief di ppl dem pickney. DWL LOL. I’m glad she had a heart and what’s that slap for isha? Is your face still burning from artis hand? That’s what I’m talking slap her ass so she never forgets.

    In all it was lovely and I won’t lie the last scene where everyone came together Punar Vi vah could have ended on that note….onlyif ishta died in the background and maya was dragged to a convent lol.

  4. sweety
    April 25, 19:31 Reply

    dont shoot punar vivah part 2 without gurmeet and kratika if not end this drama

    • Sj
      April 25, 23:54

      It will not. Called pv2 it will still b aled pv but with new cast litte diffrent story line
      I think that is why they brought Paradhi infertal issue
      They wan to bring Socal isse wher society, condem and harass and give the me of custom and tradition

  5. Nujat
    April 25, 19:21 Reply

    It so unreal how arti just had surgery
    And she’s dancing already weird
    It take weeks 4 it heal
    And look at arti dancin like she had no surgery

    • pari
      April 25, 21:38

      Given that the serial will be over in few weeks please enjoy the dance and loving moments between Yash and Arthi.

    • bindhi
      April 25, 18:28

      i am leaving it no pv with gur and kra no pv 4 me

    • Asya4ever
      April 25, 18:33

      I say we should give a chance for the sake of the beautiful friendship you all have here.

    • MK
      April 25, 18:59

      I agree with yoummymdear Farzz

    • Aysa4ever,mk I want to give it a chance,so dat we could all stay in contact. That is my biggest worry I know I”m one of d newer members here,but we have a wonderful forum, I don’t want it to end too.
      If its doesn’t wrk out wit the new show, I”m willin to follow u guys to QH forum.
      But I really aint a fan of qh tried to watch but can’t. But I would if dats where everyone is heading.

    • PAT
      April 25, 23:15

      Trinity,, I think we should give it a chance and see what the stuipd writers have in store for us the viewers…….

    • PAT
      April 25, 23:17

      Trinity,, I too am not a fan of GH….. I try watching it myself,, but couldn’t……

    • Sj
      April 25, 23:56

      Pv will not be same without ash and arthi? Yash as told before, pv will be his last
      Tv show

  6. PAT
    April 25, 17:25 Reply

    Guys,,, I was looking for the witch when Aarti and Yash was dancing,, but I couldn’t see her anywhere….. I wish she was there to see the couple and their children on the dance floor…….

    • MK
      April 25, 17:47

      Well she blue vex and probable crawled into the snake hole she came out off.

  7. Afreesh
    April 25, 17:04 Reply

    Guys….. why GC looks little older suddenly???… Is that he tired??? Or stressed???…or CM doesn’t help???…

    Did anyone noticed it???… or only I feel like that???…

    Anyway, there would be no problem to Ayu which is conveyed to us symbolically by that Gayathri’s chain. We can feel free from kidnap stress in the coming episodes.

    • MK
      April 25, 17:48

      Oh yes Afreesh, I’d noticed and he was not wearing any makeup. Saw some pics on facebook and he did not look so hot, well the face that is.

    • Could be stress or{ A GULITY CONSHONICE!} Hopefully dat last part aint tru but u guys saw all the reports as did I.
      KS is glowing I want her back on my tv asap.

    • Sj
      April 26, 00:05

      Hello Affresh,yes I did too, his face losing charm, e look much thiner ,he jst finish nach ballay
      Dance practices are very tiring and ae lot out of you., his face looking much slimmer
      And his air again went to tharpt od style, yes he sart looking older
      Affresh I ave to apologetic to you, I was wrong, yes yash outfit s same in ths episide the old one yah wore on hs engagement, I watched march 6,2012 epic, he ad as outfil he s wearing in April 24,25 2013 epic
      Metals said we will keep same name pv but will be diffrent cast and storyline
      Gurmeet said somewhere he does not know pv I going off air, he still shootting
      He s not taking another sho, wish he stay do not leave

  8. bindhi
    April 25, 16:34 Reply

    aarti looks so beautiful mwaaaah and vidhi splended performance three cheers to that !!!!… 🙂 🙂

  9. ALia
    April 25, 16:26 Reply

    lovely episodee!! i am so glad ayu did not get kidnap…. this ep should’ve had some pics…. mwah*

  10. Asya4ever
    April 25, 15:48 Reply

    Hi all . mk dear. you mean to say pv is going off air. how did that happen i thought they said its not going off air . what now ? how can they do that to us ? pv is one of the best shows in zee tv. and how can they end ? and start a new one with the same name but with out the cost of pv. that is madness . how can they change gc and k. my god . i wasnt feeling well . but now i feel even worse . this so sad . that i cant believe its even true . am really go to miss all the cost of pv and all of u guys . i know that i dont comment but i really enjoy reading all ur comments your the best team in dtb that talks only about the show your all great fans. wish u all the best really . i feel like crying . what to do. we all hope for the best. every good thing has to end one day guess pv’s time has come .

    • MK
      April 25, 16:02

      Hi dear, missed for quite a while. Hope you feel better dear. Don’t feel bad for PV. It had to end sometime. I think they are having problems and GC is not giving hundred percent to it and KS is not pleased with the way things are going.
      We will miss PV dearly and all our friends.
      But we can meet on QH and SSLP

    • PAT
      April 25, 17:13

      Hi,, Asya4ever,MK,,I don’t think Punar Vivah is ging off air,,,they are talking about launching Punar Vivah2 or something with the same storyline or I will say the original storyline of Punar Vivah but with new cast like Sara Khan,, but not this one ……………… Or did I not read it right??????????????

    • Asya4ever
      April 25, 17:22

      Pat dear i really didnt read but i saw the comments and they said pv going off air in 3 weeks. and that the new one with the same name but not with the same cost hope am not wrong

    • MK
      April 25, 15:43

      Well well well well well, from the dance scenes, there seemed to be some beautiful intimate moments, loving it just loving it

    • Its about time dey give us this after all d stress!
      Lovin it as well and tommorrow we get a bathroom romance!
      Can’t wait for dat!

  11. PAT
    April 25, 15:08 Reply

    I hope nothing happen to Ayu and that Aarti protect her baby at all times…….. Lovely episode and I really do enjoyed it……. I couldn’t watch it yesterday because I was afriad that Ayu would’ve been taken by that witch for real with out them finding him…………. Thank heaven her plan fail again and that they find Ayu in time…………… Writers I think it’s time that the witch is exposed for all her wickerness,,, Please we can’t take it anymore….PLEASE do listen to us the viewers………….

    • MK
      April 25, 15:32

      Oh pat my dear just read below, PV is going off air in a few weeks, they’re ending the show, but continuing under the same name with a different cast but along the PV line

    • PAT
      April 25, 17:16

      Hi,, Trinity,, how are you doing dear,,, hope you are enjoying youself…….

    • PAT
      April 25, 17:17

      MK,,, It is for real?????????????? Punar Vivah is going off air????????????????? Why??????????

  12. Noshi
    April 25, 15:05 Reply

    I would like to tell u guys arti’r delivary it’s not c-section. It’s a normal dlvary. So she is just fine…

  13. MK
    April 25, 15:01 Reply

    Welcome back home Finusa lol

    • finusa
      April 25, 15:10

      LOL..MK i am home.
      didnt go on my big trip yet 😀

    • MK
      April 25, 15:31

      Hey, I meant the forum yaar, hehehe, this our friendship home.

    • finusa
      April 25, 16:41

      ok..sorry. yes. thank you.
      i was reading just wasnt getting time to comment

  14. MK
    April 25, 14:12 Reply

    Hey, did Akash and Suraj left the show already, because they were no whee to be seen. And Suraj was supposed to give blessings together with Radha.

    • finusa
      April 25, 14:33

      true…maybe hes busy shooting for his other show SC.

    • PAT
      April 25, 15:09

      Why,,,,where they leaving???????????? and for what reason????????

  15. Apple
    April 25, 14:10 Reply

    Kris i accepted ur request

    • MK
      April 25, 14:58

      Ok apple dear.

  16. MK
    April 25, 14:09 Reply

    Hey everyone, lovely episode, from the look in Arti face yesterday, I knew she was going to. Umaji in her place and defend Pari. She did the right thing.

    Ohhh that old witch, I’m glad Arti suspects that evil doer. She know the woman wanted to say more. Hope the woman and Arti meet and she tells her all. But Arti will find out anyway.

    Loved loved PV today.

    • Apple
      April 25, 14:12

      Yaah hope the same

    • Hi mk its raining cats and dogs so stuck in my hotel room!
      Can’t wait to see aarti give her d smack down she has coming.
      And ur rite bout maya she along wit d snake are the true curse on d household

    • MK
      April 25, 15:00

      Hey trinity lots of rain in and out here too. Enjoy as much as you can, your holiday over and PV getting over soon too bummer.

    • Yeah its really sucks!
      I have a question,now dat show is coming to an end gc finally able to do a romance scenes and hav a connection wit kratz!
      What d frig! It took him dat long to get it rite!
      Did d wife let him off d leash?

  17. chinnu
    April 25, 14:01 Reply

    nice episode i am hapy the way aarti yash ke saath dance karna but i realised tht yo to kuch days ki baat hai phir uske baad kya karungi

  18. sallyy
    April 25, 13:59 Reply

    wohoooo the episode was awesome!!!!!
    wow vidhi bhabhi was on a roll on that dance floor…omg i reallyloved her performance with yash…..
    again ishita you didn’t succeed…when she slapped that woman, i was like is that a way of trying to foget that hot slap you got? i think she wants another one..:P
    aarya dance…*blushes* that was just beautifully done…<3
    and the ending when all of them came together was just solo cuteee!!! thank god ishita wasn't part….and was i the only one that noticed the way aarti kept staring at yash like every second? lol it was like it was the first time she's seeing him…but it was so sweet 🙂

    ha precap! i'm guessing the cvs are trying to give us an aarya dose…i like that cvs, i like that..great idea :*

    • sallyy
      April 25, 14:02

      so glad aarti comforted pari…..felt like crying for her :(((
      i’m actually enjoying this tracck of pari and prateik..hope they handle it nicely

  19. Anonymous
    April 25, 13:55 Reply

    Ishitha is the Wily coyote in the road runner comics. He’s always setting the traps for the road runner but they backfire on him. Really hilarious.

    Yash and Aarthi’s dance etc is great. However, she just had her baby by C-section and she’s able to dance and be normal, it usually takes some time for a woman in that condition to be “normal” again. Well its tv land and wonders will happen. 🙂

    • finusa
      April 25, 13:59

      hehe true.
      anything happens in tv.
      actually i was up and about in two weeks after C section but “normal” over 1 year.

    • Anonymous
      April 25, 14:12

      Was quite amused to watch Aarthi running around the hospital ward the same night after delivering her baby. Must be an oversight of creative team. 🙂

    • finusa
      April 25, 14:34

      haha..true. that for sure is not possible after surgery.
      sometimes they do go over board!

  20. rani
    April 25, 13:50 Reply

    Every member of the family who were present at party blessed the baby except Buaji and Ishita?
    Where are Suraj and Akash?

  21. finusa
    April 25, 13:33 Reply

    and thank you for not dragging the episode of ayu going missing!

    • Nathi
      April 25, 13:41

      Hmmm.yes.dont let ayu to suffer pls

  22. m k
    April 25, 13:33 Reply

    When I saw yesterdays show I was reminded of the story of sleeping beauty when all the good fairy godmothers gave their blessings one by one
    And the last one was stopped by the wicked old bad witch. Hehehe Buji is that wicked witch and she is the bloody curse not only to the baby but
    To the entire Scindia house always
    Spewing venom

    • finusa
      April 25, 13:34

      lol. MK.. u funny.
      she shouldnt have said what she said to pari.
      She herself isnt a mother and was never given a chance so she sholdnt bless the child either in that case.

  23. swapna
    April 25, 13:32 Reply

    wow nice episode

    loved aarya and dance


    pv rocks

  24. finusa
    April 25, 13:30 Reply

    wichita darling..i can you your days are very numbered.
    Did anyone see akash today?? sorry i only read the wU so far.
    I absolutely love how wichita’s plans gets ruined almost every time. Gotta love the writers for this.

    Arti is right on and happy shes already suspecting wichita.
    Feeling sorry for paridhi and hoping she gets her “miracle” before the show ends.

    over all..sounds like a nice family episode.

    • finusa
      April 25, 13:31

      can see your days are numbered*

    • Nathi
      April 25, 13:39

      Yes.soon ishita ll get caught. How s thinking if she separates aarti and yash,she will get yash.i think she dont know the bond of true love.hope pari to get a baby.
      Such a nice episode today.read WU oly.
      Eager to watch it:-)

    • finusa
      April 25, 13:50

      wichita is delusional! lol

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