Punar Vivah 28th November 2012 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 28th November 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 28th November 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: yash’s house
(I might be a little wrong about this,since i missed the first scene,hencee guestimating)yash gets a call from a private detective saying that he has got an irrefutable evidence in the murder case that pari is accused in which could prove her innocence in the case.He asks yash to meet him urgent.yash tells pankaj that he is going for the same and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Arti talking to prashant telling him that after her remarriage to Yash,she has understood one thing that everything can be priced,but not LOVE.Its invaluable.And that prashant’s biggest weakness was that he couldnt take proper care of that love for arti.She advises him not to do the same with his current wife as he did with her and that if he truly loves her,he should go after her to win her back.Prashant is listening to her intently.

Scene 3:
Location: At the detective’s office
Yash slaps the detective and reprimands him for even suggesting something like that about the daughter in law of the scindia family.The detective tells that he has an mms to back up his claims and gives yash a cd containing it.He tells a shocked yash that he understands what he is going through,but yash shouldnt be surprised as its very common these days that women who look like the ideal,faithful wife do this behind their husband’s back. In fact his experience says that women are the embodiment of betrayal.yash is too shocked and hurt. Also he says that though this mms could ptentially be fatal to the reputation of the scindia family and mar their respect in the society forever and may also lead to prateik breaking up with pari as its very difficult for husbands to digest something like this,this is the only evidence to acquit her from the case.Yash gets a call from prateik saying that he got to know from pankaj that he has gone to collect evidence to prove pari’s innocence in the case and asks him about it and whether its good enough to save his wife from going to jail s he cant bear the thought of living if something happens to her.He asks yash to try his best to get pari out of this case.Yash cancels the phone in despair.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
The mechanic fixes the car’s battery.prashant gives him a 1000 rupee note.When the mechanic says that he doesnt have change,arti asks him to keep the change and prashant too doesnt argue on that and thanks the mechanic for helping them out.When they leave,the mechanic comments that he has never meet a noble lady like her and also a man who listens so much to his wife.he commenst that he would remember them forever.

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s house
Gayatri who is already in tension about arti not being home and it being 11’o’clock in the night,is further fuelled by buaji saying that ever since arti has returned home from lalitpur,she cant seem to stay in the house,first on karva chauth puja and now today.And also her arrogance and recklessness that she doesnt tell anyboddy her whereabouts.She stops when yash enters.Prateik goes upto him and tells him not to worry as he is sure that she got busy in something.Pari too is wondering that yash is so worried about arti and questions whether she should now tell them that she saw her at the city hospital.she is about to tell yash,when arti finally enters.all eyes turn towards her.

Buaji finding her oppurtunity,instantly charges her about what was that urgent work that had her busy till 11’0’clock in the night without informing anybody.Gaytri too reprimands her that she had been so worried thinking all sorts of things and that she should hav ehad a sense of responsibility,if not towards the house,towards her and her unborn child atleast.She reminds her that the doctor told her to rest but she is having a stressful and hectic life instead.She demands to know where was arti.she tells everybody that he had gone to meet ansh at bhimbhetka.Everybody is surprised.Gayatri says that she understands that she couldnt stay away from her son even for some hours.She begins to say that she doesnt want to raise any questions on her motherhood,but buaji interrupts saying that she should have told soomebody.gayatri says that the only complaint she has from arti is that,if she had to go this urgent,she should have taken yash along with her in such a condition and not travelled such a long journey alone,while saying that she understands that in pregnancy,the felings of motherly affection heightens,and being restless cant think straight and therefore their descision making ability is impaired.Arti accepts her mistake and apologizes for the same.gayatri ask yash to take arti into the room to get heer some rest.Yash proceeds towrds the room and arti follows.Pari wonders that Arti may have told that she met ansh,but she didnt tell them about going to the hospital and that too with that strnager from diwali and doesnt understand behind arti’s lying and hiding stuff from the family.

while walking towards the room,Arti and yash are in their own worlds of tension with arti thinking that yash has not spoken a word to her since she returned and thinks that he’s angry at her hence the silence,whereas yash is worried that the recent evidence retrieved will bring about a big storn in pari and prateik’s marital relations and can destroy it forever and thinks about a way to salvage it.He is in double minds about telling arti but then remembering her pregnancy,he decides against it as he is reminded that the doctor had told to keep her as stressfree as possible and she is already taking stress due to children’s picnic,this would upset her very much and they cant afford that in hr condition neither for her nor for the baby.He thinks that he would have try to do everything possible to keep arti happy.He looks at arti who is looking at him with a tensed face.The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Yash takes her to their room which he has decorated with their and the children’s photos,planning a surprise for arti with the intention of cheering her up.But arti doesnt notice it and absentmindedly lies down on the bed to rest.yash gets worried seeing arti like this.

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  1. Suni
    November 28, 21:36 Reply

    Hi Afreesh Good Morning to you and everyone who has morning now 🙂 . Please forgive me for not replying to you as yet . I had a busy day today yaar , got home and checked the forum and read some more of the episodes you mentioned . I want to try my best to give an accurate response . I will reply first thing in the morning . I am off to bed so I also say Good Night to all those who have night time outside like I do . Much love to you guys ……

    • Afreesh
      November 28, 23:10

      No problem Suni take your own time….actually I don’t like to concentrate at the present track. Otherwise, I should take medicine for headache, all the scenes doesn’t make any sense. I understand the writers trying to convey some message intensely to the remarried female with their own illogical way….why we have to bother about Arthi, let her do whatever she want & I’m sure she never mind about the insults & illtreatment of yash’s family when the truth burst out like a bomb. (only our blood will be boiling….what to do???? We are not going to stop watching those idiotic melodrama)

      Sj…. we concerned much about yash’s disappointment …… now the writers prepared him to see women with negative perspective through Pari’s crap, so that he can manage the situation properly without losing himself (from my side, I have given him the full right & freedom to react & for handling the problem. I won’t complain yash for any decision which he takes, but without disturbing himself & the kids) . I know, you are carrying the same feeling of mine regarding Arthi’s blind attitude…..yes, it’s better for us to relax through QH, I have started long time back as per Suni recommendation….

    • Suni
      November 29, 09:43

      Finally 🙂 , I have sent a response Afreesh .

    • Suni
      November 29, 10:00

      Afreesh , every step of the way these Dubeys have been like puppet masters pulling Aarti’s strings to make her dance to her tines . She has tried relentlessly to tell the truth . I also blamed her tremendously , but after seeing the extent of the Dubey’s emotionl blackmail , I pity her . She is moving forward but tied to bungee cord because of that lie . All her efforts to find a place in the Schindia household and in Yash’s heart can be turned to shambles because of it .
      I was happy to see her genuinely caring for Gayatri when she told her to rest , she is beginning to accept her as her mother- in – law . This is a positive step in order to free herself from the selfish Dubeys . From the past episodes I watched , Pari had no respect for traditions or family . From day one she kicked the rice with defiance and stepped into a scattered mess . She immediately found a way to manipulate Gayatri and to run the house according to her rules . Yes she has ambitions , but no morals . Now she is hiding behind the very Schindia family whose values she previously scuffed upon . Compare her lies to Aarti’s and who would you sympathize with ? One tried to change herself to please others whilst the other tried to change people to suit her world view .

    • Suni
      November 29, 10:03

      ” there tunes ” not ” her tines “, sorry

  2. Suni
    November 28, 15:55 Reply

    This is the second time that someone thought Aarti and Prashant were husband and wife !! What’s up with that writers ?? We get the point , they were married once . .. Please no more people jumping to wrong conclusions. These days Prashant is spending more time alone with Aarti than Yash . Definitely Not what we want to see . Even on Dewali day she was alone with Prashant . I will always admit … Vineet is really handsome and I am reminded of a movie with Salman Khan where the actress ( I can’t remember her name ) sings – Rag rag mein is tarah tu samaane laga . But , he is not the man we want to see next to Aarti .
    Pari ,Pari , don’t trouble yourself with Aarti’s business . There is a whole tidal wave of trouble coming your way, dearie . Pari’s character worries me . I do not like her having information about Aarti . Poor Yash , our dear boy thinks he has worries now . There is a saying where I live ” when your neighbors house is on fire , wet your own ” . He should learn to be more alert as to what is happening in his and Aarti’s lives and learn from Prateik’s nonchalance towards Pari …Why is his wife -who has a very complicated pregnancy – out driving alone on a treacherous road 11 o’clock at night ?? How come Yash didn’t drive to the Dubey ‘s house like he did when she disappeared on KC ?
    I am looking forward to the special episode . Hopefully the truth gets revealed 🙂 . Prashant already has a very good doctor at the hospital . So , if Yash decides to fire a few punches at Prashant , the Dubey’s need not worry too much . Prashant will be better in no time .

    • SJ
      November 28, 16:14

      I agree, Prsant should be past, Arthi should think only Yash. He is doing so much for her buy this dubeyjee family is not letting her lie alone. Yash did not know where she is wher sh went, other thing s why arthi took Parsant with her to drop Ansh, why arthi got in communication with Parsant whe he lov hi s not why she forgot what Rsant told her ansh is someone Ganda kroon
      She left her family gathering on karwachouth , she should call ambulance returned to yash
      Fr karwachouth. Now yash foun out about pari , she slept with producer, now he will find out about arthi and Parsant. I hope no oing to pushing arthi nd going to oing ring again if yash think
      Not to tell ari’s mistake to prateek , because he loves pari so much than he should forgive Arthi
      Too, remember e said when there is trust there is no plac for misunderstanding
      By the wA Sophia I am a female
      Good luck everyone with coming episode, I hope able to digest. Otherwise take a chill pill or to control acid pill

    • Suni
      November 28, 16:48

      SJ , we have each other on the forum for comfort , so no need for acid pill yaar 🙂 . I can be the type of patient who would trouble doctors . I do not like medication . I believe in an ounce of prevention 🙂 . . Prashant should have gone home with Shoba and Mr Dubey could have accompanied Aarti . But that is too uncomplicated ….It will not suit our writers imagination , lol .

  3. Arya lover
    November 28, 15:48 Reply

    Isn’t Arti married to Yash, why the hell does she owe gayatri and maya an explanation and them screaming to her infront of her husband and brother in law? Besides why didn’t Yash just say he will take care of it?

    • Suni
      November 28, 16:05

      I agree . The couples should deal with their personal matters in privacy .

    • SJ
      November 28, 16:33

      1 when you live in a conservative family , family will ask where we’re You until 11 pm
      2. This hose is a in laws driven house,
      3. All boys can not sa anything front of their parents, even parents are wrong.
      In this case g3 is not wrong asking these question , I felt in her voice. Connsern for arthi and her baby
      Maa this mster bua have no right to nterfier in anyon business, off course, h ave no life keep finding anything to pin arthi.
      4 wa Dubeejee amily teaching litte kid to lie abor Parsant. Ths s so wrong nd are being so selfish. And I want to know Parsant dr me and add, like after bio arrow, Ansh go back to picnic and Prasand is well to drive him with arthi, you are under the anstshia influnc take coupple of hr to get out it is so hurtfull can not turn and toss somtime through th Rick sometime through spine
      You need to take care wound with pain medicine writer are showing like ansh went to sa hell to th dr. At this time I feel like beating Parsant. How e n hurt arthi and ah ash gave 5 ok fr his treatment to his ather. He a a cancer wher he go job and money in his pocket. Loads of money never saw him going to work.he got ash mported car to drive. I agree Prsant is in good care can take ah punches nothing will apned, hope yash beat him up. I am mad at arthi , why she took Parsant to drop ansh, n the othe and arson said to arthi hy don’t you se my phone to call ah. H is out of hs mind.

    • Suni
      November 28, 17:05

      Relax SJ , don’t worry about the things these writers come up with to annoy us . I know that they are making Aarti more wrong daily . They want intense drama when the truth unfolds . On soap operas there is not always real life logic . There is another show , QH , that you could look at to help you relax . I did not want to mention it on this forum , because I know people might get angry . I dare say that it is going rather well. I am telling you because I feel that you need to view a show to help you relax and enjoy a bit today .

    • Aryaa lover
      November 28, 17:14

      Suni, I 100% agree with u, If G3 needed to shout at Arti for coming late then she should have done it in a prober way not in front of her husband.. I though Yash would protect Arti and support her and then ask her in private like grown ups not to make such mistakes and as for Arti and Prashant I think the writes are trying to make Yash threatened a little bit by prashant so that he clearly sees how much Arti means to him, besides why does prashant call Arti for Arti and her her husband uses the frem Arti Jii that actually makes me feel angry!!

    • Suni
      November 28, 17:28

      Yes I agree the ” Ji ” is causing a lot of heartache amongst us fans . I also feel that Prashant is being used to open Yash’s eyes . However , just like SJ , I am concerned about Yash’s reaction even more now that he has found out about Pari . Yash previously held a high estimation for all women . That revealation about Pari has thrown him out of his comfort zone and into a new way of thinking about women . They can be dishonest and cheat their husbands . Yash’s world did not contain such ideas before .

    • Aryaa lover
      November 28, 17:40

      The writes really did a number on Paridhis storyline as if murdering someone wasn’t enought and now this! I really liked Paridhis independence and yash respect that but now that this affair think has come to light I don’t how he could tell his brother the woman that he loved betrayed him and to make the situation worse Yash is also gonna find out about Arti soon, he has a lot of issues to deal with!!! All this betrayal I don’t think he will take the news of Arti so well, we will just have to hope for the best!!

    • Suni
      November 28, 17:49

      Very true , all we can do is hope 🙂 . I look forward to the few precious moments they throw our way each day . Like a poor puppy who looks forward to his bone 🙁 , I have learnt to survive on very little these days . . They disappointed us totally today however , not one precious Arya moment on this epi. . . Writer must have had a bad day and we pay the price , lol . Even the precap is horrifying . No wonder SJ is upset with them .

    • Suni
      November 28, 17:54

      You are very correct Yash should have defended Aarti a little or accepted some blame . If he cannot contact her, he should have gone to look for her . Which makes me think that when the truth comes out he will allow his family to judge Aarti . His can listen to his family’s opinions , but his decision should be final when it comes to his marriage .

  4. rahul
    November 28, 14:36 Reply

    arti is swt but people should atleast have sme respect wen talking about others esp women

  5. princess
    November 28, 14:28 Reply


  6. xyz
    November 28, 14:02 Reply

    to chandu, hey dont u have a shame to post such comment.if ur not commenting on the episode,plz dont post such msg. U bloody jus go to hell

  7. Anonymous
    November 28, 13:57 Reply

    to chandu,its disgusting dont u hav a shame to post such comment.u bloody go to hell.

  8. anonymous
    November 28, 13:23 Reply

    You male chauvinistic pigs!! Plz if url dnt have anything good to say plz dnt comment wid ur filthy, disgusting comments!! Just get a life

  9. Anonymous
    November 28, 13:10 Reply

    Shame on u guys.don’t u have manners n common sense what 2 write n what 2 not.how cheap

    • SJ
      November 28, 16:42

      Chandu please admit yourself in to te hospital and get some psych. Mental help
      This forum is for decent people who respect each other. You are yak yak

    • Suni
      November 28, 16:52

      I love your advice SJ , lol , lol . So true but funny .

  10. Raji.trs
    November 28, 13:07 Reply

    I want kratika sengar and gurmeet facebook id or
    e-mail. . . Plz send anybody. . .

  11. Aakhsat
    November 28, 13:00 Reply

    I got it at net if possible search it or i will send u link just go to that and can see her nude

    • SJ
      November 28, 16:45

      I am confused who is nude, somtime MIT be some prank

    • Suni
      November 28, 16:54

      SJ , don’t let these ” little boys ” worry you dear . They are talking crap .

  12. Chandu
    November 28, 12:58 Reply

    How can i see that aakhsat

  13. Aakhsat
    November 28, 12:56 Reply

    There is an mms of kratika wana see that

  14. Noey
    November 28, 12:53 Reply

    Did find about pari having sex wid anthor guy

  15. Raji.trs
    November 28, 12:52 Reply

    Aarti very beauty today another one aarti’s eyes wonderful…

  16. Chandu
    November 28, 12:52 Reply

    Arti looks so sexy i swear everytime i see her my penis goes tight… Love u arti

  17. suki
    November 28, 12:48 Reply

    aarthi acting s too good and she looks pretty..

  18. Raji.trs
    November 28, 12:44 Reply

    Very Nice episode today punar vivah rocks. . .
    We r love kratika sengar. Kratika’s dialogue delivery is wonderful. Kratika very nice love u..

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