Punar Vivah 3rd October 2012 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 3rd October 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 3rd October 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Bus station
The episode starts with Ansh talking with arti insign language.When arti asks the reason he says that he is angry at her for leaving dad in his bday party with him.She distracts him saying that they are playing a game of hide and seek and that ansh will have to support her if they want to win.He says that he would but he knows that dad will win,to which arti says that even she fervently wishes the same.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Yash in his car frantically searching for arti and remembering evrey incident of his rude behaviour towards arti and then her indifference,her sympathy towards the extray toy and her lie about going to dargah when she was actually leaving and how finally all the members of the zee family convinced him to go behind her and get her back.He gets a call from prateik saying that the others are looking at airport and railway terminals.Yash tells them that he’s headed towards the bus terminal.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
Yash’s father is super angry at buaji for knwoing the truth and still not telling them.She concocts up a lie saying she didnt want to hurt anyone on his anniversary.He says that he is almost certain tht she must have had a role in forcing her out of this house in such a condition.Meanwhile pari is consistently getting a call that she is ignoring.Vidhi says that she believes yash would get arti home as even god would not want to separate a couple when the wife is in a delicate condition.He is angry when a person blank calls on the home no.Pari gets scared.He leaves with a warning to buaji that if anything happens to arti,she would have to face the conequences.

Pari locks herself in her room and takes the call and tells the produces that she has nothing to do with him anymore and that she doesnt care for his shooting and contract anymore and he can drag her to court for all she cares as she gives more importance to family and prateik over anything else.He then sarcastically reminds her that she searched for a companion in him that night.She is reminded of that incident where she got drunk worrying about prateik and he took advantage of her despite her feeble attempts to resist him.She woke up the next mornign and reprimands him for taking advantage of her when she was vulnerable and drunk and that she feels sorry that she betrayed prateik.He tries to calm the situation saying she cant prove that he raped her,as it happened with her full consent even though she was drunk and that in today’s times its casual and okay.She slaps hima dn says that its not okay and she is not that type of girl and leaves.She remembers the incident and is all the more tensed when he tells her that he has a recording of that night and that if she didnt comply,he would send it to her house and blackmails her into meeting him.She is shocked to hear this and is in tears as to what has she done that is irrevocable.

Scene 4: Bus station
Arti takes tickets for her and yash and while walking gets a dizzy spell.when ansh asks her what happened she ignores it and takes a break by sitting in the bench.There sheis lost in thoughts about the good moments between yash and her in mumbai.She is interrupted in her thoughts when ansh asks to sleep in her lap.

Meanwhile yash reaches the bus stop and asks everybody showing them arti’s photo and screaming her and ansh’s name.After many people not recognizing her,one lady guides him to the bench where she was sitting with ansh.He spots the bench where a part of her saree can be seen in betweeen the crowd standing in front of him.He makes a dash for the banch and is surprised and disappointed to find it empty.The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Ansh spots yash looking for them and tells arti.she is surprised but distracts ansh saying that they are in the middle of a game and they have to hide so that papa cannot locate them.

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  1. South African
    October 04, 09:03 Reply

    Its about time Yash opens his eyes…
    Damn his sexy (**,)

    • afreesh
      October 04, 08:59

      Thank you Suni…..so early they bring him????? Why?????

    • Suni
      October 04, 09:18

      I don’t trust him though , his character was soooo bad . Maybe they need another antagonist . Buaji was not very successful .

    • afreesh
      October 04, 10:00

      Ha..ha.ha very well said

    • likhitha
      October 04, 10:16

      noooo i dont want him to come back 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Suni
    October 04, 07:39 Reply

    Prashant is all set to make a comeback soon 🙁 . The character has been recast and now belongs to Vineet Raina .

  3. swetha
    October 04, 07:03 Reply

    will yash find arthi today????????

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