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Episode starts with Aarti going to market. Yash comes in her way and asks where she is going? Aarti says she is going to market. Yash looks at his watch and says at 7 in morning? All stores would be closed and even if you want something, I can send Chagan. Aarti says NO not Chagan. Yash then says he will go with her but Aarti says NO again. Yash asks what is it that I can’t come? Aarti says you came from jogging so must be tired, I will manage. Yash then says he knows a store people and if he goes with her then they it will help Aarti. They are about to leave and Chagan comes running there and tells him not to go to market. Yash says don’t worry.. they should scare from us not us from them. Yash tells chagan not to tell Aarti about those people. Yash sits in car now and he says to Aarti you still didn’t tell me what you want to buy. Aarti tells him to take her to that store and she will tell him there. They leave. Chagan prays to keep Yash safe. Some guy then calls someone ( Lakkhan Bhai) and says your enemy has just went out of his house.. take your revenge today. Guy on phone says Yash won’t go back alive.

Yash and Aarti arrive at store now. Yash tells Aarti see I told you all stores would be closed.. tell me when you find store.. my friend (Manish) knows all store people. Aarti sees a Ready-Made Apparel store and notices store open time is 10am. Aarti then tells Yash what she wants she will get it from this store. Yash knocks the store door and someone asks who is it? Yash says, Yash Sindhiya, Manish’s friend. Store guy opens store and tells Aarti entire store is yours.. please come. Aarti tells Yash to stay outside and she will be back.

Aarti goes inside and says I want that… that.. and then tells him one minute. She goes to Yash and tells him she forgot to lock car door. Yash says it’s auto. Aarti then says she forgot to close window. Yash goes to check. Store guy asks where did Yash go. Aarti tells him.. she sent him for some important stuff. Store guy starts chatting and Aarti is staring at him. Store guy then says sorry.. I am a bit talkative person and asks her what she wants. Aarti is adjusting her hair around her ears and store guy said sorry we don’t keep earning.. it’s clothing store. Aarti says I don’t want earing.

Aarti then points at bra. Store guy says so now I know why you sent Yash away.. surprise huh? He then tells her to take anything she wants and he leaves to arrange tea.

Yash checks car and everything is fine. He wonders then why Aarti sent him here. He says he will go and talk with her right now. He comes and says Aarti ji.. and Aarti drops box from her hand. Yash notices it and quietly says car is locked and window is closed as well. They both go down together and then Yash looks on other side. Aarti takes box away with her leg. No one picks it up yet so both turn and go down again and their head crash. Yash again turns back and finally Aarti picks it up.

Store guy comes and says to Yash.. why did you come inside? You spoiled bhabhi’s surprise. He then tells him to drink tea and says him do selection and bhabhi will get some as well. Aarti has expression like WHAT? Store guy again leaves.

Both turn back and Yash says he just came to tell her car is fine. Aarti is staring at him. Yash says am waiting outside and leaves from store.

Back in Bhopal. Pari is in kitchen making some drink. Gayatri comes and asks for whom you making nimbu-pani? Pari says it’s not nimbu-pani.. this is lemon-honey.. your health stay good because of this. Gayatri says she just likes tea. Pari says it’s for her and Prateik as they don’t get time to look after their health. She says she has decided they will only eat healthy food now. Gayatri says it’s good to look after your health.. if you want to eat ghaash-phoosh then you eat. She takes one glass away and says but I am still there to take care of Prateik. She says as much Prateik likes to make food, he likes to eat as well. Gayatri tells him to learn something from Aarti. Gayatri then tells her to give him gobi ke parathe and leaves. Gayatri leaves. Pari is angry and she throws glass.

Break 1..

Aarti comes outside and asks Yash why did he come inside when she told him to stay outside. She says what do you think, I can’t do shopping on my own? He is quiet. Aarti asks why are you quiet now? It’s bothering me more. She tells him to leave all this and tells him to go and pay and bring bags. He doesn’t move so Aarti holds his hand and asks him to go. Yash says loudly, stop it. He tells her not to be like a typical wife. He says since we came to Mumbai, I have noticed you have changed a lot. I have told you before too don’t try to be Arpita. You can never be Arpita. Aarti says you’re absolutely wrong. I am not trying to be like Arpita. Problem is that you see Arpita everywhere. She asks him if she ever told him to forget Arpita and accept her. Aarti says in fact, I am keeping you closer to her memories and that’s why I made you to come Mumbai. Aarti says she doesn’t think she did any mistake.

Aarti says you do so much for Ansh, my family but when I try to do something, you blame me for trying to be like Arpita? She says she is Aarti and she is happy with her identity.

Break 2..

Aarti then says if you still think I hurt you then I am sorry. She starts walking and Yash stops her holding her arm. He pulls her back and says I am sorry. Aarti again starts walking. Yash says I said na I am sorry. Aarti moves back and says by saying sorry.. everything will be fine? She then sees his face and says you don’t have to make your face like kids now… go and get bags now. Yash asks me alone? Aarti yes you alone. You embarrassed me so much in front of store guy.. you think I would want to go back? Yash says he will get bags but what about that stuff? Aarti says she told him to pack already. Yash starts walking and comes back and tells her we will drink tea together but Aarti stares at him so he says he will go. He starts walking and again comes back. Aarti stares at him so he says I will go and finally goes.

Aarti is laughing after he leaves.

Episode ends..


Precap: Pari tells Parteik, finally my dream is coming true. Producer said in 4 days shooting will get started. Prateik asks but how will you go to shooting? Pari tells him not to worry about all that, she will manage it. Prateik asks what are you going to do? Pari says you will find out tomorrow how smart and intelligent your wife is.


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  1. vidya ramjas
    August 08, 16:11 Reply

    What is important? Someone plz tell me. I don’t understand. No way it not condom y would she need it when yash is playing a nun.

  2. Anonymous
    August 08, 14:41 Reply

    may be aarati have to save her husband again in next week

  3. ayushi
    August 08, 13:43 Reply

    hw stupid is this braa………..

  4. Anonymous
    August 08, 13:40 Reply

    This episode is slightly confusing to read in writing
    I think I may just watch the episode.

  5. naina
    August 08, 13:18 Reply

    plz someone tell what is that important thing they are talking about???

    • Anonymous
      August 08, 13:27

      maybe its aarti’s period or something

    • naina
      August 08, 13:31

      shut up

    • Resha
      August 08, 13:37

      its just braa…

    • Anonymous
      August 08, 15:30

      he i was just guessing and u got me wrong, when i commented the whole episode wasn’t written yet so naina don’t tell me to shut up… bite me stupid

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