Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th September 2012 Written Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th September 2012 Written Update by SAIBALROUTH

Pankuri got the old note of Adi in the room once more and is in smiles. Then she remembers (in flashback) how she lied to Adi about her new boy-friend and how shocking it was for him, and is quite upset on thinking that.

Scene Changed.

Nana is now fit and healthy. He is doing exercises when Avantika enters. She first enquires about his health. She says Nana should do less exercise as he is not fully fit. Avantika now expresses her desire to make the relation between Adi and Latika, says Latika’s Mom (Nisha) had gone to her office earlier in the afternoon, and has asked for forgiveness. Nana Ji counters with Avantika, says how can she forgive a person who has made so much allegation on her as well as Adi. Avantika says it is a third person who started it and anyone would have reacted like that on hearing such words about a prospective groom. Nana is surprised at such a changed stance of Avantika and asks if Adi is agreed in her decision. Avantika shocks Nana by saying that Adi has sorted out all the difference between him and Latika.

Scene changed.

Pankuri is now at the breakfast table. Shanky asks how she can manage by eating so little and they laugh. Adi comes and starts off a flurry of question about Shivam.He asks Pankuri if she is expecting Shivam’s call. Pankuri is startled. He asks from where he is coming, how is his family, and what job does he do and so many other questions. Pankuri had a torrid time countering all those questions.

Now before going out for the office, Pankuri notices Adi waiting outside with his car. She fears that again if she goes near Adi, Adi will start off firing questions about Shivam. Adi again starts questioning about Shivam’s work, his age, whether he is senior to Pankuri and all that, but before Pankuri can answer all those, a call comes from Shivam. Shivam says he has just now landed in Mumbai and asks if he could meet her somewhere. Pankuri says yes, she will meet and Adi is in front of Pankuri, so she tells Shivam that she will mention the time and place by calling him later.

Adi managed to have a glance at the mobile of Pankuri and is aghast to see that Pankuri has not saved her boy-friend’s number. He says this is the first time he is seeing a girl who has not even saved her BF’s number in mobile. Pankuri tells that his call has come from landline and leaves hurriedly.

Meanwhile Nana calls Harish, and informs Harish about Avantika’s plan to unite and create an engagement for Adi-Latika, further he says to Harish that he cannot understand why Avantika is making that move. Harish is puzzled as well and voices his concern to Nana.

Meanwhile Pankuri returns from office, and gets to meet Mami, says that Shivam has come to Mumbai. Mami (Sheila) on hearing that, says to Pankuri not to disclose the fact that they had made her to call Shivam, as he is from a small-town and he will have a prestige issue if he gets to know that Anuj-Sheila is backing him from behind.

Pankuri says she will not disclose to Shivam about the call and assures her that she will not speak about Anuj-Sheila to Shivam.
Mami is smiling now.

Everyone is at the hall, ready for breakfast. Pankuri is going to meet Shivam, when Nana Ji calls her and asks where she is going on a Sunday. Before Pankuri can give any explanation, Avantika says to her dad that everyone has the right to go wherever they feel like and he shouldn’t be bothered so much about Pankuri. Nana Ji again counters Avantika saying that he has taken the responsibility of Pankuri’s stay here at the Diwan Mansion and so has every right to ask questions. Pankuri replies that she is going to meet a friend who is from the same town as she is. Adi is too ready to go to Gym and Nana sees that.

Now Latika suddenly enters, and says she hopes she is not late. Adi is shocked at the early arrival of Latika in the morning and asks why she has come. Avantika says she has invited Latika to breakfast and they will be doing the breakfast together. Nana Ji asks Latika to fetch tea and Latika was in two minds. Before Pankuri could offer help, Avantika cuts her saying Pankuri had to go somewhere and she is getting late.

Nana asks Adi to drop Pankuri to her destination. Pankuri refuses the offer, saying she can go alone. Nana cites the bad weather and says Adi should accompany him, again annoying Avantika.

Adi and Pankuri in front of car and Adi frankly asks Pankuri how it feels when one is in love. He asks how can she feel that she has love, like stars shining, moon getting extra bright and all that.

Pankuri is really puzzled now, and thinks had Adi known her feelings, it would have been so much easier for her. Pankuri tells Adi that no amount of planning can make one fall in love, and when love has to happen, it will happen.

Adi praises Pankuri’s words and agrees that Love cannot be pre-planned and then executed. He loved her explanation and her outlook.

Precap: Pankuri and Shivam are seated in a table. Probably Shivam called Pankuri, and asks her whether she faced any trouble coming here. Pankuri says it is okay, and smiles. Shivam says he is a little nervous at first but now he is feeling quite comfortable and okay now. Further, Pankuri asks upto when Shivam will stay here in Mumbai. Shivam replies he will have to stay till everything is finalized and till he gets the final word (Baat Pakka hone tak rookna hoga).

Pankuri says, surely he will get final words all will be finalized, assures him and smiles (Baat zarrur pakki hogi), quite oblivious to what Shivam is referring to.

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