Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th January 2013 Written Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th January 2013 Written Update by f.s.m

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th January 2013 Written Episode

Episode Starts Adi Pankhuri are all set to go .. Sheela asks why you suddenly are going to Vishno Devi .. Adi says that when we can’t control the circumstances we should leave everything on God!, just like the way you say in Dholpoor

Shanky comes with some food .. Sheela takes advantage and get Pankhu’s phone .. Somehow she read Neha’s message .. She knows that Adi Pankhuri are going to Kullu!! She feels something fish!!

Nanu says its better you are taking her out from this environmen!!

When Adi Pankhu are about to go Sheela says ‘Bon in voice’ … Then Adi correct her it is bon voyage 😛

Adi Pankhuri in the car … Pankhuri tells Adi to be positive … Nothing bad will happen to our relationshi!! Just don’t think negative!!

Adi in his mind ‘ I donno what is going to happen after this trip .. But I will try to make this trip memorable for both of us ‘ .. Then the song “Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai .. Pehla Pehli Baar Hai” played in the BG !!

Then suddenly someone comes in front of there car !!! Adi sops then that girl comes and sit in their car and tells them to drive fast!!! Becoz she want to go to Jaipur!!

Adi stops the car and tell her to come out!! You want to go to Jaipur or Jabalpur I don’t care .. Just get out!!

The girl replies Adi that he is very short temper n very in-patient and introduce herself “Kittu” 😛 she says that I am a bride and I have eloped and wanna get married in Jaipur !!

Adi says just get out from my car coz I know if you stay with us you will trouble us !!
She said just drop me in Jaipur it is in the way of Kullu ..
Adi says your family may search for you , and coz of you we don’t wanna go to police problems..
After many arguments .. Pankhuri says .. Ok we will drop you but first tell us why you you have ran from you marriage ?? She says I should tell in details!! She says that she want her marriage to be a memorable one .. Masti drama action just like movies 😛

In Kullu Govardhan says that make Dadaji understand to sell that plot!! Dadaji says no … Govardhan says that don’t make any hope that Kailaash will ever back now!!

Adi says Romantic films should be banned!! Girls become mad .. Like this girl 😛
Kittu speaks again ( she is irritating ) tell about yourself now .. She tells Adi that he looks handsome and ask him if he has any girlfriend 😉 ..Adi says I am Married !! Pankhuri smiles 🙂
The girl get shocked and say now you have to tell me your story ;))

Sheela in a taxi trying to follow Adi n Pankhuri … The taxi tells Sheela see that car you wanted to follow ( it is Adi’s Car ) Sheela says no .. There are 3 ppl’s there ( that is the advantage of that girl ) ..

Adi tells her the whole story ( it didn’t show to us but it seems like that ) the girl get surprised and say u r absolute a Hero 😉 … She says if Akash ( her mangater ) wasn’t in my life we both could make a perfect couple 😉
Pankhuri Feels joelous and says He is my husbend !!

The girl surprised again and Ask Adi if is the truth ?? Pankhuri say “why any doubt ?? ” ( Adi Smiles ) !!
The girl says no .. I just asked !! I didn’t thought so I asked!,Adi says Why ?? The girl laughes and says to Pankhuri you are nice but Not of his type .. He looks like a s super hero and you are like old movies heroins 😛 completely aunty types 😛

Adi says don’t say about my wife like that .. Yeah she looks boring but she is NOT 😛 and not aunty types at all!! 😉
Now the girl says she want to drive … Adi disagrees!! She says I know how to drive!!! Then she tells Pankhuri let’s make Adi rest ( she called her didi 😛 ) .. Pankhuri says I donno how to drive!!
The girl surprised and say you don’t know how to drive at this age !!
She insist she wanna drive .. And start annoying both of them .. Then finally Adi agrees !!

Meanwhile … Sheela Mami’s car get stopped!!

Back to the scene ..
That girl is driving badly .. Pankhuri says why you are driving with this speed … She says so what .. two teenagers are here and one aunty too 😛 .. So lets enjoy !!!

Break comes ..

After the break ..
That girl sleeping .. Adi tells Pankhuri that u were right!! Besides finding Kailaash we have to confront Geeta too.. He also asked if Mama ji knows anything .. Pankhuri says no .. Now Geeta is not even coming out from her home!!
After a while that girl wakes up and ask why they both are going to Kullu ?? For honeymoon ?! Pankhuri says no … So she asked if they have done with their honeymoon and how was it ?? Adi n Pankhuri don’t reply ap.. The girl gets irritated and ask weather if they are really a Husbend-Wife or not ?!

Both of them say ( together ) OBVISOULY !!

Episode Ends ..

Precap ..
PaYa are outside Mandir .. Adi shouting ” I am an Idiot .. Marrying you I thought I am keeping my friendship .. I did fast for Karwa Chaut but didn’t understand .. Becoz of you now I am going to Temples .. I touch elders feet .. I eat home’s food!! .. And I thought of … ” ends ..

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