Pyaar Ka Dard Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara 20th June 2012 Written Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara 20th June 2012 Written Update by ~Saraa~

The episode starts with Dadaji telling Pankhuri that even that boy would be thinking about you right now like you are thinking of him. Pankhuri gets called away and she leaves. Dadaji looks at Dadiji’s picture and says that now, even Pankhuri will leave and why did you have to leave me mid-way through so fast.

Pankhuri is sitting with Kamini, Neha and Pushkar is teaching her how to speak English. He asks Pankhuri how to say “Main khaana bananay jaa rahi hoon.” to which Pankhuri says “I know khana banaoing.” Pushkar starts to tell her but then he sees that Pankhuri is smiling so he asks her to be serious. Pankhuri then starts talking in perfect english to which Pushkar changes the topic and starts to talk about Mumbai and whether she knows General Knowledge of Mumbai to which Pankhuri tells him all about India Gateway including the design, designer and why it was made. Dadaji walks in clapping and tells Pushkar that this is all nuisance because only love can bind all the relations together.

Scene changes and it shows Anuj walking down the staircase and Sheela asks him if he can drop her too, to which Anuj says that can she not take her own car. Sheela says that their daughter has taken it as hers had some problem. Sheela then comments on how she thinks that their daughter is going out of hand to which Anuj says that they should send her to London just like they sent their son Rubal away. Suddenly, Avantika walks in and stops Anuj. Anuj starts apologizing to Avantika profusely and says that he will make sure that the quotas get transferred to the company in Malaysia before lunch today and he walks away.

Then we have a jeep that parks right infront of the Deewan Mansion and Preeti walks out in anger and calls to Avantika and asks her who gave her the right to tell the Office in Delhi that she will inaugurating it? Preeti then tells her sister to keep out of her business. Adi walks down the stairs right then and Preeti leaves Avantika standing there and starts joking around with Adi. Avantika gets angry for no reason and starts yelling at Preeti to stop her nonsense. Adi and Preeti walk up the stairs but Adi stops mid-way through and listens to the conversation between Avantika and Purshottam. Purshottam walks in and tells Avantika to calm down, he then tells her that Harish will go to Himanchal as well because he has this right to be there for his son at this stage of his life. Avantika gets even more upset and rhetorically says that why doesn’t anyone mind their own business in this house! Purshottam says that Harish has the right as a father to be there for Adi. Avantika tells him off and says that Harish has no right and that she regrets marrying that stand-up comedian.

On the other hand, contrasting Avantika is Ambika and she says that she must have done some really good deed to have married Diwakar. Here Avantika says that she is the only one that has ever done anything for Adi and not Harish or Preeti, there Ambika says that Diwakar is the best father and husband.

Adi is shown using Ipad and he talks to himself and says that how can he not find Pankhuri anywhere online. Preeti walks in and tells Adi that this marriage institution is boring and that atleast by going to Himanchal he will get to see the beautiful place if nothing else. She gives him a gift to which Adi says that she has the best choice. Preeti tells him not to say this infront of his mother. Adi says that he has seen two sisters fight but the fight that happens between Avantika and Preeti is much more intense. Preeti changes the topic and says that she is leaving tomorrow again. Adi says that she has travelled around the world so why does she keep going away from home? Preeti says that she likes traveling. Adi questions her and says that is it that or is it Preeti running away from something? Preeti doesn’t answer and just walks away.

Pankhuri is drawing a design for her project. Dadaji walks in and he tells her that up until now she was making making models for other people’s house but now she will not make a design but actually make her own house. Then he says that he left Adi’s picture on his table and that Pankhuri hasn’t seen it yet, he gives it to her but she refuses. When he is about to walk away, Pankhuri takes the picture. She takes it out of the envelope, looks at Adi’s picture and smiles to herself. Episode ends on her smiley face.

Precap: Harish and Avantika are arguing constantly. Adi stops them and then he tells Purshottam that this is the reason why he doesn’t believe in marriage and he has decided that he won’t get married. Harish and Avantika look onto their son with guilty eyes.

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