Pyaar Ka Dard Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara 28th June 2012 Written Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara 28th June 2012 Written Update by DevvivekAshNI

Scene 1
Scene Starts With Tensions Roaming In Everybody’s Mind In Pankhuri ‘ S House While Mama Talking To Chacha About A Work Where Mama Orders Him A Work Which Chaca Is In Doubt Whether He Is Able To Do Or Not.
Harish And Avantika Starts Fight Again About More Girls Which They Gonna See,They End Up With Their Status While Adi Enters There From Lift And They Both Stops And All Trio Goes To Do Breakfast.
Pankhuri Thinking Flashbacks Of Dadaji’s Advice ”About Making Her Own Home Rather Than Project Home” Her Mom Giving Her Advice To Forget Adtyaa But She Says Maa I’m Not Doing But Its Not Necessary What I Like ,Other Person Also Like That..She Goes To College.
Chachi Comes Saying Her Husband’s Phone Is Not Coming Line.
Chacha In Adi’s Hotel Says I Will See How U All Will Go To See Girls?? He Takes Out Air From Tyre Of Car ,Loosing Its Air. Adi And All Goes Finding Another Car.
Harish In Car Tries To Give A Laugh To Avantika And Adi And They Have Good Moments And They Stops At Bridgeinsisting By Adityaa To Take A Muffler From A Shop . Harish Goes To Find Mafflar(Scorf) Avantika Follows Him. He Tries To Give Laugh To A Man By Doing Insult Of Of Wives Insisting To Avantika. While She Follow Him And Clicks His Picture With Shopkeeper Of Muffler Shop. He Chooses A Funny TypeMuffler But She Told Them To Give A Sober Muffler. They Take Both Mufflars. Shopkeeper Says He Is Fan Of Harish,She Feels Awkward. Shop Keeper Asks To Show Something For Her But She Resistes. But He Then Says To Shoiw For Adi But Then It Shifts To Shopkeeper Saying ”Madam Is Very Angry In Nature” They Both Laugh. Avantika Feels Again Awkward.
Pankhuri Is Seen Fighting With A Girl Kid For A Chocolate.

Scene 2
Scene Starts With Pankhuri Seeing Adityaa On The Brigde . Meanwhile Avantika Tells Him To Take His Dad Harish From Shop,He Asks What Dad Started Here Also.Pankhuri Is Hiding From Him.BG Tune With PYAR KA DARD HAI MEETHA-MEETHA,PYAARA-PYAARA. She Follows Him Where He Asks For Harish To Shopkeeper.He Gives BOL(BEST OF LUCK) To Adityaa.Harish Is Seen Doing Bargaining In Shop.
Pankhuri Is On Brigde And Adityaa Follows Her Without Knowing Her. But She Turns Back Readily Which Gives A Force To Him And He Is Just Slipping But Pankhuri Holds Adityaa’s Hand Leading To Their Eye-Lock. BG Starts PYAAR KA DARD HAI, MEETHA-MEETHA PAYAARA-PYAARA.

Scene 3
Scene Starts With Asking Both Of Them Apology To Each Other. But He Asks Sorry But She Gives Him Relief. He Tells Him About He Is Going To See Others Too. She Tells Him She Heard This News Already.
But She Stops Him By Saying ALL THE BEST So That Your Relation Will Get Fixed Today Itself. He Is Confused By Her Behavior And Says All The Best??

Precap: Adi Saying To Pankhuri That I Think You Don’t Have Interest In Me That’s Why You Didn’t Called Me But She Tells Him That She Lost His Card. And He Asks Her To Meet Her Again And She Is Seen In Tension Or Confusion That How Will She Go To Meet Him??

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