Qubool Hai 06th February 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 06th February 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 06th February 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital
Rashid is sitting by Dilshad’s bed holding her hand. Zoya enters and is shocked to find Rashid by Dilshad’s bedside, while remembering her last conversations with him and with nazma too about their father, who had left them. Rashid sees her and is equally shocked. He comes upto her and asks about her being there. While Zoya says that Dilshad’s her aunt, Rashid tells Zoya that Dilshad is the same first love, that he lost out on, and had talked to her about it. He says that when he prayed to the God to get him back to Dilshad, he met Zoya, which means that even the Almighty wanted it. He says that even though he cant see Dilshad regularly, but he stays on in the hope that he would see her someday and live his life with her, sustains him through adversities, otherwose he wouldnt have been able to live.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid sits on the bed. Shirin cautiously approaches him, but doesnt say anything. While he has tears rolling down his cheeks, Shirin comes upto him and hugs him. He too finds solace in her arms. When she asks about Dilshad, he says that she’s fine but with great difficulty, and collapses in to her arms again, breaking into tears. Razia sees this from a distance.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad, Nazma along with the nurse tuck Dilshad into bed. Dilshad asks about mariam and is told by Asad that she has been sent to her brother. As the nurse starts giving her injection, Asad turns around to find Zoya standing in the doorway and he shuts the door on her face, while she stands stunned. Zoya is hurt. Asad instructs the nurse that he doesnt want anyone else in the room.

Zoya finds the nurse in the kitchen searching around for things. She helps her to get the bowl for the soup that the nurse had made for Dilshad. She tells the nurse to go and that she would get the soup. While she prepares the soup, Asad confronts her. As she tries to clarify, he takes away the plate from her and leaves. Zoya is again in tears.

Asad takes the soup to her room, and finds Dilshad and Nazma sleeping. He wakes up Nazma and asks her to rest for the night in her room. She says that she wanst to stay with Dilshad and that she would give her the soup. Zoya lingers around. aasd sees this and shuts the door, this time himself out of the room and warns her that she shouldnt even think about going near Dilshad again. When zoya asks why, he tells her that what he has assumed that she didnt send Mariam and lied to her. Zoya keeps trying to tell her the truth, but Asad says that she’s entirely responsible for what happened to Dilshad.

Zoya asks Asad to believe her when she says that she’s innocent in Dilshad’s murder attempt. Asad aggressively tells her that if she ever tried to get close to Dilshad, then he would take away her life. He leaves while Zoya is stunned to see such a facet of asad, after she tells him that he’s hurting her. He saysthat Dilshad and Nazma are his life and he wants to see them secure and cant put their lives at stake for her immaturity. He taunts her that since she doesnt care for relations, hence even God didnt give her a mother. She is terribly hurt and goes to her room, bursting into tears, stifling her sibs in the pillow. She turns her eys upwards and asks the lOrd as to why did He do this to her and whats her fault if she doesnt remember even her mother’s face, or why did her father leave her. she says that she doesnt knwo who’s her father and where’s he. she says that she’s been living in a stranger’s house just for the hope that when she finds her father, she would ask him why he left her or her mother. She curses the Lord blaming him for everything because of which He’s so helpless. She says that she is determined to find where’s her father and what happened to her parents, even if He might try to hide them. She says that she knows that this is a secret and that she would definitely unveil it.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is reading an old newspaper about the headline carrying the news about the conspiracy behind the Doll Factory tragedy, thinking that it would destroy everything if this secret of the factory ever came out. When Shirin too reads it, and asks her why is she reading this newspaper so old, Razia says that she was just sorting through old things. Shirin too sees it and recognizes it as the Doll factory, where fire had spread years back and destroyed everything. Razia pretends to be ignorant of it. Shirin says that she remembers clearly that they had bought this factory and Rashid had been very upset about this, and had also remembered that Rashid had shifted in with them, after this incident only. But Shirin clearly tells that it had been claimed that it wasnt an accident after all, but a planned conspiracy. Unable to take it any longer, Razia asks her to stop blabbering and stop thinking about such things. She sends her off citing a headache and demanding for tea. As Shirin walks out, she mutters to herself that Razia is so angry as if she was behind this conspiracy. As she leaves, Razia looks up at the newspaper again and is tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: When Asad tells Dilshad about how irresponsible Zoya had been in sheltering Mariam, Dilshad clarifies his doubts and tells him that it was her and not Zoya who had brought Mariam back into this house, despite Zoya telling her not to since Asad wont like it. She tells him that zoya isnt to be blamed for this. Asad is mortified with guilt. he goes over to Zoya’s room, finds her in tears and tries to talk, but Zoya sternly asks him to leave the room.


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    February 07, 04:32 Reply

    Good episode, Hope soon asad accept his feeling. waiting for valentine episode

  2. Neha
    February 07, 03:36 Reply

    Good afternoon all q u fans.

  3. Neha
    February 07, 02:59 Reply

    I am from agra,india.

  4. Maghla
    February 07, 02:35 Reply

    Me fine neha. Where r u from ? I m from bangladesh.

  5. Neha
    February 07, 02:33 Reply

    Thank you maghla.how r u?

  6. Asha
    February 07, 02:13 Reply

    Today epi so interesting.

  7. Asha
    February 07, 02:12 Reply

    Hi guys.heha,dimpy how r u?

  8. Neha
    February 07, 02:08 Reply

    Hi hasham i am new here.

  9. Neha
    February 07, 02:06 Reply

    (Dimpy-i living in agra)how r u?

  10. AJ
    February 07, 00:41 Reply

    Awweee Ksg and Surbhi u guys are awesome ! love u so much <3 and don't wrry Zoya u will get ur answers and don't blame anyone or the God it happens when ur angry u blame everything on God but u can do this Asad how can u and why on earth is it so hard for me to even like ur anger lol but no its sad:( but:) I can never be mad at u ksg or the character that ur playing yup but upset to if i was zoya i would want to find answers with Asad cuz he knows more about the place bohpal then she does so no matter how much she hates him i think she should get his help once again:)

  11. KSG!!
    February 06, 23:35 Reply

    Thank you for the pics!! The best ones were when KSG got angry and when he felt guilty!!:)

  12. Maghla
    February 06, 23:05 Reply

    Good morning…….. Have a nice day.

  13. nese
    February 06, 22:17 Reply

    Good episode.things are slowly unveiling ….Ayan is yet to realise that Zoya is the same girl Asad talks about. My take is that Ayan will fall in love with Zoya.The big mystery will be that Razia and her husband burn down the factory and framed Rashid. Also there might be a link with the death of Zoya’s mom who may have died in that same fire. Mamujan may be Zoya’s real father too.

    • sakthi
      February 06, 23:07

      Razia husband may be Zoya father

  14. R
    February 06, 20:31 Reply


  15. R
    February 06, 20:30 Reply

    Wow superb epi

  16. R
    February 06, 20:30 Reply

    Good morning

  17. Fatma
    February 06, 17:45 Reply

    Love Qubool hai today episode is fantastic can’t wait for tomarrow poor Zoya always get blame thank God Dilshad is alive I wish they tell the “purana razor” now last one Asad looks nice in clean shave beared doesn’t suit him

  18. Reshma Lalwani
    February 06, 16:09 Reply

    Wow zoya !!!! You rocked this episode !! Great acting … No overreacting ! And so suttle u were when you told asad in a calm manner that he was hurting you !!! Loved it !!! Ur character is nice … How u don’t assume that the other is not right … But there could be a reason for your dad leaving you … Nice to see different type of nature of people ! Love you zoya and of course asad did well !!

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