Qubool Hai 16th April 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 16th April 2013 Written Update by RimjhimQubool Hai 16th April 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad is given the ring that dilshad had made for her future daughter in law. Asad is overwhelmed to receive this. He asks why is she giving it to him. She says he would need it to put it on zoya’s finger. Asad says that its useless as he isnt going to do it. Dilshad says that sometimes for the right to happen, they have to take the wrong path. Asad still doesnt want to admit that he might need it. But dilshad insistently gives it to asad, that he might need it someday. Tanveer sees asad gazing at the ring with venomous eyes.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan tells zoya on the phone, that ven though he’s unsure of this, still he would go ahead with the ceremony. He says that he’s following her advice, to value love in his life, as its very rare, but it would be wonderful for him, if asad comes for the ceremony tomorrow. He asks how would zoya get asad to his house tomorrow. she gets into her poetry:

Brain hai mera sharp, koi chemical locha nahi,
Lana to hai unhe, par kaise yeh socha nahi hain!!

Zoya asks ayan not to worry for asad’s presence in his ceremony, while dealing with a lot of electrical circuits. Seeing asad come in, she cancels the phone. Asad asks her to take her circuit elsewhere as he has to work. they get into a fight as to who would do the work, and in whose position. They get into a scuffle about whose stupid idea it was about the engagement. (MITWA MOMENT) Tanveer sees the silhouettes of two people, and is happy that the immigration officers would just for once see this fight while they are fighting on the engagement issue. While fighting, Mr. Dhurandhar and dolly are shocked to see asad and zoya in each othere’s arms.(MITWA MOMENT)

Mr. Dhurandhar thinks that now even he believes of their love, while tanveer watches with disgust, her plan falling apart.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Razia reprimands tanveer that she still hasn’t been able to get zoya out of the country. Tanveer says that she would just take two more days. Mamujaan interrupts razia asking about engagement arrangements, and razia assures that it would be a very special day, which tanveer overhears. Razia asks tanveer to make tomorrow the day that zoya departs. tanveer says that she has to send zoya out and she knows it. After tanveer cancels the phone, she thinks to herself, that more than for razia, she wants zoya out of her way, as she herself plans to destroy razia, remembering how she had insulted her.

Ayan’s sisters and humaira are trying on dresses for the ceremony tomorrow. when humaira tries on the dress that she would wear tomorrow, ayan faces her, and the other girls make an excuse to leave them alone. But ayan is unable to say anything and leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Zoya is busy in her own plans of arranging gifts for ayan, while tanveer watches. she asks zoya what is she doing. Zoya says that she isnt preparing for hers, but ayam’s engagement. she reveals her plans to tanveer, on the pretext that she wouldnt tell this to asad. tanveer thinks that zoya has made her task easy, and she would kill two birds with one stone now. Just then, asad knocks, and tanveer is send out by zoya so that he cant see it.

While tanveer takes the gifts outside, zoya engages asad in foolish talks to divert him from seeing tanveer. After zoya leaves, tanveer thinks to herself about her plans. zoya collides into Mr. Dhurandhar, who asks her where is she going on the day of her engagement. Just then asad too comes in, and they are faced with a barrage of questions by Dhurandhar. He asks what colour he likes zoya best in. He remembers his first meet with her, and says red. Then many more questions happen, which they answer in a rapid fire way. dolly clarifies that this is just to test their love. Zoya engages in PDA to impress Mr. Dhurandhar. as she goes overboard, asad reminds Zoya that she had to go out. after that, Dhurandhare too begins to leave, before asking about the engagement time, which nazma answers is at 5.0.clock. he leaves hearing this. asad reprimands dilshad why did they tell that time to him. Dilshad says that she didn’t have any other option, as Dhurandhar would have doubted them otherwise. Asad leaves in disgust.

Scene 5:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While ayan sits gloomy, ayan is worried that asad hasnt come yet, and whether zoya’s plan would be successful. the other people are entertaining guests. Badi bi tries to get ayan to talk, as to what discomfort he is going through, and why is she feeling so helpless. Ayan remembers razia’s threat, humaira’s love and zoya’s advise. badi bi says that she knows he isnt happy with this relation. Razia sees this. she calls shirin, who says that she’s confident that nothing would happen wrong now, as asad has refused to come, and ayan too isnt throwing any tantrums. showing badi bi sitting with ayan, Razia tells shirin that they shouldnt leave ayan alone with badi bi, as he can be easily instigated. Badi bi tells ayan that she has seen rashid being destroyed by razia’s plans, and cant bear to see him too fall prey to it. Just then shirin takes badi bi forcibly, to meet some relative.

zoya arrives there in a burqa, seeing which razia is a little tensed as to who’s the person that has come, who she doesnt recognise. The screen freezes on razia’s face.

Precap: Mamujaan gives a gift to humaira saying that she had made it with his own hands for his daughter, and blesses her to be happy always. He leaves. Humaira opens the gift and finds that its the same doll showpiece that zoya too has. When zoya hears the same tune playing, she is shocked and turns around to find out where is it coming from, as it reminds her of her father.

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    most lovely mitwa moment between asya!…..:*)

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  9. asya4ever
    April 17, 07:17 Reply

    Dont Miss It!
    Tanveer will blackmail Asad that heis the father of her baby and forcesAsad to marry her…and
    Zoya will be heart broken and gets a new paralled lead
    where as they gonna put an end to Ayaan character as he is going intofilms…!

  10. asya4ever
    April 17, 07:05 Reply

    Sound of Music – Heart’s True Calling? – Twists in Qubool Hai

    Two Brides. Two Grooms. Reluctant Grooms. Willing Brides. Are any of them listening to the sound of music that their heart’s are playing? Engagement as Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) says is a life time commitment. However, both him and brother are playing the charade. Both out of compulsion. Real feelings are camouflaged under pretense. Andwhat they cannot hear is what their inner voices are telling them.Qubool Hai is gearing up for a major upheaval in the lives of the protagonists. On one hand, mirrorwill be shown and they may just not like the real picture that the mirror reflects. Confronting one’s feelings where Asad Ahmed Khan is concerned is not the main issue, issue will happen when the truth about Zoya Farooqui (SurbhiJyoti) will come to fore. What will happen to the feeling that have burgeoned and bloomed into lovethat is unstinting? Can feelings be turned off like a tap? Would he want to?

    Zoya Farooqui has yet to realise her feelings for Asad. Add to this will be finding out the connection with Siddiquis. How will she deal with her own identity and her feelings for Asad who will perhaps reject her as a life partner? Will trying to find her identity lead to the depths of obscurity? Will she regret taking the journey of discovery? As that discovery may create what can only be called as cacophony that would drown out what her heart is singing (Yes, mitwa ishq pe zor nahi )

    And then there is another sound of music, that will disrupt the surrounding. The music from the doll toy. What will Zoya do once she finds out the source of that music is her home, her father’s home? Will her advise to Ayaan change once she finds out Humeira is her half-sister? What will Asad do when he finds out Zoya is Gaffur Siddiqui’s daughter?
    Qubool Hai, surely will keep you hooked with the twists and turns anticipated. The story is taking you through a roller coaster ride of intrigue, deceit and love. Kisine kaha hai, Ye Pyaar Insaan Se Kya Kuch Nahi Karwata? Dekhtein haininka pyaar inhen kahan le jaata hai. Ibtadaa-e-ishq mein saari raatjaage, Allah jaane kya hoga aage… is a song that comes to mind.
    Don’t forget to tune into your favorite show at 9:30pm on Zee TV, every weekday. Kya aapko Qubool Hai?

  11. asya4ever
    April 17, 07:01 Reply

    WU and Link : Badhai Ho Badhai ho gai Sagai 😀

    zoya comes in asad’s room and yells at him…asad was in grrey shirt with buttons open…he says one is not supposed to enter in his room without permission…zoya reverts back saying one is not supposed to come in her life without permission too..then they showed some offscreen masti with dilshad,asad and nazma…zoya was playing on ph also..then they showed asad in anger after watching comething on laptop must be engagemnet fiasco..and was mad over siddiquies..as he cudnt tolerate what they said about his mother…dilshad tries to calm him down but no avail…then they howed some offcreen reporter asks how he is going to show his anger same as previous cases when he was breaking furniture..he replies once he gets back to his room he will do it as he dsnt like to do it in front of his family…dilshad and nazma were having choco cake..and asad says when ammi an tamatar have choco caake it makes him calm down…then dishaad says they can make him eat too..but he says no…again in last scene same asad and zoya scene was shown in his room with zoya showing his ring finger with same ring which was given to asad by dilshaad…and then stares at asad’s six packs making asad embarassing and zoya leaves..

  12. APB
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