Qubool Hai 29th October 2012 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 29th October 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 29th October 2012 Written Episode

This is the story of a girl named ZOYA who has come all the way from New York to fulfill her mission.The story revolves around whether she would be able to achieve his dream.

Location: Zoya’s residence
The episode starts with zoya praying to the lord while doing hr namaz that on this day,when she ‘s getting married help her and give her strength so that she can marry the person that her sister,zeenat and brother-in-law,Anwar have chosen for her even though she has never met the person.But she is still willing to go ahead and commit for life to this person as her sister would definitely have chosen right guy for her.But somewhere she feels maybe something is wrong and again asks for god’s grace and says that whatever the almighty wishes,for her its a ,”QUBOOL HAI”

Next morning,her sister comes in and finds her practicing the bridal act but with a pair of jeans underneath her bridal wear.She tells her to atleast discard off the jeans on her wedding day.She is about to go when zoya holds her hand.Zeenat tells her not to worry as its common for her to be nervous today but her groom is a good guy.Zoya says defintely he’s gud if she’s chosen but is he the right one.Zeenat is stunned into silence and thinking by this statement.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Seein in the house are flocks of girls descending down the stairs from both the groom’s and the bride’s side who are discussing the pros and cons of both the parties and enjoying in harmless teasing and arguements.Their chattering is interrupted by the mother of the head of the girl’s gang,Humaira(I didnt quite catch the name properly,hopefully its this)She is the cousin to Nikhat,for whom the groom and his party are coming in the evening and the whole house and everybody is busy in prepping up for it.Her mother,whose favourite line is,FIR TUM BOLOGE KI BOLTI HAI,is constantly nagging about how they have to get the house ready and the present generation of girls always have incessant nonsensical topics to chat about.

Just then Nikhat’s mother,Shirin arrives talking on the phone with her husband,Rashid about their daughter and her impending marriage while interrupting in between motioning the girls to get the bride ready for whom the fuction is being organised.Humaira along with her gang proceed towards nikhat’s room.Shirin continues talking to rashid and telling him to come home soon fro the office.

Humaira comes to nikhat’s room and finds her in doubt with a zillion dresses unable to decide what to wear that would go with her dark complexion.Humaira unsuccessfully tries to cheer her up saying she’s beautiful,but nikhat is depressed thinking otherwise.Just then humaira’s mother and shirin enter.They reprimand her for not being ready yet and tell her that she cant be thisindescisive after marriage since her complezion wont win everybody over,her mannerisms will have to do that for hr.Sh nods and humaira takes her out to dress her up for the occassion.Shirirn takes this oppurtunity to thank humaira’s mother for setting up this relation for nikhat despite her dark complesion.She in return tells her not to worry since the guy belongs to her in laws’ side and therefore has to be good and tht she is determined to get nikhat marrioed this year as she considers shirin to be her real sister even if they are not related.Shirin’s eyes fill up with gratitude.

Meanwhile downstairs,humaira perks up nikhat’s mood by showing her a wonderful dress but Ayan steals away the thunder and the credit for it.He makes his entry doing stunts on a bicycle and gets everybody in a liitle merriment with a song and dance sequence.He is shown in a healthy teasing affair with humaira who share a love-hate relationship.After the dance,ayan is shown flirting with girls,living upto his casanova image but gets rebutted on mixing up names of the girls.Humaira takes this oppurtunity to tease him but he reatliates by declaring his profound lov for her,in a playful manner.A series of interseting,teasing chit chat follows.

Scene 3:
Location: Zoya’s residence
Anwar is expressign his doubts to zeenat about getting zoya on the pretext of spending holidays to india,from new york and then getting her to forcefully marry where she would face the problem of adjusting to this lifestyle which is a big change from New York .But zeenat dismisses all doubts saying that most NRI families do the same and once married everthing is alright and the girl successfully adapts.But anwar is still in doubt.Their house is thronged with guests who have come for the marriage.The groom is congratulated by his friends for landing himself a bride from America.Zoya descends down the stairs and all eyes are fixed on her.She passes the groom and sits on her side.

The Maulvi starts the nikah with the condition of a meher of Rs.30,00,001 and asks if zoya agrees to the marriage.When she doesnt respond,the priest asks her again,Finally after being asked thrice,she says that she doesnt agree to the marriage and runs away fromt here and back to her room. Everybody is shocked to hear this.Anwa runs behind her.

She shuts the door and starts crying but anwar knockes on th door and comes inside to be by her side in this time of difficulty.She asks for his forgiveness for saying no to marriage and that he had to see this.Then she suddenly thinks about her sister and freezes.Downstairs her sister is having a hard time explaining the recent evenst and is at the receiving end of the groom’s side’s wrath who have taken it on their prestige and made this an ego issue.she tries to calm them down saying that the marriage will most certainly happen.But the situation is far from redemption.Zoya thinks that she cant face her sister and that the only option is to run away.Anwar tries to calm her down and asks her to relax.Zoya confronts him saying that she trusted him and when they got her to Inda on the pretext of a vacation,even he didnt bother to tell hr that zeenat’s fixed her marriage when he clearly knew that she had come to india with a mission.Not only did he not help her with that,he went on to betray her by fixing her marraige along with zeenat without her knowledge.Downstairs,zeenat is having a hard time controlling the situation.Meanwhile the maulvi,says that what she did was wrond but zoya has a right to live her life the way she wants and if she doesnt agree,then there s no use forcing her to get married.This further sparks off a heated arguemnt.Finally zeenat calms them down saying that zoya will definitely get married and starts climbing ths stairs with others in follow who have now taken it to their ego and say that now they will get zoya married with or without her consent.

Snsing the crowd coming upstairs,anwar looks up at a frighteneed zoya and both of tehm decide on a common way out.Zeenat bursts into zoya’s room to find it empty with just anwar there an an open window.The realisation that zoya has in fact run away makes her faint almost in anwar’s arms and the others disperse.Anwar tells her to pray for zoya as there is nothing else left to do,and pray that the lord gives her the strength to recognize her love and whe it comes along her way have the courage to say,’QUBOOL HAI”.

Scene 3:
Location: A deserted building and a bylane in it.
Some blind children are playing.Another hero makes an entry helping one of the visually challenged kids in his task.He then goes on to raise money for the blind kids by singing a song on the guitar.As fate would have it,zoya too is in the same building wandering around aimlessly and ayan too happens to be there but their paths dont cross.The screen freezes on trio’s face suggesting that their lives are going to be intertwined by fate.

Precap: Zoya is hit on the road by a car,which happens to belong to the guy who was singing for the blind kids.They engage in a verbal arguement where she accuses him of driving rash and if he cant drive sane,he shouldnt drive at all.He accuses her of walking carelessly on the road and if she cant walk properly she should not come out of the house at all.She retaliates by accusing him of talking rudely and that if cant talk properly he should keep his mouth shut.

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  1. anya
    June 07, 16:03 Reply

    oh god so frustrated… The very 1st epi of KSG N ma FOREVER FAV dailysoap QH.. Remembering olden daez.. Aisa lag raha hai yeh kuchh dif soap hai n abb kaa is totally dif.. Mitwa, Allah miyaa whats wrong with you, main boloongi toh kahenge bolti hoo n shirin’s hayy bhabhi and Zoya’s funny shayris.. oh god am missing these soooooooooooooooooooooo much.. Ma frnd told me u copied the OH PLEASE!!! from asad btt dnt knw how n when they touched my heart with this awesome soap… Tears rolling down while remembering this.. N many of ma csns n frndz are ssooooo frustrated n stopped watching this soap cuz KSG left.. am nt saying SJ and KV dnt wnt only ksg BUT i jsst wanna say I AM MISSING U VERY MUCH KSG a lot se bhi zyada.. Always ur fan and LYSM… KSG do another soap bt plz come back onscreen i need to see u badly… Never knew i can miss some actor this badly.. since u left the show my wallpaper is just u n whenever ma frnd sees ur pic she says oh i hate this man for leaving QH bt 8 da same tym she loves u n we all does.. The feeling i cant explain… LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE…… QUBOOL HAI…. KSG…… U WERE IS N ALWAYS WILL …

    • Loveydovey
      July 26, 05:02

      Where can u watch old epi’s pls someone tell me !!!!!!!!

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