Rab Se Sona Ishq 18th July 2012 Written Update

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Rab Se Sona Ishq 18th July 2012 Written Update by strawberryrashu

Part 1
[Night time]
epi starts with daljeet entering his house and his neighbor babli comes to trouble him again daljeet asks what r u doing here she says I got towel for u he says keep it and go its too late now’.she goes then daljeets mom enters and tells him to have food and he asks about his fathers health
[sahebas house]

ranveer enters her rooms and both sneak out saheba says why r u here so late night she says I want to confess she asks what he says I didn’t save u in the mela saheba says then why did u lie’then there are few romantic nok jhok between them and finally ranveer says I am sorry for lying’saheba then says I just want to live with u that’s my dream and she stares at the sky’ranveer comes and hugs her from back ..and she says its feels so nice’ranveer says I will sit in aero plane and go through stars one day..saheba says its will be so nice that after our marriage we go to London we can celebrate my bday also there ranveer says there is a famous place there we will cut the cake there saheba says u didn’t go and already ur dreaming he says one day it will be true and says I will shout from there happy bday saheba (sound echos) then they hug and then saheba sees a breaking star and they both wish
[morning time]
mehendi function preps are going on sahebas granny is ordering everyone there is small talk between sisters and her sis says I am making tea from morning I am tired saheba says do for me she sasy u are just going to go in nearby lane she says u give me some nishani so that I remember u like mobile or choodi saheba says I am going nearby only then saheba gives her mob and hugs her ‘.
Just them a video maker comes saheba instructs him about how she wants her mehendi video’and he agrees then her buji says her mnehendi wali is not coming she is ill saheba gets sad and she shouts no mehendi function is happening but her mom says simple can put mehendi buji says her name is only simple how will she apply Arabic mehendi’.saheba agrees she gets angry she tells her mom u apply mehendi from her and goes away
[daljeets school scene]

principle is scolding kids and the boy who calls him sirjee is standing on bench holding his ears he says we are the future of this country daljeet enters surprised’and says no Gud morning and sastriyakal’.and direct comment on future of country he tells them to sit down then a boy says I don’t want to study today daljeet says then why r u here he says no body was paying attention to me at home so I am here’and he sasy if u dnt teach I will give u a gift and gives him a fan..daljeet says u all want to learn how to make this everyone nods and daljeet teaches them and all of them go out to fly it and daljeet sees saheba in school veranda jumping and kids are going around her with fan’.and he is still then jeet comes and says sirjee school is over and another boy says u had promised u will leave me home daljeet says yup lets go
Part 2
[sahebas house terrace]
buji comes and tries to convince her to apply mehendi from simple saheba disagrees she says tell granny mehendi is cancelled and she says buji go’buji goes away..just then ranveer calls he says stop crying saheba says u are worrying about me don’t act he says don’t cry I have sent a girl from chandigarh she will apply mehendi and she says thanks and there is lovey dovey talk between them ranveer says write my name in ur mehendi in eng saheba says u also learn to read ur name it will help u on the day of SR he says the girl has another gift also its night gown he says wear it on SR saheba and buji comes and says wow total mood change and they all go down
[daljeet on cycle]
jeet tells I am in love daljeet says Is this ur age jeet then tells all the symbolism of love another boy says I also had some strange feeling when I drank 6 glass of lassi
jeet says shut up and the daljeet says I am also having these symptoms (flash back is shown where he is carrying saheba in his arms)jeet says sirjee ur in love(bg ni me chori chori)

[sahebas house]
mehendi ceremony is in full swing every one is dancing and enjoying same is happening at ranveers house some leg pulling I also going on and finally ranvir receives the call and is shocked

Precap-ranveer hitting the agent and saheba comes there she also hits him with slippers the agent says I promise u ranveer u won’t go to London and u will stay here only I wont return ur money also

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