Rab Se Sona Ishq 19th July 2012 Written Update

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Rab Se Sona Ishq 19th July 2012 Written Update by -NaGs_BaBy-

Episode starts from yesterday’s continuation where Ranveer gets a call. Ranveer leave his house hurriedly. Daljeet drop his student Deep at his house, Daljeet enters Sahiba house to find his student Fateh who follows Deep. Bujji meets Daljeet and starts her conversation with him by thinking he was a light guy and Daljeet thought she was talking to him about Fateh. Bujji asks him to arrange the chairs. Mehendi ceremony Daljeet sees Sahiba dancing and he lost in her dance and starts to walk towards her with the chair. Mummy scold Deep for his went out, Deep tells to Mummy Daljeet comes to drops him not to carry chair. Deep shows Daljeet to Mummy, Mummy says sorry to Daljeet and takes the chair from him and ask him to have a seat. Bujji sees Daljeet again and asks him where’s his boys. Deep and Fateh said there are his boys and tells her Daljeet is their teacher and he drop them at home. Bujji says sorry for her misunderstanding while Daljeet ignore her and search Sahiba. Mummy ask Bujji to give lassi to Daljeet.

Ranveer reached shop and angrily ask Balvinder reason for sending Malki to London instead of Ranveer. Balvinder starts to run and Ranveer chase him. The chase begins!!! They starts to fight, Sahiba’s friend saw the incident and runs to inform Sahiba. On e lady asks Daljeet is he married, he says he don’t want. Another lady calls the ladies and they were around Daljeet and start to tease him. Poor my sweetu. Sahiba’s friend comes and and inform her about the incident. My dear idiotic copiers I know you guys likes to copy our effort and get fame for yourself. Sahiba runs leave the mehendi ceremony while mummy calling her. Daljet escapes from the ladies.

Police station. Ranveer’s daddy tries to convince the cop but Ranveer interrupt and says the cop is biased since the cop is supporting Balvinder. Balvinder ask Ranveer to stand on knee and ask for apologize from him. Jansi Ki Rani Sahiba reached police station and starts to wacked Balvinder. Ranveer tries to stop her. Lady cop ask her to go back home since it’s her Mehendi day. Sahiba sees Ranveer’s hand bleeding, she starts to attack Balvinder again. Balvinder ask Ranveer to forget about his money and Balvinder won’t let him to go out for his life long.

Riverside. Ranveer and Sahiba sits near riverside, he scolds for attacking Balvinder and make Ranveer to pay for Balvinder’s treatment and runs from her Mehendi. Ranveer ask Sahiba to promise that she won’t hits anyone in future. She denied and says she will kill whoever is against Ranveer. Ranveer says she won’t understand someone’s feeling when their dream shattered. It was his dream to go to London and now he have to restart all again. My dear idiotic copiers I know you guys likes to copy our effort and get fame for yourself. He wants to go to London and settled there. Sahiba ask what about her? Ranveer says she too will be with him. Sahiba tries to cheer him. Ranveer tells there was an agent but he needs more money and Ranveer can’t arrange huge amount in short time. Ranveer ask Sahiba to go back to home.

Sahiba house. Sahiba reached home silently but get caught by her family. Sahiba asks all did they put mehendi. Bebe ask Sahiba its her mehendi or others and she continues to chides Sahiba by saying she runs away from the ceremony. My dear idiotic copiers I know you guys likes to copy our effort and get fame for yourself. Sahiba tells Bebe Ranveer gets involved in some problem and she went to help him. Bebe gets more angry and continues her chides session. Bebe scolds Bujji too when she supports Sahiba. Bebe shocked to see Sahiba’s hand where all erased. Bebe says it’s a very bad omen. Sahiba goes and puts mehendi on her hand. Sahiba says no bad omen will come between her and her Ranveer. Bebe chides her again, Sahiba leave the place to set her hair. Mummy tells Bebe, Sahiba is still young and unmatured and she going to leave them.

Ranveer house. Ranveer’s mom apply ointment to his hand, Ranveer’s dad tries to cover up the situation. Ranveer remembers about Balvinder’s incident. Binny comes to Ranveer house and give him a letter and jewellery from Sahiba.

Precap. Mummy scold Sahiba regards jewellery .

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