Rab Se Sona Ishq 24th May 2013 Written Update

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Rab Se Sona Ishq 24th May 2013 Written Update by camjs

Rab Se Sona Ishq 24th May 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with fateh gets angry after watching case file…he says u r mad…mayur comes there with lawyer and fateh gets bail…anu is happy…fateh and anu is leaving when daljeet stops them…he says i know u hate me so much…but atleast think about ur mother who is waiting for u from 6years…that mother can’t lie to her daughter…she says to fateh we shud go there…daljeet is happy…they leaves from there…daljeet is driving…fateh and anu is sitting at the backseat…they both holding hands…daljeet is watching anu from the mirror…he stops the car near temple…anu sees the temple and gets flashbacks…he says to daljeet to take me away…he says try to remember…fateh gets angry and stops daljeet from forcing anu…he takes anu from there and starts walking…daljeet comes there with a car and apologise…he says to sit in the car please…they both sits in the car…bebe is crying and roop consoles her…daljeet stops the car near house…he says thx to anu for coming here…fateh says that anu is not gonna stay here for long…and i m not gonna leave her here alone…i will stay with her…daljeet says i don’t think u shud stay here or else people will say bad about family…anu scolds daljeet and says who r u to decide that…they goes inside and sahibas mother is happy…she says mother has come to meet u…anu is happy…fateh comes to mother and says her to confirm that i m fateh…she says i don’t know that this pic is urs or not…but this is anu’s fanily…let her accept this family…he thinks that i shud allow anu to accept her family…but i don’ttrust this guy daljeet…he goes to anu and says i m fateh and u know this…roop sees the thread tied in fateh’s hand…she says its the same ranveer used to wear…sahibas mother also says the same…daljeet says u r lying about ur identity…fateh says to anu to trust him…now i will get the proof that i m fateh…

Precap… Colonel says that u r alive ranveer..i m so happy…fateh says that i called u to clear this misunderstanding…he says u r my son…mayur is confused…police is also standing there…

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  1. sri
    May 28, 03:12 Reply

    i dont like both sahiba n ranveer bcoz both of them made daljeet n other girl crazy by their love after tat they said they didnt ready to accept them n started their own life.

  2. shelly
    May 27, 11:10 Reply

    I quite agree with ammara and j. parker. Ranveer is a big crook and you all connot see this.

  3. Ksg_AshishKapoor
    May 27, 06:08 Reply

    I personally have always disliked Daljeet. It has nothing to do with with ranveer being better looking. Daljeets character is weaking as is his acting, yes ranveer has made mistakes but so has he?? Ranveer was never a bad person, circumstances led him 2 become like that? He is not a womenizer? Aprt from pals daughter and he was never in love with her. Ppl always say love makes u do crazy, stupid things and he has done it, why does daljeet always try 2 act like a saint? Like his love is so pwerful and true? He is an annoying creep that keeps popping up like some plague.there is nothing remotely goodlooking about him, and his big lips and sleepy eyes and annoying sahiba ji, sahiba ji. Let’s be honest if he was meant 2 be with sahiba, he would be. Look at the irony 6years later and they still met each other as different individuals and fell in love and ranveer has proved his love time and again by putting himself in danger when saving her life also. The tables have turned and daljeets obsessive behaviour is clearly getting to many, thank god he won’t be in the leap. Maybe the ratings will even pick up once the writers find stability in this story coz most of the time, the love stories don’t even develop and then a new track is being played.

  4. Aaradhya
    May 26, 17:22 Reply

    this story is clearly about anu and fateh/ranveer and sahiba. dont know why they always get stupid obsessed daljeet in between. but every story needs a villian right?
    and those fools who are still in favour of daljeet… cant you see how they both changed? yes, daljeet used to be nice and innocent but not anymore! he turned into an obsessed lover who tried to destroy ssahibas marriage by any means even though she does not love him! how he sent ranveer to mental hospital, lied to all, pushed sahiba to an engagement… he did all this for himself, selfish coward, didnt care about sahiba for a second!
    I know ranveer was very bad, but he really changed. he was even ready to accept her child from D, was even ready to leave her coz he only cared about HER HAPPINESS! unlike daljeet!

    so I think this is reason enough that we want ranveer and sahiba/fateh and anu together, because its true love. stop talking about him being hot etc you cant see the point.

    thank god daljeet wont be there after the next leap. ashish all the way!!! šŸ™‚

    • J. Parker
      May 27, 06:11

      So sad that some viewers are sooo emotional. None of them are good. If you murder someone, then you are a MURDERER no matter what. It is worse if you do not admit it and blame someone else. Daljeet should know when to stop. Leave that loose woman alone. As for sahiba, it is sad that you wuold want such a cheap woman who sleeps with a man at the drop of a hat to marry fateh (she slept with ranveer even on the day she had a miscarriage. Sooo desperate to sleep with a man)

  5. soomaya
    May 24, 19:51 Reply

    This story is about Anu and Fateh…they should forget the past and start fresh life. I hate Daljeet…wish he was in an accident and in a coma or lost his memory so Anu and Fateh would have some time to breathe. Ranveer may have a bad past but people can change. We need to look at the good side of people but Daljeet is a conniving idiot and obsessive fool. The stupid writers keep favouring Daljeet instead of Fateh. Y don’t they write something for Daljeet to disappear for a while. RSSI would be in peace. If this story keeps attacking Fateh…I would stop watching this dumb seriak and it’sā€Žā€‹ better RSSI ends.

    • ammara& agastaya
      May 24, 20:26

      this story is not worth watching ever and who told u the story is about anu and fateh

      when the serial was now promoting the first set of promos were with daljeet and sahiba where daljeet was always in love with sahiba then they started with ranveer get ur facts straight and again looks are so bleedy deceiving everyone loves ranveer bcoz he’s hot and good looking and are ready to over look his faults even them being a murderer and womanizer and cheat and fraud

      in which real world would u tell me ppl change after u know they killed someone … wake up and look beyond what ur eyes see

    • sanju
      May 25, 00:07

      I completely agree with you .. this story is bout fateh and anu ..
      y they entering this stupid daljeet .. plzz don’t simply saisd we
      supporting ranveer bcoz he looking hot n handsome .. and hate daljeet
      Bciz he is nt as ranveer .. plzz stop the crack !! U guys just blaming
      what ranveer did bt did u guysremember Wat daljeet did.. she sent ranveer
      to mental hospital , he lied that ranveer was dead n make an fals
      statement all bcoz only to get married with Sahiba … He never thinks untill
      of her and her family .. he just want to marrie Sahiba.. how stupid
      selfish he is !!! He is soo damn selfish … Until now the same ..the first
      time when he saw fateh in the car, he was nt happy at all….he was
      totally worried and confused on hw a dead man can come again
      and if ranveer is still alive means he can’t married Sahiba … Such
      a stupid selfish !!!!!!!! And plz nt only me everyone wants anu and fateh
      to be gather … They r born for each other and the title of RSSI is for them

  6. zeenerh
    May 24, 19:03 Reply

    i hate you daljeet ji i hope she say this to him one day

  7. Alia
    May 24, 14:06 Reply

    Same old crooked Ranveer and his greedy father,the cops should throw them both in jail.

    • raaadhiya
      May 24, 15:11

      the lead role of this serial is ranveer and sahiba. not to sure but it will be exciting if that happpen. i love ranveer n hate daljeeettt. because he does not haVE AN STANDING

    • ammara& agastaya
      May 24, 17:54

      i so agree with u ranveer is alying old dog hate his character daljeet may not be the best looking but he always had good intentions …. he jus got carried away in playing fire with ranveer but ranveers bad outweighs daljeets any day

    • sanju
      May 25, 00:09

      Plzzzz stop bad bout ranveer and good bout daljeet … Plzz
      open ur eyes wide n looks at the drama …

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