Rab Se Sona Ishq 31st January 2013 Written Update

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Rab Se Sona Ishq 31st January 2013 Written Update by camjs

Rab Se Sona Ishq 31st January 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with evrybody is together…beauty gives juice to malika and then goes to her family to give but daljeets mother stops her saying to put it on a table everybody will take it themselves…sahibas mother tells daljeets mom that she got something( i don’t know what it was) to eat which beauty likes…its little but everybody can eat it…daljeets mom says that i forgot…she tells beauty that gi inside and get what we get for u yesterday…she got it andndaljeets mom shows it to everyone that it is bangles which i made for beauty becoz its her first lohri…she also tells beauty tonwear it…she says to celebrate lohri…everybody is near lohri when daljeet comes there…she asks ranveer why didn’t u come to work…he doesn’t answers…daljeet says happy lohri to sahiba…ranveer goes and get shawl and puts it on sahiba…sahiba smiles…daljeets bhabhi asks malika where is ur earring…she says it must be in daljeets room…sahiba watching lohri prays for her child…ranveer for sahiba…and daljeet to get sahiba…ranveers father slowly goes from there and open cupboard…he steals jewellery and put it inside his shirt..sahibas pregnancy report falls down…when daljeet comes there and sees him stealing…outside mallika asks sahiba that its ur first lohri after marriage…sahiba asks mallika about where daljeet is…ranveer also notices that…malika says that still u r asking about daljeet…he is fine and he is with me…she goes from there…daljeet says to ranveers father that he can send him to jail for stealing…ranveers father says not to send him jail…daljeet says to him that u have to do whatever i will tell u to do…he agrees…malika calls daljeet they hide inside other room…malika comes there and sees nobody is there…she starts searching for her earring…she notices file and starts reading it…daljeet says to ranveers father to do whatever i told u to do…these jewellery r urs now…he agrees…daljeet smirks…malika finds out that sahiba is pregnant with daljeets child…she is shocked and thinks that if daljeet finds this out she will lose him…she says it will be difficult to separate sahiba and daljeet…she will not let that happen…

Part 2
Everybody is celebrating lohri…daljeet ranveers father comes there…malika comes there and deliberately push sahiba in ranveers arms…she says sorry that she slips…daljeet is upset and angry to see sahiba in ranveers arms…ranveer asks if she is ok…she says yes…ranveer says i understand that u don’t want to stay…she says yes…ranveer says lets go home…daljeet interrupts and says to stay and eat something…ranveer says that thanks but we should go now…he tells sahiba father to go…he says yes we should go now…she says goodbye…bebe gives blessings to beauty…and some advices as well..they goes from there..ranveer and sahiba on the bed..sahiba says thanks to ranveer for taking good care of her…he says that its his responsibility to take care of her…she says i used to say these things to u but u didn’t understand..but now u understands everything which i don’t say…u have changed…he says to sleep as she is ill…sahiba falls asleep…ranveer is looking at her and says now i can see love in ur eyes and i can see that u r upset as well…but things will get better after sometime…jiya dhadak dhadak bg music plays…ranveer falls asleep looking at sahiba…in the morning ranveer goes for work when his mother sees his hands..she sees the wounds and says u r working hard for ur family…and u r hurting urself…ranveer says that i used to run for money and lost family…and now i got family that this is the best wealth..bebe also praises him..when police comes with search warrant…ranveer sees the warrant and is angry…constable gets jewelery and says that he found this jewelry…police says these r same jewelry which someone stole from daljeets house…ranveer in anger says daljeet…episode ends…

Precap: daljeet sees sahibas pregnancy reports…he is in tears..malika pretends that she is watching reports for the first time…she says that sahiba is pregnant with ranveers child…then shows daljeet is asking sahiba why she did this with him…sahiba tries to say that she is pregnant but…daljeet says what will u say and pushes her…sahiba falls on the rock and hurts her head…

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  1. aquila
    February 01, 01:11 Reply

    I think dis sucks. i hate ranveer, i want daljeet an sahiba, not malika

  2. hassana
    January 31, 14:31 Reply

    ExactlY so anoyn ranveer is gettn away wth everythn plsss

    • MJ
      January 31, 13:19

      i’m with you…nothing against daljeet but i really like sahiba and ranveer together…he may have done some terrible things but he accepted his mistakes and besides everyone deserves a second chance…as for daljeet i think they should pair him with malika

    • ammara
      January 31, 13:42

      you all are unbelievable

    • Anonymous
      February 01, 11:52

      yep..i like ranveer/sahiba together. ppl can change and there is nothing wrong with that! too bad those who cant see it this way!

  3. ammara
    January 31, 12:41 Reply

    yes they are its sooooooooooo stupid how they are trying to make ranveer good and daljeet bad i hate this show

  4. Miss Kris
    January 31, 12:05 Reply

    Omg this is getting crappy by the day
    Why is daljeet being made evil. Ranveer is the evil one.
    Spoiling a perfectly good serial

    • Anonymous
      January 31, 12:40

      I agree spoiling a good serial. Ranveer is a murderer, he killed Jazz’s father. when will this come out….

    • ammara
      January 31, 13:00

      never its rediculous they goin an make everyone hate daljeet then they wud make d truth come out then she wud stay with ranveer its sooooooooo dumb i cant belive they doin this

    • Anonymous
      February 01, 00:20

      i agree is with you Kris, day by day the show is becoming creepyyyyyyyyy

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