Rab Se Sona Ishq 6th March 2013 Written Update

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Rab Se Sona Ishq 6th March 2013 Written Update by -Amanda-

Rab Se Sona Ishq 6th March 2013 Written Episode

Part 1
Sahiba lie to Ranveer saying she is home, but she is by Daljeet’s. Who decorated the place with Sahiba favorite flowers, he goes upstairs & throw petals on Sahiba. Ranveer is walking on the road wondering why did Sahiba lie to him. He then thinks wonder if she is with Dajleet & began running.
Sahiba is trying to talk to Daljeet but he keeps taking about the baby, and show her a toy. The toy fell down & Daljeet start getting emotional for it as its for his baby but now his broken. Sahiba then said its just a toy nothing else, Sahiba think she can’t tell Daljeet nothing as yet. Daljeet the hug Sahiba, while Ranveer saw.

Part 2
Ranveer is shocked & heart broken, & said to himself he is confident Sahiba only love Daljeet, & that day for her to love him will never come & leave. Sahiba then remembers her mom words, if she meet Daljeet she is just ruining her married life & run down the stairs, but she fell. Daljeet run to her, she is okay. He insisted on calling the doctor, saying he can’t let anything happen to her nor the baby. He made her stand up to go to the doctor, to which she keeps refusing. Ranveer is walking sad & heart broken and keep remembering Daljeet & Sahiba. Meanwhile Daljeet driving to the hospital. Ranveer can’t seem to forget about Daljeet & Sahiba, and think what he did to her just to prove he loves her, but she doesn’t care. At the hospital, Sahiba is on the bed praying that Daljeet shouldn’t know she lose the baby or else he will die. The doctor arrive to take a few test, Sahiba is worried. Ranveer is thinking what should he do? What is right & what is wrong? Sahiba is praying for some miracle so Daljeet doesn’t know she lose the baby. Then the doctor says the heartbeat is strong, & the baby is fine. Sahiba is shocked, Daljeet is relief everything is okay. Sahiba think how she lose her baby, and how she & Ranveer become close, & thinks Ranveer’s Child. Ranveer thinks he must free Sahiba. Sahiba decide she must move with Ranveer. Sahiba mom tell her dad, she believe something is wrong with Sahiba, she further add Ranveer came home looking for Sahiba, & Sahiba left saying she is meeting Ranveer, Manmeet is shocked.
Sahiba phone rings & its Ranveer, he said he know she is with Daljeet.

Part 3
She is shocked, Ranveer said he want to meet her & hang up. Sahiba tell Daljeet she will leave now. Daljeet tell her to take care of herself & the baby & hand her the reportShe begin walking and think about Daljeet words & thinks maybe god want her to stay with Ranveer. She is having a baby, she can’t afford to lose her baby again. Ranveer is thinking he will let Sahiba go to her love, and learn to live without.

Pre Cap
Malika put a gun in Daljeet hand and have it on her head. Daljeet asked if she is mad, she replied yeah, she is because she love him.

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  1. Naz
    March 07, 04:01 Reply

    Waw! I ws expecting diz 2 hapen ranveer n sahiba wl kam bk 2geda n wl start a new a fresh lyf

  2. dolly
    March 07, 03:45 Reply

    can u all pls stop talking bad abt ranveer. his love is more true n powerful. i knw tht his love will win in the end

    • Sanju
      March 07, 11:30

      Exactly … It doesn’t matter what ranveer did
      At past .. It’s wrong but still he is feeling so bas
      For it !! And now onwards sahiba and ranveer
      Should to be gather ..if let say she again go
      With daljeet means than she will become a cheap
      Girl n the drama seriously must end !!! Because
      They r married couple.. Ranveer and sahiba

    • ME
      March 07, 14:36

      im on your side ladies. I want to see ranveer win his lady love back but i dont like how sahiba is back n forth and cant decide and make up her mind. have to blame the writers for this. stop making her like a puppet

  3. ZS
    March 07, 00:27 Reply

    Heartbeats are heard on the 8 or 9th weeks..this serial is really disgusting and fake!! Sahiba looks like a cheap woman and she is such a black spot on womanhood. The writers are pathetic. The story looks disgusting and its high time to stop this nonsense.

  4. anisa
    March 06, 21:22 Reply

    same thing i asid the other day she had amisscariage and had sex with ranveer bleeding.and then the doctor says that the baby hertbeat is strong.suppose he did not sleep with her she freaked out or something and he let her believe they slept together and some how the reports were changed or he paid the doc to let her believe she lost the baby cause i cant understand how the baby heart beat be strong in a few days time,come on writers let the police arrest ranveer and for god sake let daljeet and sahiba get togeter raise their chlid and end this show because the writers dont know biology at all.

  5. josalene smith
    March 06, 20:45 Reply

    Well dat s real stupidness how can she loose her baby today n get pregnant tomorrow ooo n they r so nastyyyyy hw could ranveer sex a bleeding vagina n dat shiba she is a mad woman she ill end up wit nun I want her to get a misgarriage again she s not a gd woman

    • anonymous
      March 06, 21:17

      True she is the root of all the problems

  6. anonymous
    March 06, 18:55 Reply

    ranveer is a nut case. He want sahiba and his baby which is dead. sahiba and ranveer should get back together but what if ranveer avtually free’s sahiba from his love 🙁

  7. Anonymous
    March 06, 15:11 Reply

    i knew she would get pregnant!! hahaha.
    i hope she doesnt try to give the baby to that nut case daljeet so he wont go crazier than he already is!

    • anonymous
      March 06, 17:33

      Daljeet is not a nut case he is fighting for his love and ranveer doesn’t deserve to be a father because he killed jazz dad ranveer was behaving more like a nutcase in London

    • ME
      March 07, 14:35

      awww..too bad!
      Daljeet is the nut case ok!

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