Review: Sanskaar – Dharohar Apno Ki (Season 2)

Not many shows on India television get the opportunity to get back on the small screen after being pulled off-air. But Colors has been giving its shows a second chance.

The first one to get this opportunity was Sunshine Productions’ Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha- Season 2 and now it’s Sanskaar-Dharohar Apno Ki- Season 2 which is being produced by Anahita and Cinemantra Productions.

So how does the Season 2 of Sanskaar begin?

Getting to the show…The season starts with a recap of all that happened in the last few episodes of the previous season to give a hang of the show to its new viewers. The recap also takes the story one year ahead in time with Ketki’s (Divya Bhatnagar) daughter Arvi turning one year old.

Apt to the occasion, the story begins on the first day of Navratri where Jay (Jay Soni) and Bhoomi (Kadambari Kadam) have taken over the family business and they are doing extremely well. They have also built a temple and are preparing for Navratri celebration in the house.

Bhoomi like an ideal TV bahu is seen helping everyone with their clothes, food, drinks etc.

Well, is there something new in offer this time around?

While you start to feel that Vaishnav family is out of trouble now, Hasmukh’s (Rajendra Chawla) phone rings and you know that not all is well. After a few scenes you learn that someone is behind their pushtani zameen (forefather’s land) and Hasmukh, Karsan (Rasik Dave) and Anshu Baa (Aruna Irani) know about it.

There are a few sweet moments where the ladies of the house are seen colouring pots and singing songs to prepare for Navratri. This is also when they get into a discussion about Bhoomi giving birth to their heir. Incidentally, Bhoomi faints at the same time and a doctor is called. It’s only at the end of the episode that one learns that Bhoomi does not have any ailments but she is expecting and the entire family dances in joy.

The makers have managed to add in the suspense element from the very beginning of the second season by showing an unknown man who is keeping an eye on Vaishnav family’s movements. In fact, he also makes it a point to inform his boss about Bhoomi’s condition.

On the whole, the show has everything that it had in the first season, albeit with an interesting story line. This is exactly what will get the ‘Sanskaar’ lovers back to the show.

The performance of the show’s cast is outstanding. They all seem to know their part well. Kadambari as Bhoomi stands out throughout the episode.

However, the background music, set or the festive decoration has nothing new to offer like its story line.

Will Sanskaar 2 carve a place for itself?

Let’s wait and watch.

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