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Ruk Jana Nahin 12th June 2012 Written Update by lashy

Even the opening scene of the episode is quite a volatile one. It starts with Veenaji attending to the person knocking at their door. The mother is obviously shocked to discover Indu Singh at her doorstep; all meek-eyed and standing with a tray of fruits in his hand.

‘I have come here to give this prasad to you and to my dear wife’ he explains in a soft tone ‘This prasad is from the pooja that my mami had arranged’

Veena becomes even more alarmed by his words that now appear like a new charade to her.

Watching her disbelief, Indu elaborates ‘Actually, sasuma … the prasad is just an excuse. I have come here to apologize.’ He instantly falls at her feet, giving the lady another jolt.

While Veena remains dumbfounded, he continues ‘If you want to hit me, you can… punish me however you want to, but I want to repent for my actions. I want to take my wife home with all due respect. I want to treat her well…and I will do anything that I have to, for that’ He appears genuinely helpless and grief-stricken ‘Please take the prasad and give me your blessings sasuma… as of today, I have forsaken everything bad that I have been doing so far…eat this prasad, it will help erase all your doubts’

No sooner than he completes the sentence, the plate is flung away from his hands. He looks up to find his arch enemy now facing him, anger flashing in her eyes. He feels immensely insulted by the backlash, but tries not to show it.

‘How dare you step in to my house?’ Sanchi questions him harshly

He turns to the mother instead, his demeanour still as humble as could be ‘Please try to make her understand sasuma..that I have only come here to give you the prasad’ he pauses briefly ‘To help rectify the problems that our relationship has’

‘What relationship?’ she interrupts


‘Do’t even call me by name… get lost or I’ll call the police now’ saying so, she pushes him away and shuts the door on his face.

Once the door is shut, we get to see the true face behind the mask of modesty that Indu had temporarily donned. Enraged by the treatment meted out to him, he storms off from the bustling mohalla.

Having watched the entire spectacle from their terrace, the Tiwaris are celebrating their victory elatedly. Their revelry is brought to a sudden halt by Indu’s emergence.

‘What a stupid idea you gave me mamaji?’ he complains ‘I went there to create some respect for myself and returned even more disgraced than before’

Tiwari tries comforting the wrathful Indu and reminds him that the game of politics is rife with mud slinging and insults ‘Just ensure she does not approach the police with this document… if this report reaches the media, you’ll be in jail and that will be the end of your career and your respect’

Perusing on his uncle’s words, Indu’s agitation translates to spite. He vows to himself ‘Whatever happens I am not stepping back’

The campus is rampant with cries of victory to Indu Singh. His friends are uttering words of praise for their ‘leader’ Indu Singh into a microphone on a specially erected podium.

Entering the campus in a lavender kurta with his trademark cooling glasses, Indu is about to savour the favourable atmosphere, when he spots Sanchi standing a few paces away. She approaches him ‘So what have you thought…will you let me contest the elections or do you prefer going to jail…’

He removes his glasses and folds them ‘Don’t force me to do something that I don’t want to do…if you think that piece of paper is capable of bringing me to my knees, think again… that document can neither send me to prison nor change my mind…’ The beautiful Sanchi patiently watches on, as he gives her his power speech.

He then rebelliously takes out the document from his pocket and tears it apart into pieces. For a moment there, Sanchi appears worried as she observes him striding over shredded bits of her certificate, while he leaves for the podium to address the crowd.

‘Good morning…and welcome friends…once again, your student leader Indu Singh stands before you today… I want to tell you all that there is a lot of difference between just ‘doing’ something and ‘setting an example’ for others…I fall in the latter category…so, be with me… please choose me to be your leader once again.. I was here with you yesterday, today and will be there tomorrow too!’

Having given his introductory speech; he looks at Sanchi, who is standing amidst the audience.

A brief spell later, she begins walking up to him. Observing her short journey to the stage; his friends squirm in dread, while the generally daring Indu fidgets with his glasses.

Once she stands beside him, he calmly gives her the mike, but she covers it with her hand instead. Ensuring the mike was out of range, she murmurs to him ‘You think you are so intelligent Indu, then why would you think I would give you the original certificate…I knew you would go to any extent to prove yourself, so I only gave you a duplicate copy of the reports…the original copy is still with me’ Saying so, she removes a similar envelope from her purse and waves it in front of him.

‘Either you announce my name as a fellow contestant… or I’ll read out the contents of the certificate into the mike’ she warns

All that the audience are able to discern of their conversation are some angry stares, a white envelope in Sanchi’s hand and an increasingly anxious Indu!

Cornered in every way, Indu bites the bullet and begrudgingly makes the announcement. He then gives her the mike, staring at her from the corner of his eyes all along.

Receiving the mike from him, she feels a strange sense of victory. Taking a moment to enjoy the sensation, she begins speaking up ‘You have all known me by so many names.. Sanchi..Sanchi Mathur..Mrs Sanchi Indu Singh…’ Indu looks up at her, not expecting her to have taken his name. She pursues ‘Now I stand here with another name which I have given myself – student leader Sanchi Mathur. This year I’ll fight for the elections too…however, I can only FIGHT the elections…my victory or defeat is totally in your hands’

With dubious frowns on his brow, Indu watches on in silence, as Sanchi speaks confidently ‘What should I speak here.. I am an ordinary girl..come from an ordinary family…I have come here to restore this University’s honour. My father’s dreams were to educate me here, but the happenings in this University are far from his dreams.’

As her sermon starts gaining momentum, Indu’s friends become increasingly apprehensive. However, Indu seems to experience a myriad of emotions. Watching his wife now standing beside him, he feels a hidden rage at how she defiantly stepped up to him over and over again. He is bewildered at how confident she seemed in herself. However, he also softens in admiration at how she had plotted her way on to the stage. Last but not the least, he is amused at his thought that she was making a mockery of herself!

Unaware of his dilemmas, Sanchi goes on to elaborate the problems that the university faced – be it the lack of reference books in the library, be it the old telescope they had in the lab or how some tutors placed more importance in personal monetary interests than student welfare.

Indu tries interrupting her with trivial retorts, but that does not deter her ‘I don’t make false promises..I’ll show you what I am capable of doing…the fault lies not only in our system, but in us too…we need ‘change’…I want to fight this election for students as this is the best way to bring about ‘change’ in this campus’

A round of applause from the audience was all that was needed to snap Indu out of his dazed silence. He rebukes Sanchi openly ‘You are not asking for votes… you are begging here… look at her acting all innocent… this is purely an act…I’m warning all of you.. then don’t tell me that your student leader did not warn you’

She concludes her talk ‘If I continue to stand here, I’ll be insulted like this…but I trust my courage…so please vote for me if you want ‘change” This comment nearly makes Indu break out into a chuckle.

Seeing that her speech had ended, he receives the mike from her. For the sake of courtesy, Indu flashes her a gentle smile, but when she returns his gesture with a long stare he twitches uncomfortably. He notices her walk away from the podium and grounds, a glint of apprehension in his eyes.

Indu then continues his monologue into the mike, rubbishing all of Sanchi’s claims. He promises the students that he would not only tackle the issues Sanchi had spoke of, but also additional things like availing funding for the university, having new buildings built and opening up new seats in the departments etc.

There is a brief scene with the tensed-Swetha-money girl bumping into Sanchi and Mehek again. They ask her what her problem is, but she does not say anything. However, due to Indu’s parley over the microphone echoing across the college grounds, Sanchi is again distracted by his melodrama

‘My wife is fighting this election…but she is thoroughly incapable of thinking big…I promise you bigger change…’ he pauses slyly, before ending with a cheap remark ‘Just bear this in mind.. a girl who couldn’t become one with her husband, well what would she become of anyone else’s!’


Just outside the college;

Indu falls at Veenaji’s feet ‘Sasuma…you’ve come here …this university is now blessed…’

Sanchi tries ushering her mother away from the campus, but through Indu’s talks Veena gets to know that Sanchi is contesting the upcoming student elections. Sanchi is worried for her mother.

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