Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2012 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2012 Written Update by Soujanya

Modis come home with gopi. Ahem and koki will be taking special care of gopi. Bha appreciates gopi that she is khana ji’s daughter that’s why she will be fine all time. Parag thanks jigna for taking care of bha when everyone are in the hospital. Jigna says its ok. By this everything has become fine between gopi and ahem now. So she wants ice cream party. Jigar says he would bring ice cream to home. Koki says rashi to take care of dinner. Gopi says rashi that she would help her in making dinner but ahem stops her. He asks gopi to take rest.

Ahem holds her hand and helps in standing. Koki too gets up and takes away gopi from ahem’s hands. Ahem looks on upset at them. Koki walks with gopi till stairs and turns back. She tells, now I am taking gopi to my room. But can I give permission to my son ahem to pack gopi’s things from my room and arrange in her room. Ahem and gopi feel happy, remaining all smile.

Rashi in the kitchen and meeti comes there. Rashi asks meeti to help her but she leaves saying ahem has told to keep jugnu in a safe place. Jigar comes there and he gets a call and he tells rashi that he should leave to office. While leaving jigar asks rashi to sit with gopi after finishing her work as she will feel good in her company. Rashi nods and jigar leaves. Rashi mutters, gopi got pregnant and everyone are treating her as a queen.

Rashi calls urmi. Rashi explains the whole sceen about jugnu and how everyone are pushing her into kitchen. Urmi scolds rashi for not getting pregnant. Urmi gives an evil plan to tell hetal, I am unable to become pregnant. And after knowing this hetal will get upset and from this you can get sympathy from everyone.

Koki, ahem and gopi are in ahem’s room. Koki tells ahem to take care of gopi well and if he needs any help he can call her anytime. Koki leaves but ahem stops her. Ahem takes her blessings and tries to apologize. But koki says, forget everything which has happened in past. I want my son and DIL to be happy. That’s all. Gopi feels happy and smiles. Koki leaves.

Gopi comes out from wash room and finds their room is dark without lights. Ahem walks to her. When gopi tries talking to him he stops her. He takes away the towel from her hands and throws it. He lifts her in his hands and asks to close her eyes. He takes her to terrace and puts her down. He hugs her from behind and asks to open her eyes. She does. Ahem says he want to show her some thing and shows the moon (Saathiya song in background). Ahem says I feel its for you. Gopi says its beautiful na. Both smile and gopi turns. Ahem goes and switches on the music. Chaand chupa badal mein song will be playing. Gopi blushes and tries to run away but ahem stops her. Both dance a few steps. It starts raining. Both rush to a shelter. Gopi says, it’s the first rain for our baby. Ahem nods and steps back and kisses on her hand. He says, I love u gopi. It thunders and gopi hugs ahem. After a while she realizes and leaves him and tells I think we should go to our room. Ahem stops her and asks to give the reply. Gopi tries and takes away her hand from him and runs away.

Again in their room, ahem asks to give reply for what he has told. Gopi blushes and says, ahem ji you sleep I will be back. Ahem asks why, do you want anything. Gopi says, I want to have tea so I am going down. When gopi is about to leave ahem stops her and says he would prepare tea for her and bring and he know how to prepare tea. Ahem leaves and gopi looks on happily.

PRECAP: Rashi will be before khana ji, everyone will be coming there. Rashi prays khana ji to bless her too to with a baby as gopi.

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