Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st October 2012 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st October 2012 Written Update

All modis at the mandir. Bha gives aarthi and blesses gopi & rashi. Bha apologizes rashi and gives blessings to get pregnant soon. Urmi angrily comes home and find kinjal watching tv. So urmi scolds kinjal for ordering food from a restaurant. Urmi finds the bill Rs. 1920 and scolds kinjal to save power. Urmi removes the main and dhawal comes home. Dhawal asks why they have switched off the lights. Urmi yells and tells current bill is more. Urmi scolds dhawal and kinjal for wasting money. Kinjal too scolds urmi that she doesn’t earn so she shouldn’t yell. Urmi angrily says, ok I too shall earn and show you. I will give your room on rent. Kinjal says, do it and show. Kinjal and dhawal leaves. urmi angrily calls koki and complains about kinjal. But koki taunts urmi to teach manners by herself as she has done. Again says not to interfere in their family matters again.

Gopi will be folding clothing and speaking about the doctors and rashi, ahem will be reading some book seriously. But in fact ahem will be reading some pregnancy book. Gopi finds this and feels so happy. Urmi calls rashi and will be muttering about koki as she was taunting her about daughter as well. Rashi supports koki and tells not to interfere in their family matters as well not to come here too.

Urmi finds her neighbor got affected by honey bees and feels bad. But later she gets an idea to take revenge on koki. Urmi comes to modi bhawan secretly with a person with honey bees. Urmi thinks of leaving the honey bees in modi bhawan and enjoy looking everyone fall ill. Urmi calls rashi and tells to close all her room’s doors and windows so that honey bees don’t bite her. But rashi doesn’t concentrate much on this and hangs on. The person opens a window and leaves the honey bees near the mandir. Both leave.

Next day morning, koki opens the door and finds honey bees. Few bite koki. Koki shouts at parag to put on a bed sheet on him. Both come out and calls hetal and chirag. But hetal comes out. Few bite both hetal and chirag. Ahem too comes out and he too gets few bites. Ahem covers gopi with bedsheet when she comes out of the washroom. Jigar gets a call from ahem not to come out. But rashi opens the door already and gets few bites. Jigar rushes to rashi and covers her with a bed sheet. All gather into hall. Chirag tells everyone to come out of the house. Urmi comes home and feels very happy thinking honey bees might have bit koki now.

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  1. ptip
    October 02, 13:47 Reply

    how can u think bees will only bite koki and not ur own daughter.. silly

  2. Hate Urmila
    October 02, 10:38 Reply

    very boring serial, i dont know why they are not ending show

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