Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th August 2012 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th August 2012 Written Update by Soujanya

Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS) 20th August Written Episode

Hetal tells koki that bha is organizing some special pooja as today gopi’s 1st consignment is going to leave. So she has prepared special bhog too. Koki says ok and gopi feels happy. Here rashi gets upset with these words. Rashi remembers urmi’s words to spoil the pickle anyhow. So rashi asks meeti to give glass of water. Meeti does. Rashi pulls the big basin of pickle near to her. When rashi about to have water gopi finds pickle basin is near to rashi and stops her. Koki scolds rashi saying, you know very well that pickle gets spoiled if some water falls in it. Meeti takes away the water glass from rashi. Koki’s pallu looses and will be falling down. So koki asks rashi to give the safety pin. Rashi looks for the pin and says there is no its not here.

Koki asks for safety pin and rashi checks for it. Rashi says I don’t know where it has gone. Koki asks to find the pin to meeti. Rashi thinks koki will kill if she doesn’t find the pi now. Rashi says I found the pin. Rashi gives a small pin. Koki doubts and tells, its not the same pin as it was a bigger one and now you are giving me a smaller one. Koki asks meeti to bring a pin and put it to her pallu. Koki thinks the big safety pin might have fallen in the pickle bottles. Hetal asks how surely she can tell that pin is in the pickle bottles itself. Koki tells, rashi dint move from there since long time. Meeti has swept the floor and dint find it so obviously the pin should be in the pickle bottles only.

Urmi calls rashi and asks whether their plan has got succeeded. Rashi gives 1 word answers and gives the information to her that the safety pin has fallen in the pickle bottles and all are worried about it. Urmi feels happy and hangs. Koki tells rashi to search the safety pin in the bottles right now. Rashi gives a stupid idea that they will announce a contest for the public that who ever finds the pin will be gifted a pickle bottle free. Koki and hetal doesn’t like her idea. Hetal asks rashi not to make waste time and start searching the pin.

Ahem calls gopi and asks whether they have completed the packing work of pickles. Gopi crying tells that a safety pin has fallen in the pickle bottles and it may get late in the packing. Ahem consoles gopi and tells he would ask some time with Mehta ji. Ahem calls Mehta and asks 1 hour time to deliver the pickles. But Mehta asks ahem to send the pickle as early as possible and he is waiting for the load in the airport. Ahem says ok and hangs on.

Urmi will be preparing tea and dhawal comes there. Dhawal tells urmi that he got a big order of baniyaan and on the same day gopi’s consignment is going to leave so he wants to wish her best and take bha’s blessings. Urmi tells ok and leaves. Hetal tells koki, it may get late if we check all the bottles and refill them. So we should tell Mehta about this problem. Koki gets an idea that a magnet can grab the steel objects easily so they would search with it. Gopi and hetal feels happy with this plan. Koki starts searching the pin using a magnet. Hetal asks meeti to bring few more magnets so that others too can search for the pin. Rashi slowly texts urmi telling koki will find the pin anyhow and they should do some thing. Urmi gets an idea hearing dhawal’s words that he would go to modi bhawan with his load to take bha’s blessings.

Rashi puts the juice glass near the pickle bottles. Hetal gets worried that the magnets are not that strong they are unable to catch the pin so they should call Mehta and tell everything. Meeti comes and tells that tempo has arrived. All ladies will be still searching for the pin. There will be last bottle remaining so koki takes the last bottle from rashi. Koki checks the last bottle. Gopi finds the pin has got attached to magnet and tells it to koki. Gopi takes out the pin from the pickle. Except rashi all thank khana ji. Gopi calls ahem and informs that she has found the pin and tempo has come home. Ahem tells gopi to finish the work soon. All pickles bottles will be packed in the boxes. Bha puts om symbol on them and the person takes away the load to put it in the tempo.

Urmi comes there with dhawal’s baniyaan load. She finds both the tempos are same color and feels happy. Her mind flashes an evil plan. Meeti wishes both dhawal and urmi. Meeti tells, bha is doing pooja as it’s the 1st consignment of gopi bhabi is leaving today. Urmi tells, these tempo drivers are taking our dhawal’s and gopi’s load so they too should get involved in the pooja and have Prasad. So meeti takes them inside the house. Urmi remains there saying dhawal that she would call his fufa ji once and come inside as there will be no network inside the house. Dhawal believes in her and leaves.

Urmi calls rashi and asks her to come out. Dhawal comes inside the home and wishes everyone. Dhawal tells, I have come here to wish gopi all the best for her 1st consignment and to give a good news that i got a big baniyaan order which I am delivering myself. Everyone feel happy and rashi walks outside but koki stops her and and asks why is she going out. Rashi stops and gets nervous.

Urmi interchanges the boxes of baniyaan and pickle. Urmi tells, now pickle will go to gowdown and baniyaan to airport.

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