Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2012 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2012 Written Update by Soujanya

Koki says, rashi has stones in her kidneys. Urmi tries to leave from there but rashi asks where are u going mummy. Koki stops urmi and asks u have brought alchol into our home. Urmi denies. Rashi falls on the bed so koki asks gopi to bring lemon water. Gopi leaves. jigar comes into the room. rashi finds gift in his hands and asks is it for her. Jigar asks what happened. Rashi hugs and says sorry. Jigar doesn’t understand whats happening. Koki tells, rashi is not pregnant. Jigar shocks and says rashi how can u lie with me? Urmi says this was the reason why we lied. You people will shout at rashi and doesn’t feel her pain. Rashi crying says, jigar ji I am sorry but I really want to become pregnant. Anything I wish everytime its opposite happens to me. I truly want to become pregnant.

Bha says its ok u lied about pregnancy. But I know your wish to get pregnant. Even hetal supports rashi and says you cant lie to whole family. Koki asks urmi again whether she brought the alcohol. Urmi denies again. Koki doubts, in Gujarat alcohol is banned and how rashi can go out and purchase. Rashi says, yes then how did you buy the alcohol mummy? Koki gets confirmed and yells at urmi. Urmi says, I have heard that beer can treat kidney stones so I thought it will be the medicine to my daughter. Koki gets hyper and scolds urmi for her stupid behavior. Rashi again cries with pain but koki doesn’t believe her. Koki asks rashi to stop her acting. Hetal says we should call doc now. But koki says they should go to hospital itself.

In the hospital, doc tells koki and others that beer is a cheap way of curing stones. I think rashi’s stones can be treated by laser treatment only. Koki says ok. Doc gets a call. Doc goes to some other room. There a lady doc shows the x-ray report and tells there is a stone and can be removed through laser treatment but we cant gain anything. Mr. Mehta asks so what shall we do now. Both the docs come to modis and tells rashi has appendicitis too. So they should admit rashi right now and pay the complete fee So that they can start the surgery. Koki and jigar agrees to join her. Koki calls hetal and informs that rashi has stones in kidneys and appendicitis too. Hetal gets worried. Hetal tells gopi about rashi’s surgery.

In the operation theatre the operation will be going on. Jigar will be worried. Hetal and gopi arrives hospital. Doc completes the operation and tells rashi is fine. Docs asks them to meet rashi once she is shifted to ward. Doc asks jigar whether he had paid all the bills or not and jigar replies yes. Both the docs look at each other and feel happy.

Gopi takes aarthi of rashi and welcomes in. urmi says rashi now you go to your room and take rest. You have faced such a big operation and returned home so you need to take rest. Koki says yes urmi ben we all know about. In the hospital, Docs feel happy for their profit. But the lady doc says she feels that she has forgotten some thing and goes inside. Here in modi bhawan, rashi says she is not feeling to eat so she would take rest. Hetal thinks rashi is feeling uneasy due to the anesthesia injections.

Jigar and urmi takes rashi to her room and lays her on bed. Rashi asks urmi to leave home. But urmi denies. Jigar assures that he would take care of her. Urmi leaves. rashi hears some tic tic sound and asks jigar, on which side do we have our heart. Jigar tells its on left side. Jigar thinks its anesthesia affect. Rashi gets more pain and cries loud. Jigar gets worried and takes rashi in hands and goes downstairs. All get worried. Chirag calls doc. Rashi takes some pain killers but she will be crying with pain. So koki decides to take rashi again to hospital. Bha and hetal remain at home and everyone go to the hospital. Koki and others reach hospital. Jigar tells rashi is having pain again in the stomach. The lady doc tells may be its bcoz of Post operative trauma which most of the patients face after operation. But jigar tells its not like that. The lady looks rashi is having pain in her stomach.

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