Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2013 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2013 Written Updateby

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2013 Written Episode

Gopi will be excited about both the lil babies. Gopi feels happy that both the babies can grow together, play together and have a very fun time together. Rashi comes there and orders meeti to clean up her room with antiseptic lotion, clean all the room properly and change all the curtains and bed sheets. Rashi asks meeti not to do any work in the kitchen now. Gopi says rashi that they all would take care of kitchen work and she can take meeti with her. Rashi leaves with meeti. Hetal and bha will be happy that rashi is taking well care about vansh. But Koki doubts how urmi brought the baby in a very short time.

Gopi gives few new and used clothes of mira to koki and tells rashi can make vansh wear these new clothes. Later hetal brings few old clothes of ahem and jigar to rashi and asks her to make them wear to vansh. But rashi denies. Koki and bha also tell that new born babies shouldnt wear new clothes. Meeti brings a courier. Rashi opens them and shows the new imported clothes and diapers for vansh. Though koki asks not to make them wear to vansh but rashi denies them. At urmi’s place, urmi thinks of calling rashi and ask her not to bring vansh out. Urmi calls rashi and asks rashi not to take the baby out for few days as the baby might get nazar. Rashi agrees and hangs on the call.

Kinjal and dhawal arrives modi bhawan. Kinjal will be very excited about vansh. She holds dhawal’s hands and dhawal looks on shocked at her. Kinjal realizes and leaves his hand. Hetal tells rashi about kinjal and dhawal arriving to modi bhawan to meet vansh. Rashi says hetal that vansh has slept just now and she cant wake him up for them. Hetal gets hurt and requests rashi to allow them to look at vansh for some time but rashi denies for it. Hetal turns back to go out thinking what she has to tell kinjal. But hetal finds all the ladies before rashi’s room and shocks. Kinjal leaves from there hurt.

The original mother of vansh cries before her mother to tell where she has left her golu (vansh). Her mother says she shouldnt think of the baby now as she is unmarried and cant take care of the baby alone. so she has lleft him in the orphanage. The girl pleads her mother to take to that orphanage. Both the ladies go to the orphanage and asks about the baby. But the orphanage ladies tells them that there was no baby found in the cradle last night.

Meeti will be massaging rashi’s legs and gopi comes there with mira. Gopi sends meeti away saying koki is calling her. Gopi says rashi to take vansh to urmi’s place as every woman goes to her grandmom’s place after the baby’s arrival. Rashi replies that urmi has told not to bring vansh out as nazar might fall on vansh. Gopi says a grandmother doesnt give nazar to the baby. Rashi gets convinced. Gopi, koki, hetal and bha are in hall, rashi with vansh comes there and asks meeti to come and help her in packing bag. Koki asks where is she going. Rashi says she is going to urmi’s place and leaves from there. Koki doubts gopi has brought this idea into rashi’s brain and asks her. Gopi says as kinjal has got hurt of rashi’s behavior and they both would spend some time with vansh in urmi’s place. All the ladies feel happy about this idea.

At urmi’s chawl, Urmi’s neighbors will be talking about child kidnapping. Police arrive there and urmi gets tensed and she rushes inside. Urmi doubts that the old lady might have seen her while picking up the baby from the cradle. Door bell rings but urmi stands near the door tensed. Kinjal comes there and asks urmi to open the door. Rashi calls urmi from outside so urmi opens the door. Urmi finds rashi with vansh & gopi with mira near the door. Urmi will be looking tensed at them and they both doubt why she is so tensed. Urmi asks rashi and gopi to come in and scolds rashi for bringing vansh to her place. Gopi goes to kinjal’s room. Urmi checks whether the police are still in the chawl or not. Urmi gets worried when she finds the police is still there.


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