Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th July 2012 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th July 2012 Written Update by Sowjanya

Everyone will be in the hall, gopi comes running and crying. All get worried and ask what has happened. Gopi tells rashi has fallen in a big hole in savitha’s compound. All get shocked and rush over their. All get worried hearing rashi’s voice. Ahem calls police. Jigar asks ahem to bring a rope. Rashi and gopi will be crying. Meeti brings a big rope. Jigar throws it inside and asks rashi to hold it. Koki calls for doctor too. Rashi tells she has grabbed the rope. All men start pulling but suddenly rashi falls back.

Jigar yells at rashi whether she is fine or not. Rashi tells she is fit in the hole and if she gets the rope and falls she may fall down more downwards. Ahem tells they should use a ladder. And koki says, we should pul out rashi before it gets night. Gopi says, we need a torch. Jigna says she has torch in her room and takes sameer inside. Bha and naani wait there but kinjal takes them inside. Koki asks gopi to divert rashi’s mind so that she might not lose her courage. Gopi will be recalling their childhood incidents. Sameer brings the torch. Jigna says this cannot happen in America. How they could keep this hole open. Urmi yells, stop it jigna. This happened because of u, if you wouldn’t have run away from marriage nor my daughter falls in this hole. Sameer hears this and gets shocked. Even other men too.

Jigna apologizes urmi. Gopi says rashi that she is throwing the torch. All men make ladder ready and keep inside. Rashi asks jigar not to push the ladder inside as the mud is throwing her inside. Ahem too finds the ladder has stuck inside. Koki asks chirag to call the rescue team once again. It gets dark. Jigar hugs ahem and cries for rashi. Bha and naani will be crying. Dhawal tries to consoles them. Ahem scolds the rescue team on phone as they sint reach their till now. Urmi will be crying for rashi. Doc reaches the spot. He asks from how many hours rashi is inside. Gopi tells its 3 hours. So doc says she needs oxygen.

Koki tries to console urmi but urmi yells, please shut up. You don’t care rashi any time. If not this wouldn’t happen. Dhawal defends koki but urmi scolds him. Again urmi yells, she never cares for rashi. Her face has no expression of sadness. Ahem shouts stop it. But koki stops him. Again koki consoles urmi. Koki says, please believe me I promise you I will save rashi. Hetal takes away urmi aside and makes her comfort. Ahem says why urmi is behaving so. But koki defends urmi saying, afterall urmi is a mother and she has pain for her daughter as I too have experienced this pain when you were stuck in the fire accident. I was just looking at you helpless. Now I feel pity for urmi.

Precap: Police, doctor and media reach modi bhawan.

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  1. seema
    July 31, 00:58 Reply

    poor jigar,don’t worry,the rescue team will save her.

    • katheeja
      July 31, 05:26

      seema i have sister on your name

  2. Mr.Nervous
    July 30, 10:58 Reply

    Media? Instead of making matter worse, do something to save rashi, i really like rashi’s comic timing as she is slowly becoming good! 🙂

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