Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st August 2012 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st August 2012 Written Update by Hetp

Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS) 31st August Written Episode

Epi starts with rashi asking urmi on phone that tell when they will continue this aachar kk..she tell urmi that now onwards we have to be careful implementing kk as koki is suspicious as the bottles are missing..and gopi is giving the share from profit..but urmi tell her to keep quite and always Fruits of hardwork are always sweet…but Rashi taunt urmi it saying fruits of helping mom are always sweet..Urmi pissedoff

In mandir koki telling gopi to pack aachar bottles carefully..gopi tell her that she will manage it and koki should rest.koki tell that she will surely find who is the culprit in stealing aachar bottles. Rashi come there and listen to goki convo n speak to herself that koki is not only kagdi but she is an Eagle..and is leaving from there.koki stops rashi and tell her to call milkman,newspaper seller and watchman.rashi ask whether they are giving aachar to them also??koki tell rashi to do what she is told.

milkman,newspaper seller and watchman in mm..koki ask them about how is aachar bottles are stolen from mm…and here on other hand rashi is about to steal aachar bootles from mandir but gopi stops her and ask what she was doing.rashi lie to her that she is checking the bottles.rashi tell gopi to go in kitchen to prepare food but on that gopi tell that food is ready and she is thinking of distributing her profits.Rashi happy n urmi call rashi.rashi cuts urmi in living hall milkaman tell koki that he hasn’t seen any person as such on whom they can suspect.watchman tell koki that day and night he does his duty very loyally on that newspaper seller tell koki that whenever he come in morning to drop newspaper at modi house this watchman is sleeping always.koki angry and warn them to work properly.

(After break)In living hall…koki and 2 ladies discussing of arranging food-service in temple.goshi come there.gopi greets lady ask gopi …how is are Rajkot aachar Maharani???koki tell gopi that the society women have organized a food service in the temple so that they can distribut food to children and wish that her achaar is sent to the temple for this. The ladies ask how much they need to pay but Gopi says that she will not charge anything for this She reveals that she has decided to donate half of her profits and this credit goes to rashi as she has given her the idea of distributing the profit.Rashi is shocked.ladies thell hetal-koki to send bottles to the caterer directly n they leaves..koki shock and surprise on rashi idea.

In gohem room..ahem appreciates gopi idea of distributing free aachar…also along with it gopi is putting her sonography pic in the baby memory book…ahem further ask gopi whether koki is still worried about aachar??

Rashi talking with urmi on phone and she is bashing gopi-koki..urmi ask koki where koki is.and here door bell rings..koki tell rashi to open the door…rashi open the door and there is a lady who is weird looking and pallu on her face,..also who is stinking very badly and is selling utensils rashi tell her she don’t want anything from her and she is about to leave..the lady call Rashi…and removes her pallu..Its Urmi.Rashi ask urmi now she started selling utensil..and why is she so stinking??urmi tell her that she has applied cow-dung so that koki will not stand near her.koki come and tell rashi to close the door she they want nothing…but rashi plead to koki that they nees to help the lady as she is poor,dumb,crippled leg..also has small children.

koki suspect on rashi as how she know about this lady..but then she further tell rashi to take the lady in and take her to kitchen as hetal is there.urshi com in kitchen.rashi introduces the lady(urmi) to hetal.urmi tries to speak in dumb language.hetal feels bad about lady and so she tell rashi that she will get her urmi misplaces the aachar but seeing hetal coming they are back to there previous in order to remove hetal from the kitchen urmi plans a trick.she removes her money purse and keep money near window and on other hand through action tell rashi to do some work.rashi starts preparing dough.hetal is then about to pick up the utensil in which urmi has hide the aachar ..and in that her money bag flew away…urmi tries to tell this by action…hetal has to go out to take urmi purse as rashi was busy.urshi back to their kk.

In morning…baa does puja of aachar bottles.koki as gopi whether she has check aachar bottles properly…gopi tell yes.but still koki removes a bottles and check it…rashi shock.koki suspects nothing and so tell the person to take the box to distribut.the man check the price on the bottles..its Rs 125/-..he speak to himself what the use of distributing so costly aachar
In mandir..gohem come and are happy to see that everyone are having the food served and also enjoying the aachar…one boy ask to serve aachar more.gohem delighted

(Here after break scene)A boy complaing to his mom that is paining in his check the boy and ask what he had in his food.the dad of that boy tell that they had food from the food service at temple which consist of daal,rice,vegetable,aachar.

In mm..gopi prasing to baa that everyone like her aachar…
Again a scene where a lady is not well…doctor askesd what food she had??she tell that she has daal,rice,vegetable,aachar
Again in mm…chirag telling that he had meet their manager and manager told that he had gone to market to purchase aachar..but aachar was out of stock…but the we modi are lucky as we have stock of aachar at our house and also star maker.hetal praise gopi as Chirag has called gopi Star-maker.

Again as scene where a doctor is checking a lady as she has stomach ache…and she too tell that she like the aachar at temple food service which she had.
In mm…baa praise gopi for her idea of distributing profit and also about giving free aachar…and she will surely seek blessing from this work.

Precap:Police at mm…and ask who is Gopi Ahem Modi.police ask gopi ask whether she had send her aachar for mandir food service…gopi replies yes.On that police tell that they had come to arrest gopi on the case that her aachar has caused food poison to 20 people.Modi shock.

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