Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th January 2013 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th January 2013 Written Update by Sakshi

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th January 2013 Written Episode

Vihaan with hurted hand with blood coming from his hand. And he also asks his friend to keep quite and asks him that he should tell everyone that its an accident.

Gunjan asking about Rachna from Shail in fearing tone and when Shail goes to search her, Gunjan stops her and Rachna got present. Shail got surprised about her changed looks and shocks and says if she is Rachna only. Gunjan gives Shail a bottle of face pack which she ordered to get from parlour.
Chaaya coming asking for Gunjan. Rachna says that she always ignores her and always asks for Gunjan. Chaaya says that she has and important work and adds that Rachna is looking nice. Chaaya again asks for Gunjan, Chaaya goes to Gunjan and tells something to her. They both go in hurry. Shail permits Gunjan to go where she wants.
Rachna doubts about the matter as if what has happened, follows both of them, thet what Vihaan wants.

They both get back to Vihaan as to see what has happened. Gunjan asks about what has happened to his hand. Meanwhile Rachna comes and cries madly as if what has happened to his hand.
Rachna scolds him a lot and asks him to care for himself. She asks what he wants Rachna or his bike. She tie him a bandage.
Vihaan hugs Rachna and adds that she’ll care for both, for himself and Rachna. When Gunjan asks to get back to home, Chaaya suddenly says about the dance programme. Gunjan changes the sentence. Rachna doubts but not much, both sisters get back to home.

Shail got back pain, Gunjan asking that she’ll do all the work and Rachna asks that she’ll put ointment on his back. When Shail sees Rachna doing it does emotional talks about their VIDAAI and their marriage. Gunjan says she’ll not go anywhere leaving her. Rachna cries continuously and tells she will be her dear daughter always, talking about VIDAAI from her house. Shail also promises that whenever Rachna needed her she’ll always be present to help her.
Gunjan opposses the scene by changing the topic. Gunjan calls Dholu to tell everyone to get together in hall within 20 minutes.

Chaaru goes and forcefully hugs Mayank. Mayank says he has to sleep and he gets back. Dholu comes to their room to Mayank and says Gunjan has called him. But when Chaaru tooks it wrong Dholu clears that Gunjan has called everyone not only Mayank.

All gathered together. There’s arranged a game of ANTAKSHARI and some snacks were also organized.

The newly married couple present in their bedroom in a deep sleep got disturbed and when Mayank sees the empty jug of water, goes to kitchen to take it. Gunjan already presented their for some work, stops Mayank to say something when Mayank tries to go after seeing her. Mayank got up angry saying that like everyone she wants to say that he should compromise with the marriage with Chaaru, and simultaneously he denies. Gunjan replied in negative and says she all want to say is that along with a husband of Chaaru he is also a brother and friend of Rachna. She conviences her to join the programme arranged for Rachna.


Mayank banging on DHOL in anger and irritation and revolves arround Gunjan and giving her an anger look. All sees this, Rachna and Shail seems tears in their eyes.

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  1. tulsidai25
    April 06, 22:41 Reply

    i think rachna and vihaan would make an awesome couple together.

  2. Salma begum
    January 16, 00:13 Reply

    I love this seriel.gunjan+rachna is a nice girl

  3. chiM
    January 11, 06:10 Reply

    Please vihaan dont go for Gunjun please…its another rejection for Rachna and its going to hurt her!!!

  4. Ali
    January 11, 05:56 Reply

    Thanx 4 the photos,but it would be good if u would add a little photos

  5. 'Yar hutu
    January 11, 04:42 Reply

    You guys should stop dreamn of vihaan n gunjan chemistry, bcz der z nothn lyk diz in vihaan’s mind.
    to tell u d truth, vihaan luvs only rachana it’s just dat he wants to tek his revenge from gunjan(remember d day when gunjan told him dat she was not his fiance but rachana. Vihaan didn’t show any concern in his face, dat’s when i knw he would tek his revenge).

  6. Shaza
    January 11, 04:27 Reply

    Nice episode,is any 1 online??

  7. sonu
    January 11, 03:27 Reply

    no more misunderstanding 4 gunjan plz….

  8. xyz
    January 10, 23:35 Reply

    nice update with photos..
    i somehow want mayank with gunjan..
    they r made fr each other..

  9. gunjan fan
    January 10, 15:44 Reply

    i do hope everything go well in the engagement.cuz i dont want gunjan n rachna to b enemy
    gunjan gun through enough

    • Anonymous
      January 10, 18:31

      Vihaan is going to break the bomb,becos he doesn’t luv rachna he loves gunjan and this will bring eneminity btw two sisters

    • xyz
      January 10, 23:34

      i dont think vihaan loves gunjan either..

  10. tenny
    January 10, 14:21 Reply


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