Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th August 2012 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th August 2012 Written Update by vibz88

unjan is upset and hurt she tells mayank she will never forgive mayank. She runs down and bumps into dayal. He asks her where everyone is . Gunjan says they have gone to the temple.dayal tells her to tell him if she needs help and leaves. Mayank tries to tell gunjan that he respects her but gunjan does not listen. The entire family comes back leaving mayan shocked.

Rachna and gunjan in room rachna tries to tell her what happened in college but gunjan makes an excuse of headache and rachna leaves. gunjan crying. Mayank knocks on her door and apologizes.he wants to clear the misunderstanding but gunjan shuts the door on his face.

Gunjan is upset thinking about the hug and kiss while mayank about gunjan s reactions.

Everyone is on dinner table and then charu comes to give some prasad and ends up staying for dinner. Dholu makes fun of her while gunjan is upset and keeps having flashbacks of the kiss. Charu asks what happened to gunjan s neck but shayl handles the situation.

Charu hints that she wants to get married soon and all the marriage talks leave gunjan disgusted and she leaves the dining table. Mayank misbehaves with charu and leaves the table. He enters gunjan s room she asks him to leave. He grasp s her hand.

Rachna is very happy that she gained self confidence and spoke in front of everyone.. Mayank tells gunjan that he wont leave without clearing everything. He tells her she is the most beautiful woman with or without the marks .

Precap: mayank is packing his bags and seema asks where he is going he says kanpur and nothing will stop him. He sees gunjan standing at the door.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 03, 14:58 Reply

    mayank i am a big fan of you are you going to marry gunjan

  2. Anonymous
    September 02, 07:39 Reply

    mayank is so sweet n gunjan and his jodi is perfect

  3. amy
    August 19, 04:16 Reply

    gunjan plz forgive him and stop him to go
    Mayang darling ur so romentic i wish gunjan and mayang made for each other

  4. evamary
    August 17, 04:21 Reply

    mayank dont worry. Gunjen love ypu and me 2

  5. Rosie
    August 16, 18:58 Reply

    Love how Mayank’s role has been refined… Mayank is so cute and realistic and his pain/ helplessness is reflected on the screen.

    • Anonymous
      December 08, 17:05

      who ever hate gunjan i hate them

  6. marisa
    August 16, 14:40 Reply

    it is soo great to see gunjan n mayank together i am just hoping that she understand his feelings very soon they look soo great together luv em

  7. afreesh
    August 16, 14:03 Reply

    Luv u gunJan….mayaank hug her again she will be alright…if .nt tell da truth …

  8. shareeza
    August 16, 13:45 Reply

    dis is my fav8 show on zee just love d story!

  9. Anonymous
    August 16, 13:43 Reply

    mayank don’t worry gunjan will stop you from going. who say she might fall for you i mean she is falling for you so say bye bye to charu.

  10. selena
    August 16, 13:09 Reply

    so sad mayank i think that gunjan will stop him from leaving

  11. laksh
    August 16, 12:14 Reply

    thanks for the update with pics. So sad of mayank

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