Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th January 2013 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th January 2013 Written Update by awesum_life

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th January 2013 Written Episode

Ring ceremony is going on, Gunjan and Chaaya coming dancing on a background song “itti si khushi itti si hassi”. Now it was a turn of Rajeev. Rajeev and Vihaan danced on a song “teri ankhiyo kaa raaz”. Rachna and Shail smiling seeing both of them.

Vihaan’s friend calls Gunjan to tell about the conspiracy by Vihaan. Cell is picked by Sangeeta. She listens all partially. He tells that he is going to put an envelope in Gunjan’s room. Gunjan comes in her room to change the dress.

Vihaan and Rachna dances on a song “tora saajan”. Here Gunjan after got ready sees the envelope but thinks to open it later and leave. Sangeeta runs and goes in her room. Here when the dance is over Pihu comes to announce a ring ceremony but Vihaan interrupts and says that one performance is left and Gunjan and Vihaan dances. All the family is shocked about how Vihaan’s reaction. Here Sangeeta throws the letter and take all the photos to Seema. Pihu, Chaaru and both the witches look them.

Mintu and his friend outside Rachna’s home sees the decoration and reminds how he has been insulted in the past. His friend asks him to forget everything. Here whole family on stage dancing. Mayank and Gunjan sees each other. When Gunjan hugs Rachna, she got irritated and wents away. When Mintu asks about the reason of decoration, his friend tells him to ignore but when Mintu insists he tells that Rachna’s marriage has been fixed. Mintu got up in anger and plans to spoil Rachna’s life. His friend firstly denies to help him but after insisted by Mintu asks him about the next step which is to be taken by them. He confirms that they will kidnap Rachna.

In Rachna’s room. Gunjan tells Rachna that it was just a surprise for her. But Rachna tells her that she should tell her about this as nobody liked that. Sangeeta and Chaaru came running teasing Gunjan saying thet Vihaan and Gunjan looked good as a couple together so that Rachna starts hating Gunjan. Gunjan handles everything. It was the conspiracy of Chaaru and Sangeeta. Gunjan had some problem in her sandel so goes in her room and again sees the letter. Meanwhile Chaaya comes and takes Gunjan with her and Gunjan again throws the letter. Mintu’s friend enters her house and see Rachna.

Rachna got a letter and goes on a terrace. Mintu’s friend waiting for Rachna with a bottle of chloroform.

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  1. anamika
    January 18, 07:23 Reply

    now i have started hating gunjan. what ruy7bbish they are showing.

  2. Anonymous
    January 18, 03:27 Reply

    i really hope rajeev will come and save rachna.. they will always be my fav jodi..

    • Miss Kris
      January 18, 07:49

      Yes I so want that too.

  3. Pearl
    January 18, 02:31 Reply

    i still prefer rachna with rajeev…..i think rajeev will save rachna…

    any comment……..

  4. KSG!!
    January 17, 22:27 Reply

    Wait why isn’t Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke fifth anymore!??!

  5. murchi
    January 17, 21:50 Reply

    Such a notangki serial it is.

  6. Anonymous
    January 17, 17:51 Reply

    This is crazy gungan couldn’t read the stupid
    Letter or someone has to come in between.
    Now that those witches found the pics they’ll
    Show every1. Even rachna will misunderstand
    Her now. And now mintu comes out of nowwhere
    To kidnap

  7. Ambica
    January 17, 16:02 Reply

    The whole thing is jus too complicated

  8. bhawisha
    January 17, 15:04 Reply

    and again a twist comes….god y can’t they make 1 simple episode???? where everything is nice and uncomplicated???

    • Anonymous
      January 17, 17:53

      Ya one twist after another I just don’t know
      Where all this is going

    • Miss Kris
      January 18, 07:51

      Then the show will be no more, but I do wish there’s a show like that. Because I don’t think. All those things really can happen in real life

  9. kafayat
    January 17, 14:28 Reply

    who is mintu and is he obsessed with rachna

    • Anonymous
      January 17, 14:41

      He was rachanas stalker but he got punished 🙂 but now his back for revenge:(

  10. Miss Unbelievable
    January 17, 13:12 Reply

    so the suspense continues….im so excited

    mintu is over-obsessed with rachna

  11. Ay
    January 17, 12:53 Reply

    I saw this in SBS(Saans Bahu aur saazish)
    Vihaans gets d ring near Rachna, n olmost abt 2 make her wear d ring but leaves her der(Rachna in 1 corner crying badly) n goes 2 Gunjan n they get engaged 😮
    Dunno wot woz tat!!
    Hmmm n Gunjan wen interviewed by SBS says tat “she never had tat intention, n will never hurt Rachna, wot I have done is bad in front of ma family but I hadd 2 do this, suspense ll b cleared in upcoming episodes”.

  12. Princes
    January 17, 11:58 Reply

    Again 1 more witch …mintu alwaz back of rachna …

  13. urmilasingh
    January 17, 10:22 Reply

    wow what a great twist. i wonder who will save rachana and whp will marry her.I hope everyone realizes what they are doing especially vihaan

    • Siri
      January 17, 10:37

      Ya me too thinking the same.. A good twisi:)

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