Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th June 2013 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th June 2013 Written Update by vibz88

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th June 2013 Written Episode

Shayl tells Mausi that she does not realize importance of daughters and if there would be no girls no one would have pleasure of bearing a son. Maasi asks that will she teach her now Shayl replied there is a difference between being old and grown up.Everyone claps and Maasi Seema Sangeeta get down from the stage Gunjan takes blessings from Akash and Dayal. Gunjan Rachna hug while Gunjan says she has become her bhabi. Rachna teases her that she has to call her bhabi now but Gunjan says never. Vihaan is shooting Rachna while Mayank is suspicious Rachna asks Vihaan to shoot Mandy and Bobby.

Mayank ends up paying 21000 to his saalis after a lot of insisting which leaves Seema angry. She feels it s a waste to pay so much for 350 rupees shoes. Maasi is angry and says she will not go home till Shayl apologizes Prabhu says that Shayl wont and Maasi threatens to leave home which Prabhu agrees. Dayal also says that what Shayl did was not wrong and she may be silent but is not deaf or blind and can see anything and tells Seema that her paap ka ghada is full. Prabhu is fine with Maasi leaving and Dholu says there are few autos outside and he will stop one. maasi and Prema are leaving when Prabhu tells her to send a sms when she reaches as it s free.

Before leaving Maasi gives advise to Seema to always treat Gunjan like a DIL not daughter and to love Mayank a lot as she needs to control her son.

Akash tells Gunjan not to cry and the bidaai rituals start . Gunjan imagines Sneha to be a part of it.Dholu is upset with Rachna that she made a fool out of him. Rachna says she will give him chocolate he says he wants 3 and then Rachna agrees Dholu is happy. There is someone at the door and a man comes and tells her to be present at akbar s darbar (promotion of Jodhaa Akbar) maharani Jodha Bai has given Gunjan blessings and a gift

Episode ends.

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  1. raghini
    June 19, 07:38 Reply

    where is rajiv i like this show most

  2. lizzy
    June 19, 00:00 Reply

    today i was so happy with the show,shayl,dayal and prabho really show that mausi who runs the G.. household.:))

  3. Devi
    June 18, 19:55 Reply

    Ugh!!!the honeymoon phase is taking forever to come………….

  4. kafayat
    June 18, 14:11 Reply

    Can someone tell me, where is rajeev

    • MK
      June 18, 14:14

      Just read Rajeev is out of the show. His character is not longer needed. Don’t know f they gonna bring him back or not when it comes to Vihaan and Rachna wedding.

  5. ruma
    June 18, 13:06 Reply

    Atleast it is good news that old hag is now out of this was totally impossible to tolerate that crow anymore.

    • MK
      June 18, 13:33

      I agree fully.
      Yeah right, who tells a mother in law not to treat dil like daughter?
      Seema should end up in jail rightful now for abusing dil.
      I love Dolu and prabhu even Dayal said something to Seema which was long overdue.

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