Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st September 2012 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st September 2012 Written Update by happygirl123

Part 1

The episode starts with Dayal saying God has forgiven him and Rachana says its all because he watched tha match and increased her courage. He says its all because of Rachana and Shail as well. Shail smiles and says victory will be hers at the end. Rachana is awarded with a trophy for being the best player. Everyone claps when she receives the trophy. The M.C asks her to say a few words. Rachana says thank you and says everything happened so fast she didn’t even realize it. And she says to achieve a dream to be driven is important. She also says that her parents love has helped her succeed and they have always been there supporting her and tells everyone to cheer for them. She also adds that Gunjan, Mayank and Rajiv the coach were part of her success. She dedicates her trophy to Rajiv and her parents.

Part 2

Rachana invites her parents on stage. A girl from the team comes to Rajiv and tells him to go on stage as he was part of it. But he says he’s fine and doesn’t want to go on stage. Rajiv walks away and he’s called on stage but he’s not there. The headmaster congratulates Rachana and says victory would be impossible without her. He then tells her parents that she’s a champion. Shail says she still can’t believe it. Gunjan congratulates her and hugs her. Shail then ask Gunjan the time. Dayal asks why and Shail says Rachana’s mother-in-law is coming and that they have to leave. She tells Rachana to change her clothes and for Gunjan to follow her. Seema complains saying that there’s no news of Shail and Rachana and her MIL may come soon. Bua says that she were at home Shail would not have dared to leave the house. Sangeetha then says she hopes Rachana doesn’t come at the same time as her MIL does in the tight shirt and short skirt. Mayank hits his foot on a stone and is in pain. He says lets go and Shail says no that he’s in pain. Shail says they’ll take him to the nearest clinic. Mayank refuses as Rachana’s MIL is coming. Shail says how is he suppose to drive in this condition and that his leg could be fractured. Shail asks Gunjan the time and she says its 7. Shail is worried if they’ll make it on time and Dayal says they will not to worry. Rachana says how will they reach on time and Gunjan says she has an idea. Seema says where is Shail and Rachana have been and its a while. The doorbell rings and Seema says now the in laws will know what type of people they are. Mayank’s father tells her to open the door instead of talking nonsense. He goes and opens the door and sees Rachana’s MIL and says they were waiting for her. He tells Seema that she’s here. Rachana’s MIL says the house looks empty and no one seems to be there and asks where they are. Seema then asks Sangeetha where are Dayala and Shail. Sangeetha hesitates and Rachana’s MIL asks if they knew she was coming and Bua says of course they knew and asks her to sit.

Part 3

Bua says they will be here soon. She calls out to Shail saying that Rachana’s MIL is here. Bua then says Shail is preparing to welcome her. Savitri says she came to give the chunri specially made for Rachana. She says she wants to see Rachana but Seema stops her and asks her to sit that they must be coming soon. She then asks if they are teaching Rachana about household chores and cooking. Seema says she’ll make some tea. Savitri thinks what could be so special that Shail is preparing that she can’t come and greet her. Gunjan is driving really fast and Dayal asks her to go slower but Shail says she’s a good driver and they have to reach fast in case Savitri arrives before them. Sangeetha is telling Seema what if Savitri finds out then Dayal will scold them both for not being able to manage the situation. Seema does not seem to be really bothered but Sangeetha says then Rachana’s relation will be broken. Seema says she wants no harm to fall on Rachana’s relation and tells Sangeetha to phone Shail and asks where she is and if she’s coming home. The phone rings and Dayal picks up. Seema tells him she doesn’t know where Shail is and she hasn’t return home. Dayal says Shail is with him and Seema is shocked. Sangeetha takes the phone and tells Dayal they called because Savitri is there and is asking for them. Dayal and Shail are shocked and Gunjan says they’ll reach in 5 mins time. Dayal tells they’ll reach soon. Shail tells Gunjan to park the car behind the house as Savitri shouldn’t see them. Sangeetha and Seema are puzzled as to why Shail is with Dayal.

Part 4

Rachana and Shail come with snacks and tea. Savitri tells Shail what was so special that she couldn’t even show her face and Shail said she spilled coffee on her saree and had to clean it up. Savitri says Rachana seems a bit darker and asks Shail about it. Shail says she sees her everyday and hasn’t noticed it. Dayal comes there and greets Savitri. She is shocked to see him come from inside the house and says she was told he had gone out for some important work. He says he was about to leave for the shop but she tells him to wait as nothing is more important than his daughter’s engagement and says she has something to discuss. Dayal and Shail look surprised. Savitri says her son is coming back home and they should do the engagement when appropriate. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends

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  1. arvi inshi lover
    September 22, 19:29 Reply

    I believe sth wil hapn 2cancel rachna marriage . Bsides their 2 young 4 marige at dis age. Wt i think is that they go head over heels now, and then marry at apropriate age while still
    in touch with their love

  2. faneezahamid
    September 22, 17:35 Reply

    gunjan is in love with mayank charu is a bitch.think charu u are stupid

  3. faneezahamid
    September 22, 17:24 Reply

    ‘rachana u have to be brave,and know what
    u is doing …gunjan u is smart u know what u a do with charu she can’t get mayank he will prove that he love only u… sapne suhane ladakpan is going good.

    love ,love ,lover…

  4. Muskan
    September 22, 03:17 Reply

    Rachana-marriage spoils the trp………

  5. Anonymous
    September 22, 02:42 Reply

    marrying at d age of 16.unbelieveable.Even small town girls dont marry at that age.

  6. Mary
    September 21, 18:25 Reply

    now she is getting marrrid

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