Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th July 2012 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th July 2012 Written Update by Rach

Eppy takes off from where it ended yesterday. Bua keeps talking about how Gunjan and her dad. Dead Shail overhears this and enter the kitchen and leaves briefly. She goes to Dayal’s room to have a word with him regarding the same. She goes on to talk about how education is equally important for a girl as well. Dayal gives the same old thoughtful expression but says nothing. Shail keeps quiet after a while LOL and thats when Sangeeta interrupts them with the news that the the MIL has come to visit them. Shocked

Scene shifts to the hall where everyone gets collected to witness the happenings. Shail comes and politely asks her the reason of her sudden arrival. Sangeeta tells Rachna to put a dupatta on her head. MIL blabbers about about she gave a nod to Rachna’s education but she has few conditions.
1. Rachna should have an adult accompanist.
2. She shouldnt wander about anywhere and come straight to her house after her lectures get over for the day. Also she should wear very simple and plain clothes to not attract unwanted attention.
3. She should stay away from boys as much as possible and basically not mingle with anyone.
4. She should only take up home science as her majors and not any subject as this is the only subject she’ll possibly require in her married life. Dead

Bua agrees and thinks its really sweet of her MIL to let her study and too a subject like H.Science which is indeed very handy. Angry The others are not happy at all and are upset with her decision.

She leaves after blessing Rachna. Shail goes to talk to Dayal and tells him with everyone present that if they impose conditions before her wedding then matters will get even worse after she gets married into that house. Dayal is thoughful as usual but Mayank interrupts them saying that he wants to take them all out for a treat and they should forget about this for sometime as there is still time for their college to start. Tongue

Dayal relents and agrees to the idea and announces that they’ll have dinner from outside. Seema pulls May aside and asks him why is he ready to sponsor for the dinner. May brushes it away and is excited. LOL

Everyone is getting ready and the girls come outside while May is in his room thinking what to wear. He remembers Dholu’s words about Gunjan liking the colour ‘white’ and decides to wear a white tee for the occasion. All of them come out of their respective rooms after getting ready and an excited Mayank comes out as well (to see Gunjan LOL). On the other hand, dholu has worn a white tee too ROFL and both, dreamy eyed are walking towards gunjan. ROFL They bump into each other and Gunj-Rach burst into fits of laughter. Mayank watches her and is lost again.

Precap: Gunj and May are sitting along outside in the same clothes and May tells her to forgive him and extends his hand for friendship again. LOL A happy Gunjan finally gives him, her hand which makes May smile to no end.

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    July 26, 13:27 Reply

    cant wait to see this tonite and i want them to upload pics n may and gunj u rock n cant wait for tomorrow ep

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    July 26, 12:49 Reply

    can u upload pics too dis wil make us their expressions more clear

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