Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th July 2012 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th July 2012 Written Update by Rach.

Eppy takes off from where it ended yesterday. Dholu asks Mayank the reason for copying his look. Mayank tries to brush it away but Dholu tells him that he knows the reason and confronts him , telling that he has worn white because that happens to be Gunjan’s favourite colour. May tells him that its no big deal because Dholu anyway happens to be Gunjan’s blue eyed boy. They all get ready to go the restaurant.

Scene shifts to the restaurant where May asks Dayal to order but he lovingly says that Rachna knows his choice. Shail’s cool with anything. Seema frowns at the rates. Rachna orders some dish and Seema tells her to choose something else since it happens to be 125 Rupees. But Rachna is adamant on her choice. Gunjan orders Mushroom masala to which Sangeeta is pleasantly surprised and Dholu orders a plate of noodles. Seema orders papad since it costs only 25 bucks. May happens to throw a few glances at Gunjan without her knowledge and is happy to see her smiling. Dinner is served; Rachna states that she’ll cherish this dinner forever and tells everyone how Gunjan used to go out with Sneha and her dad after her results for dinner. May blurts out wahin toh making Gunjan realize that he staged a dinner on purpose for her sake.

Gunjan excuses herself and goes outside the hotel to a quiet place; May follows her as well. She talks to herself saying that she cant really understand him and how she has a mixed opinion on him. May hears and sits down next to her. The precap scene is shown where he tells her that he knows his mistake and is trying his best to rectify it. He extends his hand and says, ‘Friends?’ Gunjan happily gets up this time and shakes hands with him leaving Mayank beaming with joy.

Next day, everyone is busy preparing for Teej and Gunjan asks them about this festival. Shail, Seema and Sangee happily explain her everything. May and Rachna are present as well. Gunjan gets to know that spinsters can keep a nirjala vrath (fast without water) as well and its just not meant for married women. She plays on the swing and May just goes on admiring her. She says that she’ll fast as well to get a good husband. She goes on to say that there will be some guy made for her. He has to keep a fast for her too and it should not be one sided. May is overjoyed listening to all this and teases her in between. Seema jokingly says that Shail will have a really tough time finding a guy for Gunjan who can bear all her drama. May looks really happy and excited all throughout. This scene is better when you’ll see it for yourselves, actually !

May’s dad comes in between and tells Rachna that she failed to get a seat in Swami Vivekananda Uni as she missed out on 4%.Rachna is visibly sad but he cheers her up saying that they’ll check out other colleges and sends her on an errand to make tea for him. Rachna leaves and Gunjan follows her to the kitchen. She shares her concerns; Chhaya comes in between and distributes sweets between the two informing them of her admission in the same uni. They’re surprised that she managed to get a seat with just 60 %. Chhaya then tells them that her dad’s bro knows the trustee and so she ended up getting it. Rachna is sad that her marks failed to acquire her an admission despite getting 82%.

May decides to help them and tells Rachna to produce her sports certificates since she’s good at hockey. Gunjan is startled to hear this and beams with happiness. They plan to submit this through the sports quota available there and get an admission in Swami Vivek. Uni. Rachna slowly passes on the certificates to May and May tells Shail that he’s going to the uni to try his luck again. May wants Gunj to come too so he tells Shail making it sound like she’ll have a trip looking at her new college. Gunj refuses at first but agrees to go with further persuation. May as usual is on cloud 9,10, 11 … and they leave.

They wait outside for an auto. Gunj asks one auto guy to go to the college but May signals him from behind to say no. The driver just moves on without answering leaving Gunj fuming. A shocked Gunj now asks May on how they will commute to which May says that since walking is not a feasible option, he’ll use his bike which is lying in a nearby garage. Gunj is excited and asks if he can ride. He says, ‘mein toh uske saath daud sakta hoon’ leaving a pumped up Gunj .

Eppy ends.

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  1. [email protected]
    July 30, 12:56 Reply

    thx for the update the two make a cute couple….it would be nice if u put some pictures……:)

  2. marisa
    July 29, 12:14 Reply

    It is great to see gunjan and mayank together i cant wait to see what will happen to heehehee{chru} gunjan n mayank rocks:)

  3. Anjali
    July 27, 19:46 Reply

    Finally yay gujan and mayank is so cute

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