Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th June 2013 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th June 2013 Written Update by vibz88

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th June 2013 Written Episode
Seema walks out and Mayank tries to butter her up Sangeeta and Maasi add fuel to the fire and try to put Gunjan down. Seema says she will not be a part of the wedding. Mandy is upset but Akash says that Gunjan has hurt Seema s feelings but Prabhu says it was all in fun. Gunjan s friends and Mandy say that Seema should apologize. Mayank apologizes to Seema on Gunjan s behalf but he is told that Gunjan should be the one apologizing.
Mayank goes out and asks Gunjan to say sorry Gunjan says what is her mistake and she should not so that. Akash tells her to apologize while Prabhu says it was just a song and there is no need . Sahayl offers to say sorry instead of Gunjan. Mayank admits Seema is very upset and Gunjan needs to do it. Gunjan goes to Seema s room and utters the magical word and Seema acts as if there was no need. Maasi and Seema are haapy and Mayank promises that nothing like this will happen from today. Maasi tells Seema that she should control Mayank the same way and even Gunjan as she will rule Mayank otherwise.
Gunjan is upset with Mayank . Vihaan asks Rachna to say I Love You and when rahna says that she already sis he says it was a song. Someone taps him on the shoulder and he turns to see Dayal. Vihaan sreams he got slapped but Dayal thanks him and compliments him that he can sing and dance well. Vihaan leaves saying he will come tomorrow
Gunjan s bhai Bobby will be coming tomorrow. Gunjan is in no mood to eat when Shayl offers. She goes back to her room with Rachna where Mayank has arranged a slide show of her pics from childhood through adolescence . Gunjan is happy while Rachna praises her brother a rose is kept on the bed. Gunjan takes the rose and goes to the seremony where Mayank is talking to some guests and Gunjan hits him with the rose.

PRECAP: Haldi is going on Seema is about to apply it on Mayank when he asks where is Shayl and wants her to apply haldi first. Seema is furious.

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  1. Blessing
    June 07, 11:05 Reply

    Re dy reali gettn marid 4 real or is jst a movie cos am confusd.

  2. soni
    June 06, 21:29 Reply

    I honestly only watch this show for the rachna and vihaan scene. Enough of this gunjan and mayank. Too much of them only and their marraige. Oh god let it be over.

    June 06, 19:44 Reply

    Awww it is so sad for dear gunjan okey my opinion so guys dont get angry haannn ‘ if i was in gunjans place i would not marry mayank ‘ cuz hhe listens to his mom

    • Shazeeda
      June 06, 17:15

      I am from New york isn’t it surprising that I am commenting on this Indian soap. BTW my name is shazeeda Raziyah Khan Ok Harry Potter

  4. Shazeeda
    June 06, 17:01 Reply

    I love Mayank very badly and just only hate when that fuckin bitch Masi and Seema is messing with my two lovers

  5. Snowy
    June 06, 16:26 Reply

    N if marriage happens dn may b mayank will die or some other big drama happens!!! Y the show is only focusing mayank n gunjan??
    N y ds couple z so desparate for getting married?
    Show name z sapne suhane ladkpan ke ds means ladkpan me sb shadi k baare me sochte hain???:/

  6. Snowy
    June 06, 15:56 Reply

    I m sure this marriage will not happen ūüôā

  7. Astar
    June 06, 15:50 Reply

    Oh gunjan run for ur freedom b4 it’s too late. ¬†Ugh this show has turned gunjan into a submissive n docile Hindu cow.¬†

  8. aisha zawiya
    June 06, 15:06 Reply

    I think Seema has gone insane…Nice scene for Vihaan and Rachana

  9. Madevi
    June 06, 14:28 Reply

    seem is a mad lady!! rachna and vihaan entertain the soap

  10. Madevi
    June 06, 14:17 Reply

    Gunjan is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. kafayat
    June 06, 13:55 Reply

    Pls where is rajeev,I want him back in d show

  12. Lovely bones
    June 06, 13:28 Reply

    Hi dear mk, pat, asya , ansharan amara agass n all my dear Salk frenz! I think this might be my last comment unless if Rajeev returns! Where is Rajeev ? Omg. What the heck is happening in this damn show. Gunjan n Mayank is getting married mean it really suck zzz for me n sorry to those Mayank lovers even I offends u also I don’t mind it coz this really a genuine view of mine dears. I think it’s time for me to stop watching sslk coz Sslk is no more SAPnE SUhANE LAdAKPAN KE. After I read the news of Mayank gunjan marriage I felt like want to hit my head to the pole coz it was really very depressing . Y shadi only in this drama? If Sslk also showing wedding dramas then wat is the difference between sslk n other serials man? Y nowadays the Cvs r only favoring Mayank only? Why the cvs r oiling this beautiful show? Why r u people r making gunjan ‘s character very ordinary as she was someone who came from a family wt wise thinking sense ? It really hurts gunjan fans . I’m also someone who is same age as gunjan but am not getting married now instead am studying n dreaming about my graduation whereas gunjan is dreaming n on the go of the Shaadi! I read the links where they stated Mayank gunjan gonna go for honeymoon ! R u people r serious I mean is gonna have consummation n this age although if Mayank gonna use some ….doms as safe s..x ? Oh my goodness. Are they really serious? N I bet my bottom dollar that the cvs gonna show saas bahu drama between those witches n gunjan. I cant take it anymore! Actually this show suppose to be something where they should show us adolescents discovering n exploring the world n not showing something that happened to girls in ancient time where the girls get married In this age! I think that sslk should be telecast during the 80s or 70s as it doesn’t suits this era. I mean this cvs r trying to spoil this show by showing the people of Indian s having narrow minded which they shouldnt . Moral of the story is Sslk doesn’t suits me who is from Malaysia coz there r many difference n which I can’t accept it.

    • asya4ever
      June 06, 13:30


    • Lovely bones
      June 06, 13:34

      Hi dear asya. U take care yourself too dear. U have stopped watching sslk n today am gonna stop too dear coz its just full of nonsense n doesn’t make sense at all.

    • MK
      June 06, 13:44

      Hi lb, Farzz, MU all, yes. There’s no more ladakpan ke in the sapne suhane. Guess is only shaadi. I like the moments between Rachna and Vihaan. That’s what it is all about. Fun and playfulness. I miss that.

  13. Hasina ängel
    June 06, 12:40 Reply

    Cngrts…MaYaN..!!ur gttng married…hpe it rlly gts wll…without dat maasi intrfrng..Bt ek second guys….cn any one of u tell me where RAAAJEEVVV….is???? Is he out of d shw…??Aur chaaru k naya drama kb dkhni pdgi?I mean, kya woh saalakhon k peeche khs hai??

  14. sakthi
    June 06, 12:26 Reply

    Just die gunjan r else kill mayank it s really boring else charu reentry

  15. Fabha
    June 06, 12:06 Reply

    Now that gunjan and mayank are geting married, I want to see lots of rachna and vihan moments!!

  16. Miss Unbelievable
    June 06, 11:48 Reply

    omg they are getting married kmt

    ok time to end sslk now

    oh yes Gunjan stay and be miserable

    and time to replace Gunjan with a new actress…new friend for rachna and chaya

  17. meee
    June 06, 10:56 Reply

    seema ki toh band baj gayi… aur un dono ki toh shaadi conformed hai

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