Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th January 2013 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th January 2013 Written Update by vibz88

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th January 2013 Written Update

rachna come to the rehearsal hall. Vihaan and the others enter. Gunjan switches on the music rachna dances with heels. Vihaan is not looking at her and busy staring at gunjan. Rachna feels bad vihaan tells gunjan that he wants to talk to her and they go out. Rachna slips and vihaan tells her that did she practice to slip the whole night. Rachna feels worse when vihaan tells her to stop copying gunjan as she is not a natural dancer and tells her to give 200 percent. Gunjan and vihaan talking and he tells her they will surprise rachna. The plan is to perform rachna vihaan love story via songs and dance sequence. Rachna s friends will be included in the plan including chaya vihaan asks gunjan to keep it a secret.
Gunjan s phone rings and Rachna picks it up. She ends up seeing the sms and feels weird as gunjan lied to her. She walks out and sees gunjan vihaan talking overhears the word ‘secret’. Gunjan and vihaan cover up saying they were talking about cigarette.
vihaan flirts with rachna and asks her who makes her blush.
gunjan meets rajeev who tells her that rachna is not playing hockey gunjan tells him that she is busy with vihaan. Gunjan tells that atleast someone s love is going on. Rajeev tells her that she and rachna have unique bond and they talk about their siblings.
Charu talks to her mom and is very excited sangeeta comes in to tell her that a parcel has arrived. Some people enter with a bed dressing table and other stuff. Everyone is shocked while seema is happy . On shayl s questioning charu replies she wanted to redo her room. Prabhu and bua upset, Dayal finally decides he will pay for everything and send a cheque to her parents leaving charu happy and seema disappointed as she thinks she wont get more gifts from charu s mom.
Vihaan and rachna out in the canteen he promises rachna that the engagement day will be really special for her and her family evil background music in the background.

PRECAP : Rachna and vihaan in the garg kitchen having a romantic moment on some song. It looks like a dream

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  1. Ali
    January 08, 08:19 Reply

    Pliz update wid pic nd quick

  2. Shaza
    January 08, 07:23 Reply

    Good evening guys,this episode was awesome hope to have more interesting updates in future. Gunjan and Vihan is the best as both the charactors suit each other. Rachna is a silent girl but vihan is not so they both won’t be a gud couple.Rajeev and Rachna’s charactors are almost same so they will become a good couple.

    • deepz
      January 09, 01:38

      exactly..this is what going 2 happen in future.. i mean rajeev&rachna and gunjan&vihaan as they appeared in couples in a recent award show..

  3. Anonymous
    January 08, 02:02 Reply

    yes, i agree, if it is gunjan and vihaan , rachna and rajeev perfect couples

    January 08, 01:09 Reply

    i want to see mayank and gunjan together………….& I love gunjan so much!!!

  5. xyz
    January 08, 00:19 Reply

    no pictures 🙁
    btw i don’t think that gunjan will accept vihaan as her character is shown up..

  6. anaya
    January 07, 22:23 Reply

    Ppl I dnt want rachna to b hurt…and I dnt want gunjan to b blame fo dis

  7. Preeti
    January 07, 16:07 Reply

    Really want Rachna and Rajeev and Vihaan and Gunjan to pair up, but it should be done without Rachna getting hurt and both Rachna and gunjan should always be best friends forever

  8. Roshni
    January 07, 16:05 Reply

    Best show on telly at the moment ;>

  9. chiM
    January 07, 15:55 Reply

    Omg….im so crushed that vihaan and rachna arent gonna be together anymore!!!!

  10. sophie
    January 07, 15:17 Reply

    Nice episode gunjan and vihaan , rachna and rajeev perfect couples

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