Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th August 2012 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th August 2012 Written Update by munaiza

Part 1 –

Starts with the acid being thrown on Gunjan. Mayank and Rachna rush to her side and take her to the hospital to get treated and Mayank sends Rachna’s friend (Chaya?) to the police station to file a complaint. Shail is in the kitchen and feels restless. Sangeeta asks her to take some rest but Shail refuses and asks Sangeeta to call Mayank to find out why he hasn’t returned home with the girls yet. Sangeeta tells Shail that Mayank isn’t picking up the phone and Mayank’s mom taunts Shail that she should get used to the girls coming late now, they will always have an excuse and this will become an everyday thing.

The men all come home and ask how the first day was for Rachna and Gunjan in college. While they are all waiting for the girls to come home, Rachna comes in and she’s crying. Shail starts questioning her what took so long and where Gunjan and Mayank are and why Rachna is crying. Rachna is unable to answer and at that time Mayank comes in carrying an unconscious Gunjan in his arms. Everyone is shocked. Shail asks what happened and why there is a bandage around Gunjan’s neck. Mayank and Rachna explain the acid attack. Mayank tells everyone they should leave Gunjan’s room and let her rest as the doctor has said she has gotten a shock from the attack and the doctor has given her an injection to make her unconscious for some time. Shail refuses to leave and eat anything. Mayank convinces her for his sake.

As everyone is leaving the room, Mayank’s mom pulls him aside and asks him why he carried her in his arms. She says “she got hurt on her neck, her legs aren’t broken that she can’t walk”. Mayank gets upset at his mom and tells her to atleast look at the state Gunjan is and then talk instead of her nonsense. His mom gets upset that Mayank is talking to her in that manner.

Part 2 –

Everyone is sitting in the family room discussing who could have done this and why. Sangeeta’s husband asks Rachna if Gunjan had a fight with someone in college today as besides Rachna, Gunjan does not know anyone else in the town. Rachna says on the contrary, everyone wanted to be her friends and it was hard to tell that this was Gunjan’s first day in college. She says she’s not sure who the guys were on the bike and why they wanted to throw acid on Gunjan. She confirms that she did not see their faces. Mayank’s mom starts taunting again that she had already warned them not to send the girls to college and that to a co-ed college but nobody listened to her. Mayank gets upset at his mom and tells her she is talking nonsense again and asks her to be quiet. She says why should I be quiet, I am not wrong and Mayank’s dad tells her she is very wrong because instead of comforting Shail, she is saying the same thing over and over again especially now when it’s too late to do anything about it.

Dayal tells Shail not to worry about Gunjan as they are lucky it was only on her neck and not her face. He tells Shail that he will get her a good doctor and she will be okay in a month or two. Gunjan wakes up in her room and remembers the incident and walks up to the mirror and sees her wounds and screams. The family hear her screams and rush to her room. She screams and hides her face and neck and asks everyone to leave. She says she does not want to see anything nor does she want any of them to look at her. Rachna and Mayank are dejected but they leave along with everyone.

Shail stays and Gunjan asks her why she can’t understand what Gunjan is saying. Shail very lovingly tells her that her Mausi would not lie to her and that it’s a minor wound and will get better no time. Gunjan is crying uncontrollably and says my face is ruined now I won’t be able to face anyone. Shail tells her nothing like this has happened and those who always give strength to others, should not lose hope like this. Shail says please look again, nothing has happened to your face thanks to GOD. Gunjan says if it had fallen on my face, I would have to live with the scar for the rest of my life, maybe I would have been blind or deaf but why me? I have no animosity with anyone, I have never done anything to anyone so why did he choose me? What have I done wrong? Shail hugs her lovingly and tells her to have courage and everything will be fine.

Rachna and Mayank are watching from outside. Mayank feels helpless seeing Gunjan like this and leaves. Rachna is leaving and Chaya comes there and asks her if she will leave without meeting Gunjan. Rachna says “no, you go. I have never seen Gunjan crying like this. She is in so much pain. She has always helped me, always stood by my side, fought for me. The one who always gave me strength, this has happened to her and I can’t do anything”. Chaya says then go inside Rachna and become her strength. Rachna and Chaya come in and Shail leaves them alone.

Mayank goes in his room and is furious. He is throwing things around his room and says he will not spare the person who did this to Gunjan. He says she was so happy and he wants that same smile back from before the attack. All of a sudden he remembers that he was video taping her when the incident happened. He picks up the camcorder and rewinds to see who the attacker was. He is unable to figure it out since the screen is small so he watches on the laptop and figures out it was Mintu. He is raging with anger and says he will not leave Mintu.

Precap – The family is sitting around discussing if only they could find out who has done this. Mayank says he has found out. There is a knock on the door and it’s the police. Dayal is shocked to see them.

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