Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein 22nd June 2012 Written Update *Last Episode*

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Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein 22nd June 2012 Written Update *Last Episode* by bumtrinket

Govind Shankar is informing everyone that BBP is under arrest for ordering the hit on Pooja. Everybody is shocked but Brij looks like he half-expected this. Dev protests that it was Rangoli who ordered the hit, and GS says that’s the old story. The new story is this one. He takes out his handcuffs and arrests Brij, and under his breath he asks Brij if he really thought he could take GS with him when he decided to go down for his crimes. Brij says nothing at all, merely smiling with contempt at the whole farce. He takes on last look at Pooja, lying there, silent and lovely as ever.

Dev and Arti go to meet Brij in jail and to thank him for coming forward. He says they’re the ones who deserve thanks. He also tells them to not waste any time on him and to be on alert with Pooja because she is the last surviving witness and Rangoli is sure to want her dead. Arti says Rangoli has turned everyone to her side. Brij laughs cynically and says this is politics. He begs Dev to make sure his Pooja is safe. Dev promises him that nothing will happen to her and Arti observes it all with tears in her eyes.

Rangoli is at home and already wheeling and dealing on the phone in preparation for her new duties as CM. She is laughing to herself at what a clever psycho she’s been. A ghunghat clad maid brings her a glass of white wine and she sips it as she continues talking to herself. She doesn’t notice the maid standing behind her or else she doesn’t care. She sees a photo of angry BBP on a random sidetable and picks it up.

She says now she’s the CM and he’s the ex. She corrects herself and says not merely the ex-CM but an orphan. And once she kills his one true relationship i.e. Pooja, then he will completely alone in the world. She throws the picture frame on the ground in anger and drains her glass before giggling to herself.

Suddenly Dev enters the haveli with a giant bouquet of flowers and Rangoli grits her teeth before laughing again. She welcomes him sarcastically and says it’s true that everyone salutes the rising sun – till yesterday he was planning to put her in jail but today she is the CM and so he has come to congratulate her with a bouquet in hand.

Dev smiles at her and says she’s got it all wrong. He didn’t bring these flowers for her. He says the Pooja Tiwari shootout case will now be decided outside the courts and the guilty will be awarded the death sentence. Hence the winner in this battle today is Arti Tiwari and thus he has brought her flowers. Rangoli is puzzled as Dev steps past her, goes up to her ghunghat clad maid and hands her the flowers with a word of congratulations. The maid takes off her veil and it’s Arti, smirking in victory.

Rangoli is confused for another minute but then recovers, laughs again and says whatever they’re planning is too late because now she is the CM. Arti says she doesn’t care if she’s the CM or the PM, poison will work just as well on her. Rangoli is shocked and it takes her several moments to understand Arti is saying she poisoned her glass of wine. She flings it away and goes into meltdown. She says she can’t die and tries to call for help.

Dev says there is no help coming for her and carefully places the bouquet in a position where it has an excellent view of Rangoli’s tearful face. (I guess that’s the recording device) Rangoli is trying to get her phone but Arti snatches it away and says she can’t have it. Rangoli is getting dizzy as whatever she ingested takes hold and she starts begging and pleading for her life.

Arti and Dev ask her how she likes to be on the receiving end now. Does she now realize the terror Pooja must have gone through when she knew she was staring death in the face? They start accusing her of ordering the hit, burning the police station, etc. Rangoli is in tears and she can’t stand straight by now. She screams that she didn’t do anything, please save her life. All she did was order the hit on Pooja. Everything else was BBP’s fault.

Dev and Arti watch with matching smiles of victory as Rangoli reels in filmy fashion and collapses across the sofa. Some time later, Rangoli comes back to her senses and discovers herself stretched out on a bench in the police station. The TV is saying the state is reeling yet again as the new CM just confessed to the murder the old CM is supposed to have committed.

Rangoli is in tears and completely confused. Arti and Dev come in and say Oops, it appears it wasn’t poison, it was sleeping pills that we slipped you. And you confessed to everything before you passed out. Rangoli is shocked. Dev tells the female officers to take Rangoli into custody and they lead her away as she struggles and swears and refuses to go to prison and says it’s BBP who deserves to be there.

In his prison cell, Brij hears the news and lets out a long sigh. He addresses the camera and says that when his boat got caught in the whirlpool of his dreams, Pooja and Rangoli were on board as well. And once it got stuck, he jumped out to save his ambition and Daddaji’s fake honor. But he was the captain

He says Rangoli has been punished for her sins but Pooja was the one who really paid the price for his sins. And for that he will never forgive himself.

Cut to three months later… the Tiwaris are back in Pachmarhi and are happily pushing Pooja around in her wheelchair. Sumitra has made pakoras and there is some weird editing about Pooja needing to wash her hands and how Arti intends to feed Pooja herself. I think it’s to show that Pooja is slowly getting better and has the use of her hands. Suddenly the radio announces a verdict in the Pooja Tiwari shootout case.

Rangoli and the two shooters have been sentenced to life in jail. Brij got 3 years as accessory. Dev and GS also got three years for betraying their office. All the Tiwaris have tears in their eyes. Arti tells Sumitra and Harivansh that they ought to thank Dev and Brij because without them this would not have been possible.

But Sumitra unexpectedly disagrees. She says Arti is the one who deserves all the credit because she never stopped fighting for her sister and did everything she could. She’s the one who got justice for Pooja and in doing so the victory is hers just as much as it is Pooja’s. Arti smiles and says whatever she knows, she learnt from her father who always told her that good things happen to good people.

The radio says with this the Pooja Tiwari shootout case has finally ended in justice for Pooja Tiwari and by way of congratulations, they’re playing one of her songs. It’s the title song – Sapno ke Sheher Mein, where Brij heard and saw her for the first time and couldn’t look away. Pooja remembers it and her eyes fill up.

The Tiwaris, all four of them, are together at last, a happy family as before.

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