Saraswatichandra 17th April 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 17th April 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 17th April 2013 Written Episode
The Episode starts with Kumud giving Vidyachatur food to eat on the way. Saras comes there and says I m happy for you, you made up kaka without taking my help. Kumud smiles. Kumud gets hurt suddenly as Saras asks her to show and makes her sit. Her hail bleeds, Saras watches it and cares for it. O piya re… music starts. He holds her foot and Kumud turns away. Ghuman watches this from a distance. Saras says he will bring first aid box and leaves.

Ghuman says she is beautiful and fast, w\still she is like a small town girl. If Saras has said no, then is she making less distance with him. Ghuman asks her to stay away from Saras.
Kumud taunts her back. Ghuman smiles and then gives a angry look.

Kumud is unable to walk properly. She thinks what Ghuman has told her again and again. Saras comes to her and says why did not you stay there, I was coming with the aid. He asks her what happened. She says him that no need of aid, it will hurt her always. She does not need his help. She asks him whether he will listen to him. Saras tells yes. She says from today, keep some distance from me. It will be good for us.

She says I can stay away from you, what about you? Kumud did not face him. She says the relation is not between boy and girl, but between families. She says now their families came to know that their relation is no more, so they should keep distance and show them that they are strangers as they were before, like when he has not here. Kumud leaves saying this. Saras tells I did not thought of you more than my family. Saras steps back taking four steps. He says he will always maintain the distance.

Scene shifts to Kumud’s mother:
She says Badimaa that Saras is Saraswati’s son. And he has proved to everyone. He has some truthfulness so he made up Vidyachatur else he would not have forgiven us.
Badimaa says Saras will say yes to Kumud soon. Kumud was seeing a dream to marry him but her dream shattered because of Saras. Badimaa is she is woriied about Kumud. Saras will make his mistake right.

Kumud’s mother says that you have seen him in the first time. Kumud is hurt. Saras will not hurt her.
Vidyachatur comes there and asks her tea.
Vidyachatur says that he has some big work to do. Badimaa congratulates him.

Scene shifts to hall:
Everyone are dining. Badimaa asks Saras to come and eat with everyone. Kumud comes there and thinks of Ghuman’s harsh words. Badimaa asks her to sit. Saras makes an excuse and leaves.
Kumud comes forward and sits. Everyone are eating while Kumud looks for Saras.

Kusum says after many days, everyone are happy in the house. Kumud takes food in a plate. Saras feels hungry as he walks towards his room. He goes to kitchen and sees everything empty and returns to his room. He sees Kumud sleeping on the chair with food. He goes to her, then stops and thinks about her words to maintain a distance. He moves back. He calls her name Kumud but she is still sleeping. He calls repeatedly. He thinks what to do to wake her up. He takes some flowers and throws on her.

Kumud gets up. She sees him with a bunch of flowers in his hand and asks him what is this.
He says you were sleeping, I called you and you did not get up so I threw flowers on you.

She says is this the way of waking up. She says can’t you come closer and wake up. He says someone told me to maintain a distance. Kumud says I came here to keep your food and didnot know when I slept. He says I m not hungry. She says have food and leaves.

Saras sees she is gone and sits fast to have food. Kumud comes back and sees him having food and she smiles.

The next morning, Kumari asks Kumud whether Saras had food or not. Kumud scolds her saying do not tell him jija ji. Saras comes there with empty plates in his hand. Kusum asks from where did he get them.

He says he had the food yesterday as Kumud brought food for him without asking him. Kusum smiles. He says he brought the plates so that she has less work. Kumari says kumud remembered and kept the food for him. Kumud moves forward to take the plate from his hand and bumps into him. They start staring.

Saras is drinking tea. Kumud stops him saying it is her cup. He still drinks from it. Kumud says what are you doing. He says I’m maintaining a distance, don’t tell me on everything.


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  1. varsha-v-t-s
    November 01, 11:41 Reply

    Kumud understands saras sooo wellll..and so does saras thn.. !!!

  2. varsha-v-t-s
    November 01, 11:41 Reply

    Aw…..saras was sooo naughty—throwing floers…tellin I’m not hungry..thn eating fast…and putting kumud in trouble by telling tht she had brought the fd ‘ specially’ 4 him at nyt……….but this char kadam ki doori—is not gud.. 🙁 …..

  3. varsha-v-t-s
    November 01, 11:40 Reply

    Saras is soooo faithful to her words…so nyc……aise ladke milte kahan 😀 😀 😀 ………!

  4. varsha-v-t-s
    November 01, 11:39 Reply

    Ghumannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………………………….. >o

  5. varsha-v-t-s
    November 01, 11:39 Reply

    Awwwwww………………the bg…….and kumud’s words—soooo sad..saras went to help bt he was offended…

  6. rooba
    April 18, 10:48 Reply

    thanks……@aki&swaru…….and sory 4r late rply……..**

  7. Ritz
    April 18, 09:26 Reply

    very nice epi….specially saras n kumud scene!!

  8. Ritz
    April 18, 09:25 Reply

    very nice epi….specially saras n kumud scene!!!!!!

  9. niru24
    April 18, 07:17 Reply

    nice epi,loved d precap more,saw in metromasti tht saras knows tht kumud too has feelings 4 him.i just hope tht the story does not end like tht of the novel.

  10. rooba
    April 18, 05:44 Reply

    hyee frndz……@aki:guess what?????we win the quiz competion………yahoooooooooooo***

    • aki
      April 18, 08:35

      Congrats yar……… 😉 🙂

    • Suku
      April 18, 10:30

      congrats rooba…

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    April 18, 04:40 Reply

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  13. Suku
    April 18, 04:24 Reply

    i have one badi maa is married..??

  14. Suku
    April 18, 04:18 Reply

    when ghuman’s gone fail that was very nice to see her face expressions…

  15. aki
    April 18, 04:18 Reply

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      April 18, 04:19

      ya dear…and you..??

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    April 18, 04:13 Reply

    cute precape…expect more cute moment today episode..

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    April 18, 04:10 Reply

    Hi suku i m fine dr …….hw re u…?
    Shreya ur welcome…….

    • Suku
      April 18, 04:11

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  18. Suku
    April 18, 04:08 Reply

    how saras wake up kumud was very nice scene…and he take kumud’s feet in her hand that was very romantic…

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    April 18, 04:07 Reply

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    hi are welcome…

  20. Suku
    April 18, 04:06 Reply

    very beautiful and amazing episode…my net was not connect my comment was very late..

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