Saraswatichandra 7th October 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 7th October 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 7th October 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saras and Pramad in the puja along with everyone. Saras says Kumud is nowhere, it would have been good if dPramad and Kumud did the puja together. Pramad says I will go and call her. Kalika enters hiding her face. She looks at Saras. She says today there will be a big drama. Kusum asks Saras to stop Kumud. He says Kumud thinks her decision is right. Guniyal and Vidyachatur also discuss about the matter. Guniyal says what will they do with Kumud. Vidyachatur says this is not right that we are hiding. Guniyal says don’t tell today. Kusum tells Saras think about this, if Pramad knows the truth, everything will be ruined. Everyone will think you both have cheated them. Kusum says if Pramad comes to know you are Saraswatichandra, what will he do, he won’t forgive you. Saras says I won’t let anything happen to Kumud, she won’t change her decision.

Badimaa talks to Vidyachatur and says we will tell them the truth but the time is not right, Kumud and Saras have to face it. Badimaa takes Saras’s side and says we should give Pramad some time so that he comes closer to Kumud, then we will tell him. Kusum asks Saras to stop Kumud else everyone will doubt on them which she cannot bear. Saras says if Kumud thinks she is right, then I m ready for everything. Kumud is in her room, Pramad comes to her.

She says I have to tell you something. He says first me… Saras is playing the Dhol while the dancers perform. Everyone are present and looks on. Kalika dances with the dancers. The song Honthon me aisa baat…. plays…… Saras does not see her. Pramad shows mangalsutra to Kumud and says shall I put it around your neck. He makes her wear it. Kumud is thinking how to reveal the truth to him. Pramad talks sweetly to Kumud and she gets weak. He asks for chances so that he can rectify his mistakes. She says what if I do any mistake, will you give me a chance to correct it. He asks what mistake. She says I have hidden something from you. Pramad looks on.

Kumud says you are making a new start so you have the right to know my truth. He asks what. Kumud says Saraswatichandra is alive. The scene shifts to Kalika’s dance. Kalika is dancing with a ghunghat on her face. Kumud says Alak brought him in our house, he is not Naveenchandra, he was Saraswatichandra. Pramad is shocked. Kumud says I was engaged to him and to whom I loved, Budhidhan sees Pramad and Kumud talking and hears the truth. Pramad thinks about what Kusum did by taking the blame on herself. Pramad walks away and Kumud stops him.

Kalika shows her face to everyone. Saras and Pramad’s family is shocked. Kumud tries to stop Pramad. Kalika continues her dance while Saras is still playing the dhol. Saras sees the knife in Kalika’s hand who was about to kill Kumud. Saras stops her.

Kalika says leave me, I will kill her. Everyone are shocked. Kumud says Kalika….. Saras throws the knife and scolds Kalika. Danny tells Saras that she is the same girl who was trying to get inside the house in the morning. Saras taunts him and calls her a thief. She says leave me and smiles seeing Kumud. Pramad looks on. Kalika says great, you saved her again. Pramad’s mum warns Kalika and says don’t say a work against my bahu Kumud. Kalika says don’t call her your bahu, else you will regret. Kalika says Kumud is no one to you. Kumud says stop it Kalika. Kalika says this man is Saraswatichandra. Pramad’s mum and Alak are shocked.

Kalika tells Pramad that Kumud’s fiance is this man, Saraswatichandra, who was living with us as Naveen. Alak says Kusum told us anything, don’t force me to call police. Kalika says call the police, I m not lying. Kalika says what will you do if I am right. Saras asks Kalika to leave. Alak asks Kusum to tell everyone the truth. Pramad’s mum asks Kumud to speak up. Kumud says yes, you have the right to know the truth, you can ask me anything, but not this. She says Kalika is a thief and was with Pramad…. Pramad’s mum says you are right, you don’t gave to give the answer to Kalika but to me, whats the truth. Kumud is silent. Pramad’s mum asks what happened, is he really Saraswatichandra. Kumud says yes. Budhidhan says yes, he is Saraswatichandra. Everyone are shocked knowing Budhidhan knew it.

Budhidhan says I heard Kumud and Pramad talking. Kalika asks Pramad’s mum will you still regard her as your bahu. Kalika speaks against Kumud. Budhidhan says enough, he scolds Kalika saying how dare you talk in our personal matters and asks her to leave. Kalika then tries to talk to Pramad and pollute his mind. Kalika says Kumud would have gone on honeymoon with Saras with your money. Saras scolds her and says yes I lied, because Kumud was not safe in that house. He tells Badimaa that I told you I will go from Kumud’s life once she becomes safe in that house. He speaks against Kalika and leaks her truth. He says how dare you point on Kumud. Saras says Kalika was getting your money in her account and did not want to leave that house, am I wrong Kalika. Kalika says what were you doing, helping Kumud. She says you were having fun with Kumud. Pramad slaps her and says I will kill you if you say anything against Kumud, remember she is my wife. Kumud and Saras looks on.

Pramad asks Saras and Kumud to unite and offers them sindoor. He asks Saras to fill Kumud’s Maang with Sindoor. Saras is shocked.


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  1. SaMud4Ever
    October 13, 15:50 Reply

    Hoto Pe Aisi Baat scene was really good! The whole episode was intense! Saras and Kumud looked dashing!

  2. sanjana
    October 08, 05:30 Reply

    hoton mein aisi baat and festive mood the perfect epi will watch it for sure
    thnks amena di

  3. saras n kumud
    October 08, 01:28 Reply

    guys…. wt is happening in the show…. its really intresting…. love you kumud and saras.. v want u 2 reunite… i tink saras n kumud wl b 2gthr in end n i dnt tink kusum wl accept saras coz she know hw much saras loves kumud n hw wl b she happy wit him…. rite……??? acc to novel pramad wl die… waiting 4 tat…

  4. Arvi & Asya
    October 07, 16:39 Reply

    SUPERBB episode!!! Can’t wait for tommorrow’s episode ….. Guys u r rite ….. There are gonna be loads of patan as going on in sc this week!!!!!

  5. Sonya
    October 07, 14:03 Reply

    A very nice episode. Superb acting by Pramad / Kumud / Saras as well as Kalika. The precap is interesting can’t wait for tomorrow.

    October 07, 13:49 Reply

    I want 2 see SAMUD unite. B’cuz pramad will die soon. I liked the slap of pramad.

    October 07, 13:47 Reply

    I want 2 see SAMUD unite. B’cuz pramad will die soon.

  8. Ayo
    October 07, 13:14 Reply

    hello my sc friends saraskumud,hoor,miss unbeliveable,zaara,namrata,malsha,shaluu,umat,pinku,sanjana,luckyand suraj how was ur day guys.

  9. Ayo
    October 07, 13:10 Reply

    todays episode should have been a maha episode what do u think guys

  10. Ayo
    October 07, 13:09 Reply

    l cant really understand pramad maybe he is real or fake

  11. Ayo
    October 07, 13:07 Reply

    love the precap but i know saras will not accept pramad offer becouse he wouldnt like to hurt kumuds family

  12. Ayo
    October 07, 13:04 Reply

    l love how pramad slaps kalika but i think it is part of their plans

  13. Ayo
    October 07, 13:02 Reply

    really love todays epi waiting for tomorrow

  14. Yasmin
    October 07, 12:47 Reply

    kumud had a hair cut I liked it when she had long hair

  15. Amy
    October 07, 12:44 Reply

    Oh my god! What a shocker! Think pramad is playing some dirty game! Anyways love to see samud together!

  16. Brahma Bull
    October 07, 11:05 Reply

    Saras won’t acept pramad’s proposal instead he will get to know about kalika and pramad’s plan and will inform kumud. Adamant she won’t believe and will inturn slap saras (shoking).

  17. jayanshika
    October 07, 11:01 Reply

    i think saras will not accept.and then pramad will dies story goes on

  18. Brahma Bull
    October 07, 10:59 Reply

    All you jabronis get ready to feel the electricity cuz the great one is back whippin’ your silver p………y.

  19. Thani
    October 07, 10:53 Reply

    Its shocking! Will saras& kumud unite?!?!?!

  20. gowry
    October 07, 10:50 Reply

    i cant undrstnd pramad.wt game he is playng

  21. Llyli
    October 07, 10:37 Reply

    Thanks Amena for d written update

  22. Llyli
    October 07, 10:37 Reply

    Superb epi.

    Aww the precap was d best(if it really happen with saras say yes..from viewer point..
    But it’s marriage that they are playing it..frm marriage point of view i didnt want samud reunion to happen dat way)

    • MU
      October 07, 10:37

      i know right

      it was all good and tense

      i wonder if the show is coming to a close now

    • Llyli
      October 07, 10:39

      MU with this track going n trp game up..may be still a long way to go.

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