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Sasural Simar Ka 1st August 2012 Written Update by deepika_fun

Episode starts with khusi and veeru in living room”khusi tells “Tomorrow I am going to hospital with Simar alone ”and I will teach her lesson that she will not forget in future’..Veeru praises khusi’s evil mind and thoughts’.khusi is about to leave,Veeru tells he will also come with her tomorrow so that they can enjoy’khusi didn’t like and about to say ‘veeru holds her tight”…khusi tells veeru “To leave her’any one will see and says ‘any how you will be coming with me tomorrow” smiles wickedly to get rid of him’

Sid in room goes to take watch’but there is a slip’he reads the slip’.it’s a puzzle’which when solves he will know where his “watch” is”the answer is refrigerator’he finds his watch on refrigerator ‘with watch there is another puzzle in a slip which tells “you can find laxmi(money) at the place where you can see yourself’.Sid goes near mirror’

Roli hides behind curtain and watches sid’.sid finds another slip’.that puzzle tells “you can find mate of your foot’.near elephant ‘he goes near elephant doll and picks up his foot wear’.he finds another slip “He is all ready and that In living room he can find his mate”

Sid goes to living room and finds cake’Roli comes there and tells “SORRY” to sid’.Sid smiles ‘Roli tells “I know You can’t stay anger with me for long time”‘Sid pampers Roli my touching her nose’Sid asks about cake’ROLI tells she prepared for him’After eating cake his anger for Simar also will come down’because Simar told this recipe. Roli cuts the piece and is about to give Sid’Sid leaves angrily..Roli is hurt’.

In bharadwaj house’..after breakfast ‘Simar is about to clean the dining table’.mataji says simar to leave all this work and get ready to hospital,pari will clean all this’and asks pari if she will?Pari nods and says yes,I will do’..

Roli writes a letter for simar “didi, I know you will be angry after seeing this letter’.but I want to tell you about Khusi’.The warning Khusi gave her that she will take care of you and your child and laughed evilly ‘ and told Nazar hati durghatna ghati (Moment you get your eyes off you will meet with an accident) ..that’s the reason why I was in temple..Roli comes out with letter and gives letter to dhobi and tells “Give this letter only to simar” and also gives 100rs which dhobi rejects but roli gives’.

In bharadwaj house Simar and khusi are about to leave to hospital’.mataji tells khusi to take care of simar and stay with her’mataji is about to tell driver about “drive slowly” sees driver and says “you?”‘khusi and veeru are worried’.mataji asks who are you? Veeru tells he is relative of old driver’khusi abrupts and says “we are getting late’We should leave”mataji tells ok’khusi looks angrily at veeru’.Khusi and simar sits in car’and leaves.

Roli is praying that Simar should see the letter ‘dhobi comes to bharadwaj house’Simar’s car leaves’.khusi is happy’dhobi comes into bharadwaj’s house searching’manoranjan comes and says this is not dhobighat’s bharadwaj house’.and says to give the clothes’.the dhobi person tells he will give the clothes only to simar’..manoranjan screams at him..

Roli is praying’Simar asks driver to stop the car and tells to go back to home as she forgot her cellphone’In bharadwaj house’dhobi tells he will give clothes only to Simar’Simar comes home ..manoranjan asks her what’s the reason for come back’Simar tells that she forgot phone’Dhobi keeps the slip between saree and gives it to Simar’Simar takes the clothes to her room’manoranjan yells at dhobi to get out’Simar places her clothes in wadrobe’but slip falls down..Simar picks her purse and phone..she is about to leave’she finds slip’Simar takes the slip’screen ends on Simar’s face

Precap:- Roli sees Khusi and driver and thinks For whom are they waiting for?and looks inside bharadwaj house’and sees simar coming and gets shocked and thinks “Simar didi is going with them alone”

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  1. Roshni
    August 01, 18:33 Reply

    When will this bakwas end? Kushi’s storyline needs to end as it is not only annoying to watch but to read as well

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